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Gardening is usually therapeutic, but certain medical conditions and physical disabilities can make it challenging for aging people. The good news is they can have a safe, accessible, and pleasant space; all they need is a little planning and a few modifications here and there to enjoy it and be productive. For one, their tools

With the advancement of modern technology, discoveries in medical science have led to incredible advances that have helped people with medical conditions enjoy an improved quality of life. However, the truth is that more than half of Americans don’t take their medications exactly as prescribed, and 10% of hospitalizations for seniors are due to medication

It’s easy to get lost in the specifics when comparing mobile phones for seniors. The decision will be based on their needs: would they want a more complicated smartphone, a simple flip phone, or a phone with standard technology in the middle? Basic flip phones are the most user-friendly mobile phones for the elderly. Large

The American living room wouldn’t seem right without one of those fancy electric recliner chairs in the corner. You probably have loving memories of your dad or grandpa sitting on this bulky eyesore. However, you must admit, it was the most comfortable place to be. You could have them straight up, or push them back and

Comfort and aesthetic appeal aren’t the only benefits of rugs. Many people prefer to decorate their home with rugs and use them to create a separation between spaces. For example, one or more of these rugs can separate a living area from a dining area. By using mats to visually separate a study area in

Looking for heating appliances can be rather exhausting when there are so many different types of gadgets to pick from! Oil heaters are an unexpectedly good option when it comes to selecting a heating appliance to keep you warm. With oil being such a contentious topic, it’s almost comical how practical oil heaters are as

It is possible to safely store valuables, money, and private documents without visiting a bank or creating a file in a workplace, hotel while traveling, or even at home. As a result, compact safe sales have increased significantly in recent years. A small safe provides space savings, increased security, and ease of installation, to name

Why Foot Health Is Important Many things can go wrong with your feet, but this is particularly true in aging adults who are often afflicted by several ailments at a time. Prevention is the fundamental weapon to deter foot problems and the basic pillars for prevention are hygiene, disinfection of footwear, daily change of socks

For those who love to swim, incontinence can seem like an unforgiving burden. Normal adult incontinence products just don’t cut it, you think to yourself. However, there are many different incontinence products that exist on the market that are designed specifically for swimming and other water activities. Today, we’ll look at how swim diapers work

Your armpit is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. They are prone to trapping moisture, which ultimately becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Add hair into the mixture, and you’ve got the perfect combination for itchy underarms to exist. Or, you may wake up one day and find the skin on your