interior view of a car with a red steering wheel lock

In the digital age of keyless cars, mechanical security solutions like steering wheel locks resurface as one of the most acceptable ways to make your vehicle less appealing to thieves. While automobile manufacturers, technologists, and thieves continue to develop more cunning technological breakthroughs than ever, a thief will be more hesitant to take your car

Closeup of a woman turning the knob on a portable oil filled heater

Looking for heating appliances can be rather exhausting when there are so many different types of gadgets to pick from! Oil heaters are an unexpectedly good option when it comes to selecting a heating appliance to keep you warm. With oil being such a contentious topic, it’s almost comical how practical oil heaters are as

small safe on shelf in office or home

It is possible to safely store valuables, money, and private documents without visiting a bank or creating a file in a workplace, hotel while traveling, or even at home. As a result, compact safe sales have increased significantly in recent years. A small safe provides space savings, increased security, and ease of installation, to name

Closeup of woman turning key in window lock

An increase in criminal activity in towns and cities has made it crucial to place extreme consideration on home security and to make adequate arrangements to protect your property and belongings. A home security system can provide protection against burglars, intrusions, or other disasters like a fire breakout or a pipe burst. With strong security

Closeup on child's feet wearing grippy socks, hanging over the side of a hospital bed

Why Foot Health Is Important Many things can go wrong with your feet, but this is particularly true in aging adults who are often afflicted by several ailments at a time. Prevention is the fundamental weapon to deter foot problems and the basic pillars for prevention are hygiene, disinfection of footwear, daily change of socks

Overhead view of senior woman swimming in pool with yellow pool noodle

For those who love to swim, incontinence can seem like an unforgiving burden. Normal adult incontinence products just don’t cut it, you think to yourself. However, there are many different incontinence products that exist on the market that are designed specifically for swimming and other water activities. Today, we’ll look at how swim diapers work

radon detector on white wall

Radon gas is the second-largest cause of lung cancer in the United States, behind smoking, and is responsible for around 21,000 lung cancer related deaths each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to the EPA, one out of every fifteen houses in the United States contains hazardous radon levels. So, what exactly is radon?

Man scratching his neck with Dermatitis

Your armpit is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. They are prone to trapping moisture, which ultimately becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Add hair into the mixture, and you’ve got the perfect combination for itchy underarms to exist. Or, you may wake up one day and find the skin on your

Close up shot of a young nurse helping disabled senior man with standing using walker

The capacity to stand from a chair without assistance is a crucial aspect of determining freedom for the elderly and people with physical impairments. Pain, limited joint mobility, stiffness, and muscle weakness are all common factors that impair one’s strength to stand. Sit-to-stand posture is even decreased in people with rheumatoid arthritis of the hands

senior woman sneezing into a tissue

Imagine you’re spending a day outside with your grandkids at the park. They’re having a lot of fun, and you’re getting to take pictures of the precious memories they’re making. All of a sudden, your nose starts running and becomes all stuffy. It can be very frustrating to feel congested, and if you’re feeling bad

older woman happily watching tv

Hearing loss is a common health concern for seniors. Seniors with hearing loss are more prone to developing dementia than adults with normal hearing. Additionally, hearing loss can make it difficult for seniors to enjoy their routine activities, like watching TV, making calls, or hearing music. It might make them agitated and depressed. Here is