Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors

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Key Points

  • Smartphone apps enhance seniors' quality of life, promoting mental stimulation and facilitating easier access to essential services.

  • Smartphone apps for seniors have numerous platforms, such as social media, messaging services, and video calling apps.

  • Seniors can use apps to connect and communicate with friends, family and meet new people.

  • Health and wellness apps provide valuable resources for tracking medications, monitoring vital signs, and accessing exercise routines or healthy recipes.

Ask your grandchildren what a rotary-dial phone is, and they'll look at you cluelessly. There was a time when making a phone call required change for the payphone or dialing on a landline with a decent length of cord. Today, it's all about the smartphone. Instead of being intimidated by the technology, you'll find that smartphones are pretty easy to use and offer a wide assortment of apps to improve your daily life.

Smartphones aren't alien to the retirement community. According to the Pew Research Center, "the share of adults ages 65 and up who own smartphones has risen 24 percentage points (from 18 percent to 42 percent) since 2013. Today, roughly half of older adults who own cell phones have some type of smartphone; in 2013, that share was just 23 percent."

It's time to put your smartphone to use with these helpful apps.

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It's nice to know where everyone is in your family. Life360 is a robust senior safety app that provides peace of mind to seniors and their families by allowing them to keep track of each other's whereabouts in real time. It's a big help if you spot someone at the grocery store and want to text them a list!

The app also includes a panic button for emergencies, allowing seniors to quickly alert their family members or authorities.


Taking medications is part of living a healthy life. Pillboxie simplifies medication management for seniors. This user-friendly app allows users to set reminders for taking their medications, ensuring they never miss a dose. The app also provides visual representations of pills, making identifying and organizing different medications in those ever-helpful pill caddies easier.

As you organize your prescriptions with this app, take the time to go through the entire medicine cabinet to pull out the expired medications. Be sure to dispose of those old meds the right way.


Staying physically active is just one part of the healthy life equation. You also have to exercise your brain. That's where the Lumosity app comes into play.

Lumosity is a popular app designed to boost cognitive function and mental agility. With numerous engaging games and puzzles, seniors can exercise their brains and improve memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. Lumosity offers personalized training programs, allowing users to focus on areas they wish to enhance all while having fun.


Nothing beats curling up with a good book. Whether it's a classic or current best-seller, reading keeps seniors engaged and the mind sharp. Of course, reading is the only way to enjoy a good book.

Audible offers an extensive libFlashlightdiobooks and podcasts, perfect for seniors who enjoy immersing themselves in literature or staying informed. The app provides a user-friendly interface and customizable playback options, making it easy to navigate and enjoy a vast range of captivating content. You can listen to your favorite books or discover new authors with the convenience of audio format.

Magnifying Glass With Light

This handy app turns a smartphone into a powerful magnifying glass, assisting seniors with visual impairments. It utilizes the device's camera and flashlight to provide a clear, enlarged view of text, objects, or small details.

With adjustable zoom levels and additional features like freeze frame and image stabilization, this app significantly enhances visibility for seniors with low vision. It's excellent for reading instructions on prescriptions and food packaging.


Your smartphone is many things, from a translator to a GPS tracker for seniors. It also performs simple functions such as lighting up a room. A flashlight is a versatile app that transforms a smartphone into a reliable flashlight.

With its bright and adjustable light intensity, you can easily navigate dark areas or find lost items. Additionally, Flashlight allows you to adjust the brightness of the light and has a built-in compass to help point the way.


Skype is a well-known communication app that allows seniors to connect with family and friends through video calls and messaging. With its intuitive interface, you can easily stay in touch with your loved ones, even miles apart. The app also offers features like instant messaging, file sharing, and group calls, fostering meaningful connections and reducing feelings of isolation.


MyFitnessPal is a comprehensive app that helps seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle. It allows users to track their daily activities, monitor nutrition, and set fitness goals. With its extensive database of food items and intuitive tracking tools, you can make informed choices and stay motivated on your wellness journey.


Have you ever hailed a cab from the street? It takes a sharp whistle and being in the right place at the right time. Uber changed all that by allowing users to "call for a ride" with a few taps on the smartphone.

Uber provides a convenient and reliable transportation solution for seniors. Request a ride by entering your desired destination, and in a matter of minutes, the Uber drivers pull up outside your location, and you're ready to go.

Additionally, you can leave special instructions for the driver if you need assistance. The app offers features such as upfront pricing, driver tracking, and cashless payments, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.


Spotify is a popular app for streaming music and podcasts. Seniors can explore a vast collection of songs and podcasts from various genres, creating personalized playlists to suit their preferences.

The app also offers features like curated playlists, recommendations, and offline listening, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music and stay entertained wherever you go.

Blink Health

Blink Health is an app that helps seniors save money on prescription medications. Compare and purchase your medications at significantly discounted rates by searching for the best prices at nearby pharmacies. The app allows users to conveniently access their prescription history and efficiently manage their orders.

Pocket Yoga

Practicing yoga doesn't have to mean standing on your head unless you want to get there! Pocket Yoga is a user-friendly app that provides seniors with guided yoga sessions. With various poses, classes, and difficulty levels, you can practice yoga at your own pace and comfort.

The app offers visual and audio instructions, making it accessible to beginners and experienced practitioners. Pocket Yoga promotes flexibility, strength, and overall well-being.

Weather Underground

Checking the weather is more than looking out the window. It helps to know if storms are brewing, too. Weather Underground delivers hyper-local weather forecasts, ensuring seniors stay prepared for changing weather conditions.

With detailed forecasts, radar maps, and severe weather alerts, the app provides valuable information to help plan your activities and make informed decisions. You can access accurate weather data for your location to stay safe and comfortable.

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Make Your Smartphone Smarter

Smartphone apps can significantly enhance seniors' lives by providing safety, connectivity, and convenience, and they're constantly evolving. There's even an app in development that uses selfies to measure your blood pressure!

The featured apps in this article cater specifically to the needs and preferences of seniors, ensuring they can navigate daily challenges and enjoy the benefits of modern technology. By embracing these apps, you can stay connected, improve your well-being, and lead more fulfilling lives. And all of these apps also work on your iPad!

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