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Rick Bitzelberger has been writing about the best ways to improve the quality of life for several years. What started out as research for his own betterment evolved into a career that has helped those in the 50+ plus community find out about the latest advances in fitness, health, technology, and more. Rick is a devoted husband and dad who enjoys making a positive impact wherever he can.


  • Active voluteneer in the community providing support for families and those less fortunate
  • Spent time provinding companionship and faith-based support to in hospital care
  • Award winning playwright


Rick enjoys staying informed and writing about the latest information regarding nutrition, fitness, technology, and safety for the 50+ set, of which he is a proud member. He has crafted that research into content for several websites focused on helping folks live their very best lives. He then gets to put that knowledge into practice with his family. The goal is to live long and be happy.


Rick graduated from Essex Community College in Baltimore, Maryland, with an AA in Mass Communications.

Expertise: AA Mass Communications

Education: Essex Community College, Baltimore, Maryland

Location: Los Angeles, California

Title: Writer

JoinedMarch 30, 2023