Why You Need a Sock Aid: 5 Options That Make Life Easier

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Sock aids are pieces of adaptive dressing equipment that assist you in putting on your socks or stockings if your movement is permanent or temporarily impaired by an injury or illness.

It also has the additional advantage of assisting handicapped or elderly folks in maintaining their independence.

As a result, they are simply a pair of “foot chutes” that your socks slide over, enabling you to enter your foot inside, then tugging on the handle strap to draw your socks on, and the sock aid off it moves up your ankle.

You may also wish to invest in a dressing stick to assist you in removing your socks since many of these sock aids are effective at putting on socks but ineffective at removing them from your feet.

What is a Sock Aid?

If you have trouble leaning forward to put on your socks, consider investing in some sock and stocking assistance. There are a variety of types to choose from, including flexible and stiff options and floor standing options. In most cases, flexible aids are cone-shaped and constructed of plastic or cloth. They typically have two holes at the top through which tapes or ropes connect. Stocking aids may be designed with notches at various heights to serve as grips. Plastic semi-circular tubes with long handles or two tapes or ribbons are rigid aids. Floor standing sock aids are plastic-coated frames, with or without grips on certain models.

Why do you need Sock Aids?

Millions of individuals live with the debilitating effects of arthritis daily. Dressing oneself is one of the most challenging tasks for arthritis patients. The bending motion required to reach your feet will be impossible if you have painful hip or knee joints. Socks and stockings might be difficult if you have arthritis in the back, hands, or even fingers.

In the morning, it’s awkward to ask a family member to help you put your socks on. What do you do if you have no one to help you? People have used long-handled food tongs, but it’s difficult to maneuver and get your heel into the sock simultaneously. Once the tines scrape your legs and puncture your socks, a bent grilling fork is no longer an option.

Convenient daily life assistance for people with arthritis is now available. For arthritis patients, several sock aids may assist them in putting their socks on. Sliding the sock onto the sock holder is the primary function of a sock helper. The holder is a plastic half-tube gadget that is occasionally cloth-covered. Let go of the grip and let your foot glide through until the sock is securely in place. Avoid bending over to spare the user’s back and hips. Sock aids come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, including sock aids with one, two, or no handles. Is it possible for someone with arthritis to make the right decision from so many options?

person putting a sock on

What to look for in a sock aid?

To start, choose between a flexible and a stiff sock help. Sock aids that bend with the sock make it simpler to load the sock on the holder and prevent it from overstretching. Rigid sock aids are often bigger and strain the sock more heavily. If you have a problem with swelling feet, look for a sock aid that is especially broad and firm. Use a heavy-duty sock aid for compression stockings. The fabric-covered flexible sock aids are also gentler on the skin. It has a terry cloth fabric covering the surface, while on the inside, it has a slippery substance to assist keep your heel in place. There are certain hard socks with an indentation to assist the heel while pulling them on.

Decide on the type of handle that best suits your needs. With their lengthy, inflexible handles, several of the more popular sock aides may be cumbersome when storing and transporting. Because the handle is a continuous loop, it is difficult for those with depth perception impairments to operate a single cord handle. Pulling both handles up at once is more complicated when utilizing a sock aid with two handles. Those with arthritis utilize large foam grips to make it simpler to grasp the handles. When the user is sitting, you may adjust the length of the wires so the sock assistant reaches the floor.

What do the customers think?

This very simple concept, which involves no manufacture or development, has been met with great enthusiasm by the company’s clients. With sock aids, customers love that they don’t have to bend over at all, which eliminates any dangers or discomfort that can come with that. Recuperating after a major operation, such as a hip replacement or long-term joint or back pain disorders, is not beautiful. Sock aids may take some getting used to, but you’ll soon be an expert in no time flat with videos like these.

You may select from various sock aids to find one that works best for you. Putting your socks on has never been easier or more cost-effective than this fundamental product.

Our Top Picks

Deluxe Sock Aid - Socks Helper with Foam Handles

by RMS 

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02/19/2024 03:21 am GMT

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

Putting on socks is made as simple as possible by RMS. This product is a top seller on Amazon, with almost 13,000 positive ratings!

The sock aid uses an easy four-step procedure. You have to insert your sock in the flexible plastic shell, set the aid on the ground, fit your toes into the sock opening, and then draw the straight aid back until your socks are entirely covered. That is all there is to it!

The aid has a flexible and soft plastic shell, specifically created with those who have limited hand dexterity in mind. The handles are made of soft foam to provide a pleasant grip.

The entire length of the sock assist, including the shell and cords, is 38 inches, but you may adjust the rope to any length that is comfortable for you.

If you are dissatisfied with the design or not performing as expected, don’t worry – RMS provides a limited lifetime guarantee to ensure that your customer experience is the best it can be.


  • Amazon’s top-rated sock aid
  • It fits the various foot and sock sizes
  • Just in case, a lifetime warranty


  • Too large for small feet
  • Some may struggle to attach socks to the gadget.
  • It needs the use of both hands to operate.
The Easy on, Easy off Sock Aid Kit & Shoe Horn

by Allstar Innovations

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Allstar Innovations – Sock Slider

Allstar Innovations has developed a sock assist that is both innovative and adaptable to various situations. Their device assists in putting on socks, but it also assists in putting on shoes! It is possible to disconnect a portion of the device and use it as a shoehorn, which makes sliding on a pair of shoes or sandals simpler. You may also use the removable shoehorn to help remove socks from the feet as necessary.

In addition to the sock slider handle and cradle, the product has a rubber grip bottom that helps to keep the product steady while you’re putting on your socks. The product is available in black only. Because the device does not depend on handles as other sock aids do, AllStar’s product lowers the strain on your fingers, hands, and arms, which is beneficial.

After putting on your socks, you may separate the sock slider handle and use the shoehorn to put on your shoes, and you’ll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way!


  • Standout design
  • Shoehorn Grips to floor


  • It’s more complex than sock aid.
  • Taller people may find it challenging.
Easy On and Off Stocking Slider

by Vive Sock Aid 

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Vive Sock Aid

Putting on socks has never been more straightforward or painless thanks to Vive’s sock help, which has a similar design to our top-rated items.

Three centimeters of dense foam padding is between the rope, which is 33 inches in length, and a latex-free plastic casing that lays gently on the soles of your feet.

The most noticeable change is a slip-resistant cuff on the bottom of the shell, which ensures that the sock stays in place until it transfers to your feet. It may be more secure than the slip-resistant foam cushion, but it may make putting the sock on and off the device more difficult.

A 60-day guarantee is provided to clients if they are unsatisfied with their purchase.


  • Thick foam cushioning for comfort
  • Cuff with a non-slip surface
  • Latex-free


  • Uses both hands
  • The warranty is 60 days.
  • Cuff may make sock removal harder
Sock Aid Tool and Pants Assist for Elderly
$13.99 ($13.99 / Count)

by Fanwer

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02/19/2024 03:02 am GMT

Sock Aid Tool and Pants Assist

Every pair of socking tools is paired with a Clip and Pull Dressing Aid Strap to complete the set. You may adjust the length from 26 inches to 41 inches.


Step 1: Attach the clip to the bottom of the jeans.

Step 2: Tuck your feet inside your trousers.

Step 3: Tuck your jeans into your socks.

Reduce the need to stoop. You can put your jeans on with one hand. Excellent for a variety of applications. Pulling up your underwear, jeans, boxers, or skirt is good.

The sock assistance has terry cloth, which provides a delicate but strong hold on your socks, allowing you to pull them up without damaging the material effortlessly. It is easy to grab and pull with the broad loop handles, which are also pleasant on your hands. When you use the Sock Slider Kit, you will be able to put your socks on without bending over, twisting, or turning.

Since it has a fabric cover, you must use it with dry feet to avoid a bad odor from developing.


  • It feels nice on the skin.
  • Grip-friendly hoop holes
  • Suitable for all sock kinds


  • Misuse makes it smelly.
5-Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit

by RMS Deluxe 

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02/19/2024 03:01 am GMT

RMS Deluxe 5-Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit

Putting on socks is just half of the game; you also need to be able to take them off quickly and efficiently. Having the RMS Sock Aid Kit on hand might be beneficial when this happens. Sock remover is included and the typical sock aid consists of a flexible plastic shell, rope cords, and foam grips.

This remover is made of medical-grade plastic and has an easy-grip handle with a strap for individuals with weak hands – hook and push to remove the item.

Aside from being visually appealing, the bright blue design makes it simple to locate in your closet or drawer.


  • Includes a sock remover for compression socks
  • Colorful and easily distinguishable
  • 100% guarantee of satisfaction


  • Shorter cords compared to other alternatives
  • Some people may find color offensive.

How to get the right sock aid?

All sock aids accomplish the same task, although they do it differently. Before obtaining your sock aid, there are some minor considerations to bear in mind. Make sure that all your requirements are addressed from the beginning to get the most out of your investment.

The following are some important considerations to guarantee that your sock assistance will meet all your requirements.

Size of the Feet

You should thoroughly study which sock aids are appropriate with larger feet and calves if you have larger, broader, or swollen feet and legs, such as diabetics. On the other hand, if you have smaller feet, you need to be aware of the size. When using a sock assist, it is critical to double-check the product measurements.

Socks of a Certain Kind

Aim for 100% compatibility with sock aids in all of your socks. Though not usually the case, particularly with compression socks and hand strength, this is not always the case. Sock aids designed particularly for compression socks are recommended if this is the kind of footwear you’ll be using regularly. To avoid applying lengthier stocks by hand, bear in mind your sock’s length.


Sock aids will be comparable in form and function for the most part. The distinctions will be found in the details. When looking at more classic designs, features such as cable length, resistive cushions to keep the sock in place, and shell size are all crucial considerations. Remember to consider the circumstances in which this product is needed, as well as the design that will be most beneficial in those situations. If you or a loved one suffers from back pain, selecting a product that needs the least amount of bending is essential. If you have weak hands, you’ll want something simple to apply the desired sock type to and slip onto the foot after you’re done.

person putting a sock on


Plastic constructs most sock aids. Sturdy enough to keep the sock in place yet flexible enough to contour the sock and foot would be excellent. Metal is more robust than plastic, although it is less flexible, which may be acceptable depending on the design.

Handles are essential to the operation of most sock aids. To make the handles more comfortable, they should be composed of foam and have a slip-resistant surface. You will not have to be concerned about accidentally losing your grasp on the handles or applying too much pressure to your hands due to doing so. The softer and more comfortable it is to hold, the better.

If cords are included in the design, the ideal length for you will be determined by your height, weight, and a range of other parameters among them. When choosing a sock assist, get one with longer cords than you anticipate using, just in case. This way, you’ll have more inches to deal with in the event of a problem. It’s simple to use your sock aid again if you have an extra cord. Make a knot or cut it, and you’ll be good to go.


Purchasing anything with a guarantee isn’t necessary, but it does provide a certain level of security and comfort. According to the product you are buying, you may be eligible for a money-back guarantee if the sock assistance does not provide satisfactory results.


The use of a sock assist may take some getting used to, but the reward of being capable of putting your socks on is well worth the effort. It might be challenging to put on your socks when you have arthritis, but it is not impossible. Selecting the best sock aid for your specific requirements might be a simple answer to making your life with arthritis a bit more bearable. 

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