SimpliSafe Doorbell: Is It Worth It?

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The SimpliSafe ring video doorbell pro is the work of an American home security company that develops smart home strategies and wireless systems to protect your entire place. This includes motion alert sensors, an outdoor camera, IP cameras, alarms, and even panic buttons. These all work together and they even offer professional monitors to make sure nothing shady is happening but will dispatch the police if so. Perhaps you don't need so much security, so this ring doorbell is the perfect place to start.

Smart doorbells are becoming increasingly popular. They're usually simple attachments you can place outside your door. Connected to your phone with a camera, they have sensors that notify you when someone approaches. Most even have a voice feature so you can talk to a given person who rings. Furthermore, you can conveniently check that your package was delivered, or if the dogs or cats next door are the ones redesigning your landscape and adding manure to your plants. Heck, you can even tell if your walker actually takes your dog out for an hour! Most importantly, it's the best way to see if someone's breaking into your home.

So, how does the SimpliSafe doorbell compare to the rest of the smart doorbells on the market? Well, let's take a look at all the things to consider such as the company that makes it, their values, and what they offer in regard to, design, specs, and other important information you'll need for making an educated decision.

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Who's Behind SimpliSafe (The Best Home Security System)

According to its website, the mission of SimpliSafe is to make everyone's home secure. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, this company was founded in 2006 by then-Harvard business students Chad and Eleanor Laurans. This was a solution to them finding that many of their friends were having break-ins into their rental apartments. Many traditional home security companies like ADT required a lot of expensive equipment and installation, and their shortest contracts were three years long — definitely not a good deal for college students renting and moving every other year.

Seeing this niche in the market, they quickly started to develop a business plan. Their solution was to eliminate the installers and focus on wireless technology. After many years of testing, which they did at their friends' apartments, they finally launched their products in 2009. In order to appeal to renters, they offered the ingenious idea of a security system without a contract and designed to be installed by the customer without the need of a professional technician.

After a lot of work, their company grew and picked up momentum. Today the company serves more than four million people throughout the US and the UK. Their protection goes beyond burglary and also includes fire and water protection. Although they do provide this service for the entire house, their most common items are standalone sensors for specific places inside the house such as closets and cabinets. The front door is another place of concern, so that's where this video doorbell comes in.

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

Renting is becoming a normal part of life, as millennials aren't buying houses (all due to them eating too much avocado toast and drinking expensive lattes) so, security is a big concern. Landlords are difficult to deal with and usually will do the bare minimum, and sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. This streamlined smart doorbell will set you back 169 dollars, which is only about three Sunday brunches, so it's very easy to give up the avocado and have lox instead. A millennial could also ask their boomer parents for it as a holiday gift – it's their fault they can't buy a house after all. In any case, this doorbell is easy to install and you can use it as a standalone device or as part of the SimpliSafe Home Security System.

Doorbell Compatible with SimpliSafe Home Security System

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Design and Features

Functional and stylish are what people are after these days. The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell features a white face with a large back-lit metallic button. The blue LED lights encircling it make it pop out and add to the modern and simple aesthetic. It's slim at just 1.5 inches wide and 4.3 inches tall which makes it perfect to fit along your doorframe.

The motion detection, microphone, and speaker are in the middle of this ring alarm as two small dots. At the top is the camera which captures HDR (high dynamic range) video at 1080 pixels and has a wide 162-degree viewing angle. Furthermore, it's able to provide up to 30 feet of night-vision footage.

Usually, designers take into consideration the outdoor elements. The SimpliSafe video doorbell withstands temperatures between 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit which means it won't do so well for those who live in colder climates. This camera will start recording whenever someone rings the bell or if it's activated by the sensors which will send an alert to your phone.

The use of artificial intelligence keeps annoying monitoring alerts to a minimum. One sensor detects body heat and another detects human bodies. This will keep it from recording a cat at your front door or the motion from a passing car. You can always watch what goes on in front of this security camera on your phone live and the only downside is that you'll need a subscription to access the footage for $4.99 per month.

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Although SimpliSafe started out with the goal of everything being wireless, this nest cam video doorbell is their only product that you have to hardwire. Don't worry, though, it installs right onto the existing wiring. It needs a 24-volt AC transformer and this is the standard among American houses.

A wireless doorbell would be a lot easier to install, of course, but there are actually many advantages to a wired one. Firstly, they're less susceptible to interferences from other wireless signals such as the radio — which can cut a Wi-Fi connection. Also, they're much harder to steal than a wireless one.

The SimpliSafe system made sure their products are easy to install. However, if you're not feeling up to the job of turning off breakers and working with electrical wires, they do offer an installation service for 79 dollars. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver, a Wi-Fi connection, your phone, and a bit of patience.

First off, you'll need to make sure the divider is fully charged. Then, you'll need to turn off the electricity to your old doorbell. Remove it, and simply install your SimpliSafe video doorbell the same way. Remember to save your old doorbell for when you have to move out in order not to lose your security deposit. At this point, the LED lights on the doorbell will flash and inform you it's ready for setup using the SimpliSafe Home Security mobile app.

Using the app is simple and should only take about five minutes. It'll ask you for simple information such as your name, location of the device, and Wi-Fi information. Once it's connected to your phone, it'll just confirm a few more things and you'll be set. Here's a good SimpliSafe review so you can read more about it.

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Daily Use

As we mentioned before, you can use this device by itself or along with the rest of the SimpliSafe devices such as sensors and cameras. The high-resolution footage is among the favorite features of many people. Since it's able to capture such precise detail, you'll be able to get a good look at any danger your home may be in.

You can also take a look at whoever is ringing this nest doorbell without even having to get up. Perhaps it's someone you want to avoid, but if it isn't, you can talk to them through the speaker first. You'll need to install the SimpliSafe app to do so. This is especially useful if you're not at home and need to instruct a delivery person as to where to put your package. You can even scare off animals that are lounging on your stoop.

During the night, the way this doorbell camera records is different. It uses two infrared LED sensors to clearly capture what's going on during this time of day. Lastly, you can adjust how sensitive the movement notifications are on your phone, so you don't have to constantly worry. A downside to this product is that it doesn't sync up with any other smart home devices such as Alexa or Google home as they aren't from SimpliSafe.

However, they have attentive customer service and even work late at night in case you have any unforeseen problems. You can return your SimpliSafe video doorbell if you're not satisfied before 60 days and they'll even pay for your shipping. So, is it worth it? Well, that'll depend on your needs, but overall it's a good simple product and could make you feel safer even if you don't have the money or property to invest in more complicated home security systems.

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Doorbells Throughout Time

These mechanisms have gone a long way since their humble beginnings. This simple device lets us know when someone has arrived. This was especially useful for bigger homes where you simply couldn't hear a knock. During the Victorian Era, a doorbell was either a key or pull that would make actual bells ring inside.

The Industrial Revolution modernized many parts of everyday life through technological advancements in areas such as steam power, machine tools, textiles, and iron making. William Murdoch, a Scottish steam engineer, and inventor who worked for the British engineering and manufacturing firm Boulton and Watt installed the first mechanized doorbell in his home. Inspired by the steam industry, Murdoch's doorbell operated on a system of pipes and compressed air.

Joseph Henry invented the first electric doorbell in 1831. He was an American scientist who later went on to serve as the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. However, electric doorbells only became widespread after 1913. This was when the introduction of electric transformers eliminated the need for expensive batteries and instead relied on the household's electrical current.

Musical door chimes later emerged as a tasteful alternative to relatively jarring, and monotone buzzers. One of the most popular door chimes is the Westminster tune, which you can also hear ringing out from many church steeples, and is still the classic sound most people imagine when thinking about a doorbell.

We still rely today on doorbells to see who's at the door. Video doorbells like the one from SimpliSafe can stream live HD footage from your front door to your phone, wherever you are.

Old-fashioned doorbell with PRESS stamped in the metal above the button

Doorbell Compatible with SimpliSafe Home Security System

by SimpliSafe 

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Keeping Your Home Safe

Knowing that a complete stranger has been in your home rummaging around and taking valuable items is a violation. You've probably spent a lot of time and money decorating it, so ensuring nobody breaks in is probably a top priority. Apart from getting a SimpliSafe video doorbell and even an entire home security system, there are many simple things you can do to ensure it's even safer.

34 percent of burglars just stroll right in through the door. So, don't help them out, make sure you lock and secure them. Furthermore, you should regularly inspect your door frames and hinges to ensure they're sturdy. It's also a good idea to change all your locks if you're moving into a place someone else called home. Having the peace of mind that a stranger out there doesn't have a copy of your keys, you can also choose the best smart locks and professional monitoring on the market.

Sliding glass doors are also a popular entry point for burglars. These are harder to secure with locks so you'll need different solutions. You can go old-school and put a pipe or stick in the track so it can't be forced open, but if you're more high-tech, you can add door or glass break sensors. This is effective in the sense that it'll notify you and probably set off an alarm to scare off thieves.

Locking your doors isn't enough, you need to lock your windows too. You might have broken locks if you live in an older home. So, it's a good idea to check and update them. We can assure you that a burglar will find the one window that's open. You can also reinforce your windows with a security film which will slow down any thief trying to break the glass. Glass break sensors also work just like with the sliding door. An old-school idea is to install window bars. You can work with an ironsmith to create attractive ones that don't look like a jail. Furthermore, you can plant prickly bushes underneath the windows. Anything to deter a burglar or an obsessed fan from wanting to enter.

Burglars don't like to be in the spotlight. So, keep them at bay by providing ample lighting in your outdoor areas. This is especially important in hidden places such as between the garage and your house. It'll also be a benefit for you and decrease your chance of falling or bumping into something. You can make this strategy even more effective by using motion-activated lights, installing solar panels, using a smart outlet to set a timer, or setting up schedules with smart bulbs.

You should also secure your garage or shack if you have one. These areas are often missed when thinking about home safety. So, lock all the doors including the one that goes directly into your house if that's the case. You may also consider keeping the garage opener in your home, so the thief can't grab it from your car and open the door. Getting into the habit of always keeping your garage door closed is also a good idea. Otherwise, you're just displaying to everyone what you have which makes you an easy target of theft.

You should be very careful in protecting your Wi-Fi, especially if you're using smart home security systems or devices. Apart from being able to access personal and financial information, you can put yourself in a vulnerable position if anyone breaks into your system. So, always secure your router and choose a strong password. Furthermore, you can use a firewall and other forms of malware protection.

Even if you have a state-of-the-art home security system and have ensured everything is locked up, it's always possible your burglar is Houdini and can still break in. You should invest in a safe to protect your most important and valuable items such as heirlooms and documents. You need one that's fire-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough that a thief can't walk away with it. At this point, if they decide to stay, they're going to want to just take what's in sight.

Automation in general is one of the best ways you can keep your home safe. This includes getting devices such as the SimpliSafe video doorbell. The many sensors can control the lights and sounds you need in order to scare off burglars. This can be really handy if you're away from home whether it's at the office or away on vacation. Worrying about your home shouldn't be a chore, so, follow these tips, relax, and feel safe.

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