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man walking in the park with a cane

There is a natural tendency for muscle loss that may affect your balance and coordination and impact how you walk with aging. Loss of mobility can have severe social, psychological, and physical effects. Without the ability to leave the house on your own, you can’t buy, you can’t dine out, you can’t meet your friends, and you’re left in the hands of strangers to take you here and there. As a result, you may become anti-social, isolate yourself, and fall into depression. Because you can’t get to the bathroom while you’re bound with your walking issue, you might develop urine infections and skin infections, and the list continues. Additionally, loss of mobility increases your chance of falling, which often leads to a hip fracture.

Walking canes are designed for seniors who need assistance while walking. If you require support when walking and wish to be able to lean your whole weight on a walking aid, you should use a walking cane.

Only a user-friendly walking stick can assist the elderly in their daily tasks. There are many walking sticks on the market, each with its price point, but does each of these sticks adhere to good ergonomic principles? If not, there is no safety or comfort in using the walking sticks. But the good news is that NOVA provides the best quality and user-friendly walking canes that give assistance and comfort and are also trendy and fashionable.

Factors That Lead to Loss of Mobility

Older age, lack of physical exercise, obesity, poor strength and balance, and chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis are significant causes of mobility loss. Older age, lack of physical exercise, obesity, poor strength and balance, and chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis are significant causes of mobility loss. Less prevalent warning signs can be mood symptoms of depression, memory or cognitive skills issues, a recent hospitalization, consuming alcohol or smoking, and feeling helpless. Individuals who have one or more of these conditions risk becoming immobile.

Given the variety of factors that might contribute to immobility, you’d think primary care doctors would be able to identify older persons who are at risk of losing mobility. But that’s not the case. Instead, physicians must address several more issues, such as heart and lung problems.

What Is a WalkingCane?

A walking stick, often known as a walking cane, is a device used mainly to ease walking, offer postural stability or support, or keep excellent posture. Some designs may either be employed as a fashion ornament or for self-defense.

Walking sticks come in various forms and sizes, and some have become collectibles. Some walking sticks may be used as crutches by people with disabilities. However, a walking cane is meant to aid balance rather than complete weight support. The walking stick has also been employed as a self-defense weapon in the past, and it may hide a knife or sword, as in a swordstick or sword cane.

Walking canes are often used on the unaffected/strongest side of the body (the “healthy leg”). However, this might vary depending on personal taste and skills. The stick should be moved forward simultaneously with the afflicted leg, followed by the unaffected leg. A Cane can also be used to help a person climb up the stairs. Lift the healthy leg first, then the stick and the afflicted leg onto the same step to manage climbing up steps and stairs. Lower the stick and the afflicted leg first, then the healthy leg to the same step to move down.

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Benefits of WalkingCane

Walking sticks may be useful additions for individuals who wish to be more active. The perfect walking cane can bring a variety of advantages. If you have mobility concerns, here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a stylish walking cane.

Improve Mobility

If you have difficulty moving about or staying upright, a walking cane can help enhance your mobility and stability. For example, when standing, you will lean on your cane, enabling you to spend longer time on your feet without tiring. It also makes it easier to go about, leading to more self-reliance.

Reduces Back Stress

Back pain and discomfort are certainly right up there with knee pain and discomfort in individual complaints about their bodies. If you are an active person or suffer from chronic back pain, your balance may be the reason. When you walk and balance your body, your back makes the most of the effort. This may generate much tension on your back muscles over time, placing them under continual pressure. As a result, this will cause a lot of back discomfort.

When using a walking cane to relieve back discomfort, all tension is transmitted to the stick. As a result, your back muscles will be able to relax and release some of their tension, making you feel comfortable. 

Reduces Hip Pain

Individuals who have hip arthritis, in particular, may experience excruciating pain whenever they try to move. This is usually due to the pressure placed on the hip joint every time the person attempts to walk. And yet again, utilizing a walking stick might help to relieve tension.

As a result, there is less strain on the pelvis and the sore joint. Furthermore, seniors may walk about with greater ease.

man walking in the park with a cane

Sense of Independence

More than just enhancing your posture, recuperation, and stability, the most crucial advantage of all is a sense of independence. A cane will not only help you move more freely, but it will also give you the confidence and independence to handle your own walking skills.

According to a study, 75% of elders got injured due to falling and were not using a cane. These accidental falls are preventable if you use a walking cane or a walker.

WalkingCane Vs. Walker

The fundamental distinction between those who need a cane and those who require a walker is that canes are suitable for people who have pain or weakness in one leg. In contrast, walkers are ideal for those who have pain or stiffness in both legs.

Canes are an excellent choice for anybody seeking mild to moderate mobility assistance. Walking canes are designed to help with balance and support. A cane may be appropriate for you if you sometimes have minor difficulty with wobbling or standing upright but are otherwise able to stand on your own. It is important to note that canes are not designed to support your whole body weight and are just meant to provide you with the additional stability you may need from time to time. If you only need some extra assistance and balance, a cane is probably the best option.

Walkers are for individuals who need more immediate assistance. The four legs of a walker offer stability and enable users to rest their whole weight on it. Walker users will require sufficient upper body strength to lift the walker as they travel with it. Users with limited upper body strength can benefit from utilizing a rollator, which is a cross between a walker and a wheelchair with wheels and handbrakes for simple movement.

Your degree of comfort with a cane or walker will vary based on your specific requirements. For example, walker users will inevitably feel some pain as a result of having to lean forward while resting the majority of their weight on the product. This might cause back discomfort and postural problems. As a result, for people who are physically able to stand with partial help, a cane may be a far better alternative. Another advantage of using a cane when feasible is that they come in various designs made precisely to match your comfort requirements. Offset canes, for example, feature comfort handles and twisted shafts that efficiently distribute weight for a more secure and pleasant experience. Offset canes with quad base attachments are also available, significantly enhancing the cane’s balance and stability.

About Nova Medical Products

NOVA has been committed to pursuing its purpose of “improving the world every day and in every manner” since 1993. NOVA is a prominent creator and producer of mobility, bathroom safety, and independent living goods, including designer canes, rolling walkers, transfer chairs, wheelchairs, cushions, and a variety of other patient aids. The ability of NOVA to design top-quality items with outstanding function and fashion that help persons with mobility challenges to enjoy a healthy, independent, and attractive lifestyle is what makes them so popular.

NOVA also creates lovely pattern canes and seat and back coverings for walkers so you can show your individuality and sense of taste. NOVA is deeply devoted to enriching human experiences by delivering goods and services that enable persons with physical disabilities to completely realize their potential and possibilities. Parentgiving is pleased to collaborate with NOVA to offer you the most creative and useful products to help you and your loved ones enjoy life to the fullest.

Walking Cane with All Terrain Rubber Quad Tip Base and Carrying Strap

by NOVA Medical Products 

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02/18/2024 04:21 pm GMT

NOVA SugarCane with All-Terrain Rubber Quad Tip

Sugarcane is one of the top-selling products of NOVA because it is the perfect combination of style, quality, and mobility. The Soft Grip offset handle design is very pleasant, reducing hand and wrist strain. Additionally, it comes with a handy carrying strap. It includes the all-terrain quad-tip base, which keeps the SugarCane upright on level ground while also providing outstanding stability, traction, and pivot on uneven and inclined terrain.

With its extra-wide quad tip, this cane stands on its own, allowing you to keep your cane by your side and within easy reach. The tip dimensions are; 4.75″ x 4.75.” SugarCane comes in 10 different styles that are durable and chip resistant. It is a unisexual product with vibrant colors and a fade-resistant finish. These beautiful, lightweight, and adjustable freestanding walking cane extends from 28″ to 39″ for user heights ranging from 4’11” to 6’4″. It weighs just 1.15 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The anti-rattle lock adjusts the cane and stops it from rattling. With a touch of a button, it is simple to customize. The Nova cane provides excellent assistance on any surface. It functions safely and securely on concrete and grassy surfaces outdoors, as well as indoors on standard flooring and carpeting. This is one of the best walking canes on the market.

Designer Walking Cane with Offset Handle

by NOVA 

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NOVA Designer WalkingCane with Offset Handle

It is difficult not to notice this NOVA designer walking cane because of its brilliant colors, trendy design, and elegance. There are 32 different designs of Nova canes for ladies, but there are several for males as well. NOVA’s cane has an offset grip for optimal assistance while walking. It also serves as a center of gravity, reducing arm and wrist strain. You also have a soft foam handgrip to keep the cane from slipping from your fingers at the wrong time. It also comes with a convenient carrying strap. It is another best cane in the market that is helpful on uneven terrain and even on flat surfaces.

More significantly, the anti-rattle locks ensure that the cane does not shake while you walk or sit. It also features a slip-resistant rubber tip for further grip on different surfaces. While NOVA’s balance and stability canes for seniors weigh just one pound, they can sustain up to 300 pounds. With a click of a button, you can also alter its height from 28′′ to 39′′ inches. Aside from being fashionable, NOVA’s walking cane has several comfort levels, height adjustments, and safety features. You will love your walks again due to the NOVA offset walking stick. This NOVA’s finest walking cane is constructed of high-quality Aluminum and has a chip and fade-resistant finish.

Quad Cane with Large Base
$39.96 ($0.83 / Ounce)

by NOVA Medical Products

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NOVA Medical Products Quad Cane with Large Base

Rather than a single leg, this NOVA large base features four bottom supports that create a rectangle base of varied sizes. It acts like an excellent support for seniors. This cane revolves and can be used with either the right or left hand. The Nova Cane can support up to 250 pounds of weight. It often has an offset handle and is appropriate for adults who need much assistance. It can support more weight than a single-tip cane and minimizes sliding. When not in use, it may stand alone rather than being leaned against anything.

It is important to note that this cane can be bulky and harder to store than a single tip cane and cannot be folded. However, it gives more support and can withstand more weight than a single tip cane.

Lightweight Four Legged Cane with Soft Grip Handle

by NOVA 

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NOVA Designer Quad Cane, Lightweight Four-Legged Cane

This four-legged cane is ultra-lightweight, stable, and durable. Using this quad cane gives the best possible support, stability, and balance for a cane-walker. A four-prong leg design with rubber tips that are resistant to slipping gives excellent traction and agility. It weighs only 2 pounds.

It is made up of lightweight Aluminum. It is available in beautiful designs like butterflies, roses, blue waves, and leopards. It is also chip and fade resistant. The offset design of the soft-grip handle makes it more ergonomic for the hands and wrists. To accommodate users between the ages of 4’11 and 6’4, the chair may be shifted to the right or left. Cane rattling is eliminated due to the anti-rattle lock.

The specifications for this product are: 250-pound weight capacity; 9.25-inch depth; 6.25″ breadth; 29.5″-38.5″ height adjustment.

Final Thoughts

Many adults have mobility limitations that need the use of an ambulatory assistive device in order for them to walk freely. Because canes are easily accessible and do not need a prescription before purchase, some individuals are prone to self-treatment. This increases the risk of falls, particularly in senior patients. Seniors might also be at risk of musculoskeletal injuries or abnormalities as a result of poor posture and inappropriate handling of assistive equipment.

Although you may be hesitant to use a cane, try to see it as a method to reclaim your quality of life. You may discover that you just require additional support on particular terrains while climbing stairs or for certain activities, but having a cane in hand will make you feel more comfortable and safe. It is always preferable to be safe than to be filled with remorse for not acting when you had the opportunity. There will be many considerations to make when you search for the ideal cane. Aside from selecting the appropriate style and size of a walking cane, you should consider a few important features. To begin, look for adjustable height to ensure that you always have the proper fit. Secondly, a good grip will reduce joint stress and prevent joint deformities. Finally, soft grips like those that NOVA provides are best for your wrist.

Moreover, good quality material is also an important aspect. You must be certain that your cane will be reliable and long-lasting. Choosing a strong material reduces the likelihood of being without a cane and necessitates replacing it less often. Lastly, depending on your specific condition, you may want a cane with certain distinguishing qualities. Some canes, for example, include an extra handle to assist with rising up from a seated posture. Others include a seat into their design if you need to take frequent rests or one with four legs for extra support.

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