Must-Have Bathing Accessories for Seniors

Key Points

  • Bathing accessories reduce the risk of falls and help seniors navigate their bathroom safely. 

  • Products for bathroom safety preserve your privacy and independence. 

  • Factors like strength, balance, and sensory changes increase the risk of falling for seniors

As you age, the greatest threat to your safety isn't illness or disease — it's falling. Your muscles become weaker than before; you lose balance and coordination. Even a simple lack of energy makes you less steady on your feet. Chronic conditions like arthritis or Parkinson's disease impair mobilityVision and hearing changes affect your spatial awareness and depth perception, and medications can cause you to feel unstable.

When you combine these factors with the slippery, wet surfaces of bathrooms, it’s no wonder many falls happen there. Shower safety is of the utmost importance, especially as you age. Bathing aids for seniors allow you to navigate your bathroom more safely. Keep in mind that you may need to consider making some adaptations to your bathroom to improve its safety rating. Check out some of the best accessories for your bathroom so you have peace of mind when bathing.

Showerhead With Handheld Sprayer 

Handheld shower sprayers are a senior-friendly bath accessory that lets you clean yourself while standing or sitting and easily reach all body parts. This adjustable bath accessory for seniors makes it easier for a caregiver to assist you, alleviates discomfort, promotes circulation, and aids in relaxation.

AquaCare Handheld Shower Head is a versatile shower head with an eight-setting, five-zone powerhead that delivers more water pressure with self-cleaning, clog-free nozzles. 

The power wash setting cleans your shower by thoroughly flushing soap and dirt away. The 72" stainless steel hose mounts to an adjustable-angle overhead bracket or an additional low-reach wall bracket. It serves a dual purpose for pet owners; adjust the water pressure for your dog's fur length and density and use the fan spray for an effortless pet shower.

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Long-Handled Bath Brush

Aging skin becomes less elastic, thinner, more easily bruised, and can get dry and irritated. Simple changes to your bath routine prevent dry, itchy skin from becoming a severe problem. Wash with a fragrance-free, moisturizing soap or body wash. Use moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and lanolin, and bathe in warm, rather than hot, water. 

Soft brushes and soap work better than cleansers that contain irritating chemicals. Bath brushes exfoliate the skin, increase circulation, and improve skin texture. Plus, they improve bath safety for seniors by helping you reach all areas of your body.

Look for durable bath accessories like this 20" Long Handle Bath Brush for seniors. The long handle makes cleaning your itchy back and other hard-to-reach areas more accessible. The natural boar bristles gently remove dead skin, leaving your body soft and smooth. 

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Waterproof Cast Protector

Millions of older Americans annually suffer falls. One in five falls results in severe trauma like a fracture.

“A fall can result in injury, such as a fracture, which may affect an older adult’s ability to function independently,” says the Department of Medicine chair at Hackensack University Medical Center and past president of the American Geriatrics Society Dr. Laurie Jacobs.

When recovering from a fracture, durable bath accessories for seniors let you carry out daily activities like bathing while wearing a cast. 

The two-pack Mighty-X reusable, 100 percent waterproof cast covers for the leg improve bath safety for seniors. The elasticized opening seals tightly around your leg without cutting off circulation and lasts for multiple uses. The leg sleeve is light and easy to wear, so it won’t aggravate your injury when you put it on or remove it.

 Mighty-X reusable, 100 percent waterproof cast covers

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Bath Steps

Bathrooms are potentially dangerous for seniors. The floors are slick, the surfaces are wet, and the space is small. Most bathroom falls happen while seniors transfer in and out of the tub or shower, or use the toilet. With their non-slip surfaces and sturdy construction, bath steps are senior-friendly bath accessories that make it easier to get in and out of the tub safely. 

Step confidently with the Vive Step Stool for the tub or shower. It features a textured rubber surface and non-slip feet for stability and easily stackable 4.5" platforms. The bath step safely supports up to 400 lbs.

Vive Step Stool

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Non-Slip Bath Mat

Water, soap, and shampoo turn your shower floors and bathtubs into slippery, accident-prone places. Non-slip bath mats for seniors cushion your feet, give them something to grip, and reduce your risk of falling.

The Gorilla Grip Shower and Bathtub Mat stays securely in place with hundreds of suction cups that grip your tub or shower floor. These non-slip bath mats for seniors have hundreds of drainage holes, so water flows under the mat and toward the drain.

The textured, BPA-free material has a unique hexagon design with a pebble-textured topside that feels soft on your feet. To clean it, throw it in the washing machine and hang it over the side of the tub to dry.

Gorilla Grip Shower and Bathtub Mat

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Shower Chair

You might be hesitant to take showers or baths if you're afraid you may fall. Your hygiene suffers, leading to severe illnesses like staphylococcus aureus and urinary tract infections.

Shower stools for seniors, also called bath chairs for seniors, are seats you place in baths and showers. They allow you to sit as you bathe and provide back support for seniors. Stools make bathing simpler and safer. With a shower stool for seniors, you have greater independence — plus, your hygiene improves!

The Medline Shower Chair is a quality bath chair for seniors. It has padded armrests and back support for seniors, making you less fatigued in the shower. The adjustable-height, slip-resistant seat supports up to 350 lbs. 

This tool-free assembly bath chair has a step-by-step manual for quick setup. It’s a comfortable and sturdy bath chair for seniors to use while showering.

Medline Shower Chair

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Grab Bars

Grab bars — one of the best bathing accessories for seniors — create a safer experience for you in the bathroom. They are graspable bars that help you maintain your balance and reduce fatigue while you stand. 

Install grab bars in wet areas like the shower or bath so you don't slip and fall. They assist you with sitting and standing beside the toilet and provide additional stability next to the sink or vanity.

These 12" Grab Bars are sturdy plastic and have two suction cups with strong gripping power. Install these grab bars for seniors on any flat, non-porous surface, like tile, glass, acrylic, and fiberglass. 

The tool-free installation is straightforward; flip the locking latches to secure the bar. Reposition the bar as often as needed — this won't harm the surface or leave any marks. Take it along when you travel, or install it in guest rooms. 

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Bath Lift

If you can no longer lower yourself into your bathtub or get up again, you might miss the luxurious experience of a warm soak. A bath lift assists you in making that transition. It is a seat or cushion which gently lowers you to the bottom of the bath and lifts you back out when you've finished.

To use a bath lift, you must be able to sit or transfer onto the lift and swing or lift your legs over the tub wall.

Drive Medical Whisper Bath Lift Chair fits almost any bathtub style, is easy to install, and supports up to 300 lbs. Adjust the ergonomically designed padded seat and backrest to raise, lower, and recline up to 50 degrees. The controls have large, color-coded buttons for easy use and float in the water where you can access them easily.

Drive Medical Whisper Bath Lift Chair

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Bathrobe With Front Closure

Bathrobes are a comfortable necessity for seniors. They're easy for people with mobility challenges or limited dexterity to slip in and out of and provide more modesty over your nightgown or pajamas. 

Bathrobes are also warm and comfortable when you're susceptible to feeling cold after a bath. The soft, absorbent fabric dries you off so you don’t feel damp and chilly. 

Collections Etc Gingham Robe is a relaxed-fit, short-sleeved duster featuring a pretty gingham print, detailed floral embroidery, two front pockets, a snap-front closure, and a lacy-trimmed collar. Plus, it’s machine washable and easy to care for. You mustn’t struggle with buttons or zippers to wear this attractive robe.

Collections Etc Gingham Robe

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Make Your Bathroom Safer With Must-Have Accessories

Suffering a fall during your senior years can cause severe injury or change the course of your life. That’s why it’s essential to focus on safety in the areas of your home where you're most likely to fall, like your bathroom. 

Take advantage of the best adjustable bathroom equipment for seniors. Adapt them to fit your bathroom so they provide extra stability and safety when you bathe.

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