Hero Pill Dispenser Review, Is It Worth It?

Hero pill dispenser on kitchen counter

With the advancement of modern technology, discoveries in medical science have led to incredible advances that have helped people with medical conditions enjoy an improved quality of life. However, the truth is that more than half of Americans don’t take their medications exactly as prescribed, and 10% of hospitalizations for seniors are due to medication mistakes. In addition, many people have trouble remembering all the medications they are taking. In a situation where medications must be consumed at different times, with or without food, you may wonder if you’ve taken them repeatedly.

A Hero automatic pill dispenser helps make sure this doesn’t happen. Hero protects your loved ones and you against the risk of taking the wrong dose, missing your medication or taking something altogether wrong. There can be grave consequences of these small mistakes – even life-threatening ones. There is an aspect of the experience that requires the user to go to the machine and press a button to obtain the product. As the pills are not automatically dispensed, they would not be lying around for children to accidentally take. Additionally, HERO includes a password protection feature to keep your kids from pressing the wrong buttons.

Hero Pill Dispenser – Backstory

Kal Vepuri founded Hero after experiencing the difficulty of managing medications firsthand when his mother was ill. Managing medications was a challenge. The process of sorting pills, dispensing them, refilling and scheduling them, and missing doses are tedious. After seeing how challenging it could be to handle multiple medications, he realized help was needed.

The founders, Kut Akdogan, 27, and Kal Vepuri, 34, report that they created the company because they noticed that the process for taking medications had not developed at the same pace as other developments since the widespread use of electricity. In addition, they gradually became aware that there were general problems with the ability to take care of yourselves outside the warm embrace of the healthcare system.

In order to make the process easier, safer, and more manageable, he came up with this idea. This then led to the creation of the Hero pill dispenser. The Hero solution provides families and individuals with end-to-end medication management support.


Hero pill dispenser

How Is The Hero Pill Dispenser Helpful?

A medication schedule helps people take medications at the right times and in the right amounts. Nevertheless, you can log into your account to track which medications have been taken and missed. In addition, the Hero Pill Dispenser can be a useful pill organizer if you have to refill medications regularly.  

As one of the most highlighted features of the Hero pill dispenser, it keeps caregivers and loved ones informed, letting them know when medication is required. Furthermore, it helps coordinate communication between individuals, their caretakers, and their doctors. Ultimately, Hero provides much more than a pill dispenser, but that’s only a small part of its membership offerings. Hero’s Dispenser, App, and 24/7 customer support encourage medication adherence, providing peace of mind for everyone involved.

Things That Make The Hero Pill Dispenser Impeccable

The Hero Pill Dispenser helps you better adhere to your healthcare provider’s medication regimen. Apart from helping you organize your medications, it can remind you what medications to take and when and can support you when it is time to refill your prescriptions.

In this case and those in the family of robot pill organizers/dispensers, your pills are organized into different dose groups by the Dispenser for you. Pill boxes do not need to be sorted into different sections according to when pills are to be taken. 

The product was compared with other automatic pill dispensers in its class. The comparative evaluation should help you determine which pill dispenser will best suit your lifestyle if you are not yet sure if this is the product you need. Here are some highlights that make the Dispenser amazing for use:


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Set-up Your Medication Schedule

The Hero pill dispenser is your medicine cabinet reinvented. The most fun part of this Dispenser is that you can set your medication schedule according to the time you are willing to take your medicines. Then, when it is time to take your medication, the Dispenser will notify you by audio and visual alarm along with text, App, or phone call. The variety of notification options is remarkable, as they accommodate people with vision and hearing impairments and let you choose your favorite method of being reminded.

The Dispenser requires the medications and schedule needed for this product to be entered after it has been set up. The App allows you to enter this information. If you do not wish to use an App, you can program your schedule and medications through a web portal. Although, the web portal does not offer reporting features. Both iOS and Android apps are available, and both apps look and feel like modern mobile apps.

Input your medication regimen (multiple medications and dosages), and the App can communicate (without you having to do anything) with the Hero system. The Hero pings, and the screen indicates that your medication regimen has been updated. A button on the system must be pressed to “confirm” the update.


Being sick and regularly tied to a certain dose of medicines daily spoils the fun of some real moments of life. Moreover, traveling becomes a hassle and irritating as you must carry a lot of medicine. However, the Hero pills dispenser is a quick solution as it is travel friendly. 

If you’re traveling, then Hero recommends taking the appliance with you, and the travel bar can give you an extra boost. While you have it in your car, on a plane, or simply moving from room to room, the bar fits neatly inside the machine to keep pills from falling out or moving around.

Smart Device

The Hero has to be connected to WiFi and have a power supply (specifically 100-240V AC power) to work. Despite having some competitors with battery backups, Hero does not have this feature, which may be included in future iterations. You receive a notification through the App if Hero’s power source is unavailable, but sometimes, that notification may be too late. However, you can set the password for the Dispenser in the App, which is password-protected. You and your caregivers will be able to use it, so it’s simple to prevent accidental time changes or others accidentally taking your medications. 


Hero pill dispenser

Privacy and Security

As described under the product instructions, the pill compartments in the system are locked with a key and accessed using the buttons on the unit. Therefore, a person with cognitive impairment might become confused about which compartment to open how to open it.

The App allows caregivers to adjust medication schedules, and this feature can be restricted if necessary. Additionally, the controls for “Dispensing” and “Pill Management” are just a single button press away from one another. You can take advantage of this if you manage your medications. However, it can be confusing to use the interface when the patient requires a lot of care and the caregiver has to oversee the filling process.

Value For Money

It’s awesome how Hero pulls the exact medicine you need at the exact right time. The only downside is that Hero relies on power and does not have a battery backup, so if there is a power outage, it will not work. A pill access key is available to remove your medications in these cases, but it’s far from ideal, and many of their competitors have implemented battery backups.

Hero charges both an initiation fee and a subscription fee, which you must pay monthly to use. In both cases, the starting cost is less than the competition, but this can add up over time. 

The subscription is a little pricey, considering you have to pay it monthly for the duration of your device use, but it covers all medication management needs you may have. In addition to offering a generous return window, Hero accepts HSA/FSA payments and plans to soon add insurance coverage. In addition, Medicaid, community, and veteran networks may offer waivers or assistance to purchase Hero. The Hero device includes direct links to these programs on its comprehensive reference page.


Hero pill dispenser on kitchen counter

Size and Capacity

In terms of size, the Hero pill dispenser fits on most kitchen counters and takes up approximately the same amount of space as a coffee maker. The automatic medication Dispenser weighs approximately 10 pounds. It can store, sort, and dispense up to a 90-day supply of ten different medicines, which is very impressive.

The Hero Medication dispenser can also dispense medications multiple times a day since it can accommodate a variety of scheduling scenarios. In addition, Hero claims the Hero pill dispenser device can dispense pills of any size or shape. Of course, there are exceptions, such as liquids, gummies, chewy vitamins, dissolvable pills, and half or quartered pills. In this case, the smart device or the Dispenser is set to remind you when it’s time to take them.

Notifies Medication Dose

Regarding setting these devices up, medications, and scheduling, some technical skills are required. Hero Mobile is an ideal application to accomplish this. Nevertheless, the App provides an extensive database of medications, which makes data entry very simple. It will allow you to enter your whole prescription regimen, including dosages, timing, and any changes to our medication regimens. In addition, the App communicates with the device pretty smoothly. The mobile app must be installed on an Android device, and a power source must be connected to the internet.


Hero pill dispenser

Program the Device

Users can be alerted by notifications and alarms provided through the App according to a schedule they set up. Users appreciate that the device provides both visual (flashing lights) and audible alarms (beeps). It goes one step further by allowing users to receive text or app notifications from their phones. 

In Case of Missed Medication Dose

In addition to reminders, it can also alert you when a dose has been forgotten or missed. In addition, Hero can notify both the individual and caregiver when medication is missed – this includes the individual’s doctor. This device is a powerful communication device.

Low Pill Notification

The Dispenser sends out notifications to all parties when it notices the pill supply is running low. In addition, Hero offers a service called Hero Fill which automates the refilling of your medications. Members receive free medication delivery as part of this complimentary service. 

Dispensing Of Accurate Dose

With the Hero App, you no longer need to repeatedly check pill bottles and have to read tiny prescription labels. Instead, it notifies you of doses on an easy-to-read screen and keeps track of medications for you. In addition to the Dispenser’s current drug information, the App records the user’s exact dosage, ensuring the correct dose is administered every time. As a result, this product greatly reduces the probability of accidental overdoses, which is safe and convenient for everyone. 

In addition, you will not need to worry about your loved one’s medication consistently being organized, whether by sorting individual doses or filling out a pillbox weekly. The Hero Dispenser sorts your medication automatically as you approach your next dose. Once your medication is ready for dispensing, it is dropped into an easy-to-grab cup for convenient access. 


Hero pill dispenser

Enables Secure Medication Storage

Safety and security of medication are among the most important factors in medication management. Taking prescription medications by curious teens, young children, or pets can be extremely dangerous. In addition, open prescription bottles provide easy access to anyone who comes across them. 

Hero stores medications securely so that only those who need access can access them while requiring a passcode for dispensing. Keeping the secret passcode lets you know that when you take your medication, you’ll know the caregiver knows where the code is. A Safety Key is also included in Hero so you can manually access your medication in case of an emergency such as a power outage. 

Efficient For Caregivers

Caregiving comes with many responsibilities, especially when the person you are caring for requires medication several times a day. Regarding dosage and pill regimens, remembering precise dosages and counts can be challenging, and mistakes can result in ADRs (adverse drug reactions). Medication errors are responsible for up to 25 percent of hospitalizations in the United States annually. 

Regarding pill dispensers, Hero stands out as a holistic medication management system that can improve medication management. You can stay on top of your caregiving schedule with Hero’s caregiving software, knowing that medication needs will be notified as soon as they become due. In addition to being convenient for your loved ones, this automatic system also gives them a sense of independence since they no longer have to rely on someone else to take care of their medications.

Who Needs The Hero Pill Dispenser?

Any person suffering from a disease and requiring constant reminders to take medicines can easily get a Hero pill dispenser in use. However, seniors and their caregivers can manage medications more easily with a pill dispenser. For elderly patients, the best pill box feature locking compartments, automatic dispensing features, and emergency medical alarms. 

Hero pills dispensers are convenient for people who often forget to take their medication in time. Different types of notifications constructed within the Dispenser assist in the timely administration of medicines. During the day, the patient is reminded about when to take which medication by the audio and visual alarm. With an amazing storage capacity of 90 days, this Dispenser can hold a large capacity of medication at once.

Final Thoughts

The founder of Hero, Kal Vepuri, began the organization when his mother became seriously ill. In spite of her background as a physician, she encountered serious difficulty managing more than a dozen prescriptions. The medication management challenge can be overwhelming when someone is sick, as Kal learned. In previous similar cases, he wanted to ensure that the process was easier and safer for everyone while also returning independence to those who most needed it. As the son of someone who missed a dose of critical medication, he knew he had to step up, and he founded Hero in 2018.

Individuals who struggle to take medication could benefit from Hero’s prompt and efficient delivery system. Hero has your back, whether you fail to remember due to brain fog, multiple medications, juggling a complicated medication schedule, or any other reason. Unfortunately, a replacement for care is not available with this product. Hero is also not ideal for patients with cognitive or physical impairment like dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other diseases that make it difficult to verify the accuracy of medication identification. You must take the right medications when using Hero, even though it’s a reliable dispensing system. The Hero returns and exchange policy is generous. If you’re not satisfied, just pack it up and return it. A money-back guarantee backs it. The Hero dispenser is still returnable after 90 days, but you will not be reimbursed for the unused subscription through the end of the year.

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