Wyze Doorbell Review, Is It Worth It?

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Small things may make a big impact on our lives. However, since they are little and blend in nicely with your lifestyle, you may ignore them at first sight. This is true for video doorbells. Video doorbells are sleek and come with many security benefits that you cannot ignore. Video doorbells are relatively innovative products compared to traditional security cameras and are one of the best home security systems.

If you are looking forward to changing your home to a smart home, then buying a smart video doorbell would be the perfect start for your journey. This article will provide a detailed review of Wyze camera doorbells and the benefits of installing a video doorbell in your house.

What are Video Doorbells?

Video doorbells include a built-in camera that may help secure your house against package theft and robberies. They may be battery operated (wireless) or hooked into an existing doorbell. In addition, you can use your smartphone to get activity alerts and communicate with guests via two-way speak and live stream footage.

Video doorbells function similarly to security cameras, recording video and audio with infrared LED sensors or a spotlight during the day or at night. The video is saved locally on a built-in micro SD card or remotely through a cloud server. When a visitor reaches the doorbell, the gadget detects the movement. It notifies the user's mobile application, often over a Wi-Fi connection. However, some video doorbells provide cellular or landline backup, which means they interact with cellular towers or phone cables that remain operational during power outages.

Some cameras use artificial intelligence to identify between humans and other moving objects. Otherwise, the camera will notify the user of any motion, which might result in a slew of needless alerts.

Video Doorbell with Chime (Horizontal Wedge Included)

by Wyze 

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Video Doorbells vs. Security Cameras

In essence, video doorbells are all security cameras, but not all security cameras are video doorbells. The most visible distinction between the two is the doorbell. This also implies that you have much less control over the doorbell cameras. You wouldn't place a doorbell device in your garden or your child's bedroom, for example, even if you could. Still, these are both natural locations for a standard security camera. Many video doorbells also need a wired connection, which may be obtained from an existing doorbell.

There are significant technical differences as well. While video doorbell technology is improving, conventional video cameras often outperform in terms of video quality, motion alert, and field of vision, among other things. That's not to dismiss the quality of video doorbells, which often offer HD footage; nevertheless, if you want to watch locations beyond your front door, you'll need some security cameras.

Benefits of a Video Doorbell

Keeping a safe space between yourself and the unknown is always a good idea. A video doorbell allows you to see who is at (or approaching) the door from wherever you are, giving you plenty of time to decide whether it is safe to open it. Furthermore, having a 2-way intercom has certain hidden benefits. For example, talking with guests allows you to answer the door without opening it. In addition, you may answer the door from anywhere and never show that you are away from home since you can communicate with the guest through a smartphone. This adds an extra level of security.

Moreover, if someone arrives at the door late at night, it may be difficult or impossible to see who it is. Video doorbells have night vision technology, allowing you to see visitors' image before opening the door. A video doorbell provides even more protection when combined with your surveillance system. The doorbell functions as an additional camera, providing even more monitoring coverage. Video doorbells are very effective devices in your security system when utilized properly. They provide a lot of functionality and convenience in a compact and subtle gadget.

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Wyze Video Doorbell

The Wyze Video Doorbell is one of the most affordable options on the market. However, the doorbell camera's small size startled several consumers. It's just 3.25 x 1.5 x 0.625 inches (HxWxD) and comes in a compact box with a wireless indoor chime. Previous low-cost doorbell cameras usually disappointed users with their image quality or functionality. The Wyze Video Doorbell isn't flawless, but it's the greatest low-cost camera you can ever use. Wyze Cam Outdoor may store video to the Cloud, microSD, or its wireless hub for storage. In comparison, some video doorbells like Nest camera can only save the video to the cloud.


The Wyze doorbell camera provides a high-quality image (1080p resolution) that appears to be high-resolution whether it’s daytime or night. Both pictures are crisp, and even without lighting, the night picture is well-balanced. In addition, the video, which has a size of 1,296 x 1,728 pixels and a vertical 3:4 aspect ratio, may be downloaded via the app. According to Wyze labs, the non-standard video is higher than wide, allowing you to "see individuals from head to toe."

The camera has a tiny LED light that comes on automatically when it senses someone approaching at night. This indicates that the front door is being watched and illuminates the caller's face when they ring the doorbell.

Wyze video doorbell

Color Night Vision

This smart doorbell cam has color night video due to an LED light that goes on when it detects movement. The film is black and white without light. Color footage makes things more identifiable. With a look, you'll know whether it's your cat or the neighbor knocking down your porch decorations.


What's especially interesting about Wyze is that it boasts a lot of luxury features despite its cheap price tags, such as a 3:4 aspect ratio and a 150-degree horizontal and vertical field of vision. That means you get an extremely clear image of a package placed just underneath the buzzer and an equally great view of a friend's face who is crowding the camera.

While the 1,440×1,440-pixel resolution wasn't as sharp at longer distances as most customers would have liked, it does the job. In addition, because of the camera's dynamic range, regions of shadow near areas of direct sunshine do not result in a loss of detail.

Wyze provides one of the finest free cloud storage solutions available. On a 14-day rolling basis, you'll receive free local storage for 12-second clips. There is a 5-minute break between recordings. This is a fantastic feature since it eliminates the monthly operational costs associated with the doorbell (unless you need it for improved person detection). After a few years, monthly subscription charges may easily exceed the cost of the hardware, so this is something to consider when selecting a video doorbell.

Ring video doorbell, for example, doesn't save any video footage unless you pay for a subscription plan; otherwise, all you get when you call up the app is a live glance via the camera.

The subscription option increases video storage from a 12-second clip to a video for the length of the detected movement. It also eliminates the need for a "five-minute cool down" between recorded segments. This cooling time implies that if there is any further movement within five minutes after motion detection, the video will not be captured, and you will not be alerted.

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Video Doorbell with Chime (Horizontal Wedge Included)

by Wyze 

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Wyze Chime

The Wyze Video Doorbell has a chime to let you hear when someone is at the door. That's correct; it doesn't sound like a mechanical chime in your house. However, you must replace your present chime with Wyze's, which requires additional wiring.

The chime, on the other hand, is very nice. You may use the app to adjust the chime to over a dozen various sounds other than the standard "ding-dong." Few customers liked to replace the chime with an animal sound. Every time someone arrives at the door, they are sure to grin.


The Wyze Video Doorbell is compatible with other Wyze smart home devices like locks, smart plugs, cameras, and a wide range of third-party smart devices through IFTTT applets. However, it does not presently support Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant voice commands, but Wyze aims to add support for these in the near future.

The doorbell works with the same Wyze mobile app as all other Wyze devices and has its own panel on the home screen. Tapping the panel starts a live stream with buttons below the video panel for watching in full-screen mode, muting the speaker, starting a two-way conversation, and picking a fast answer like "Can I assist you," "Be there soon," or "Leave gift at door." Other buttons allow you to capture a picture, manually record video, and set up night vision (on, off, or auto).

At the bottom of the screen, a timeline bar allows you to pick and examine particular event clips. You may also download, share, or delete a clip. To enter the settings screen, tap the gear icon in the top right corner. You may modify motion settings, schedule event recording times, activate alerts, choose a chime sound, and define rules to make the doorbell respond to other Wyze devices from this screen.

Chime Tunes Selection

The Wyze Video Doorbell has a convenient Wyze Chime that will play anytime someone rings your doorbell. In addition, it comes with 19 chime songs that you may choose in the Accessories setting of your doorbell.

All you need to do is, tap on your Wyze Video Doorbell in the Wyze app. Then on the top right, tap the setting bar. Navigate to Accessories > Your Chime > Tunes. Finally, choose your favorite tune. Your selection will be saved automatically.


The Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime is simple to set up, although it does need dealing with low-voltage wiring. First, you need to switch off the breaker that powers your doorbell, unplug it, and launch the Wyze mobile app (if this is your first Wyze device, you'll need to download the app and create an account). Next, select Wyze Doorbell from the Cameras menu after tapping the + icon in the top left corner. You may view an installation instruction at this point or skip it if you've previously installed the doorbell.

You can use the provided screws to secure the mounting plate to your front door frame, then connect the two wires to the Wyze doorbell and snap it into position on the mounting plate. Then reconnect the circuit, you’ll hear a "Ready to Connect" audio cue, and check that the doorbell button is blinking blue.

After you choose your Wi-Fi SSID and password, a QR code will be displayed on your phone. Bring your QR code to the doorbell camera to scan it, and it will be instantly recognized. Then click “Next,” and the doorbell will be added to your Wyze device list. When the LED color is solid blue, tap “Add a Wyze Chime”. Hook the chime into a power socket and then hit and hold the reset button until the LED flashed blue three times. The installation process will be completed.

Sharing your Wyze Doorbell

The Sharing function allows others to access and utilize your Wyze Video Doorbell. Do you have a family member or close friend that wishes to answer the door? Send it to them using the Wyze app.

Tap on the Wyze Video Doorbell you wish to share in the Wyze app. To access your Device Settings, tap on the Settings icon SettingsGear.png in the upper right. Then tap share, followed by share with a new user. Next, enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share your doorbell. Alternatively, choose someone from your Recent Shares list. Finally, tap the share button.

IP65 Weather-Resistant

Install the Wyze Video Doorbell without fear of interference from the elements. The IP65 weather resistance of this doorbell protects it from rain, snow, and sun. It also means that the Wyze video doorbell is dust-tight and protected against water sprays.

Wyze video doorbell under the rain

Video Doorbell Buying Guide


The majority of video doorbells will provide HD video. However, if you value detail, go for anything with a Full HD 1080p resolution. The Footage Doorbell 2K from eufy Security, as the name implies, takes a step further with a stunning 2K video. In addition, cameras with a high dynamic range, such as the one in the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, can compensate for bright backgrounds and still provide a clear picture in high-contrast settings.

A video doorbell that cannot see in the dark is essentially worthless. Fortunately, most have infrared LEDs built-in for good black-and-white imagery at night.

Most video doorbells offer a field of vision of 150° – 160°, although aspect ratio differences might alter what you see. A 16:9 aspect ratio, for example, might provide a broad view of your porch and perhaps portions of your side yard. Still, a 4:3 aspect ratio may catch more of your doorstep. This is useful if you want to check whether a package is present.

Sound Detection

Some models detect aberrant sounds. For example, a priority notice will be sent if the sound of shattering glass or a siren is heard. Other doorbells can detect known faces and notify you when friends or relatives arrive. You may also configure your alerts so that you are notified when a car or animal is detected.

Subscription Plans

You should consider how much your doorbell will cost after installation. Some great app features may be accessible exclusively with subscription plans. Some provide free storage for a limited time suppose, 24 hours while others won't allow you to look at a single doorbell or motion event until you subscribe for a subscription. That means you won't know what you missed unless you chance to get the push notifications when the ring or motion is happening.

Wireless Connections

You may purchase wireless doorbell cameras, which means they don't need any existing doorbell wiring or Ethernet connections to power up or connect to Wi-Fi. Batteries are the principal source of electricity. However, some of them may partly or support solar energy.

Battery-powered doorbells will often include a rechargeable battery. This technology is distinct from wired connections and provides a unique experience with benefits and cons. Benefits include rechargeable batteries, it may be installed almost anywhere along with the door, it is capable of wireless signal transmission, and it can connect to multiple receivers. Disadvantages include that these devices are easier to steal, you have to recharge the batteries whenever they die, and a hard-wired connection is more dependable than a battery connection.

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Two-way Audio

Most doorbells have a microphone and a speaker, allowing you to converse with guests. You will communicate through a smartphone or similar device, and they will communicate via the doorbell itself. This is one of the most important characteristics.

Final Thoughts

The Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime is a good value for a smart doorbell. Still, it will be much better once Wyze completes Alexa and Google voice control and upgrades the software to enable the camera to record 2K video.

Nonetheless, the doorbell provides a clear 1080p video with a complete view of your doorway, communicates with a variety of Wyze and third-party smart devices, and you can add persons and package detection for a little price. In addition, it provides superb night vision and a great view from your door. As a result, the Wyze video doorbell is a must-have.

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