Why You Should Invest in a Walk-in Shower With Bench

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Nothing is more relaxing than taking a hot, soothing, and profoundly relaxing shower after waking up in the morning or returning home after a long day at work. However, if you are concerned that you might not be able to install a shower enclosure because of your bathroom layout, then don't worry! You can easily install a walk-in shower enclosure.

During the past several years, walk-in showers have become increasingly popular. With its origins in the bathroom of persons with disabilities and those with limited mobility, walk-in showers with benches have now become a standard fixture in homes worldwide. A walk-in shower has numerous advantages over traditional baths because of its many features. In addition to their sleek look and space-saving capabilities, walk-in showers can also increase the value of your home. However, the reasons for switching out the old tub for a more modern shower are not just limited to that.

As always, remember to follow safety precautions when showering or bathing.

What Is a Built-in Shower With a Bench?

The walls and floors of the shower are permanently framed with this particular style of shower seat, unlike a floating bench or a fold-down bench. It doesn't have an open bottom but is instead made of a solid block designed to fit in the shower during construction.

Shower rooms or enclosures can be enhanced with this bench, which can extend across the entire width. The surface is usually finished with hard and durable materials, such as tile or marble, which are also easy to maintain and have aesthetic appeal. 

Walk-in showers come with low curbs, and several models are available with a curbless design. The following points will explain why a walk-in enclosure is so desirable. Moreover, you will also discover the benefits of walk-in showers and why investing in one is wise.

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Creative Shower Bench Styles to Go For

A built-in shower bench is a great way to show off your style while also installing a functional feature in your shower. From an essential perspective, corner seats and square or rectangular benches seem to be the most common benches in showers. However, the homeowners who desire a unique centerpiece in their spa-inspired retreat bathroom should consider a customized shower bench that adds to their overall style. Here are the five best shower bench styles.

Built-in Corner Seat Ideas

A corner seat built into a shower stall is the obvious choice for small bathrooms. In contrast, a small corner seat offers the same convenience as a more oversized shower with bench seating. 

The rounded edges of a corner seat make the shower more interesting, especially if mosaic tiles draw attention to certain features of the structure. A seat like this is unique among other seating areas in the shower. It's stunning! It can be possible to create a sense of luxury and detail even in small spaces using several types of tile and a single-piece topping.

Despite its convenience in small spaces, the built-in corner seat can also provide an advantage in larger bathrooms. For example, a large double shower can also benefit from the built-in corner seat. The shower has more foot-room than you need, and it is more convenient for multiple people to use it at once if you have two corner seats. In addition, corner seats don't take up as much space.

These built-in corner seats offer irresistible versatility, regardless of their small dimensions, making custom corner seats so popular in tiled showers. A built-in corner bench is a good option if you have a small shower but still want to showcase your taste. A bench in your shower is not just for sitting. With the built-in corner seat, you can store toiletries, prop your legs for a more comfortable shave or wash, and add a touch of luxury to any small bathroom. You can also take this as an idea for your bathroom remodel.

This built-in shower seating facility gives you the feasibility to choose between a triangle-shaped seating area with square corners and a more rounded seating area with rounded corners. Alternatively, you could use the same ceramic tile to drape your shower walls. You can also make a statement by climbing the corner seat with mosaic tiles. Consider adding some bright-colored tiles or keeping the colors neutral. Make sure the colors complement one another. As you do this, your bathroom accents will add some pop and pizazz, preventing you from feeling sick of your chosen colors.

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The Built-in Bench

Depending on your bathroom configuration or bathroom remodeling, the built-in bench can run along any side or even wrap around the entire shower wall. With the long bench, you have more room for kicking back or bringing a person along if you have a double shower, steam shower, or en suite.

You can easily incorporate a built-in shower bench no matter how you design your shower layout. Smaller showers might benefit from a bench built into the wall with a shallow depth for a footrest. Some homeowners choose the bench as a window seat built into the wall. With that said, the larger the space you can devote to your built-in bench, the more flexibility you will have with your design.

Do you prefer square angle corners or a semicircular bench without edges? Will you make the bench stand out by selecting a color-over shape that matches your shower tiles and stones? In your home, your built-in shower bench is at least one element that can be said to be made just for you!

Built-in Floating Benches

Even though a floating shower bench isn't technically a built-in shower seat, they're still an excellent option for seating in your bathroom. Floating benches are most commonly used for spaces that don't permit the addition of a built-in seat in the shower to be built from the ground up.

Corner and long benches can be customized with the freestanding bench. Most floating benches are made from a single stone slab that appears to float. Installation of these floating benches should only be performed by a professional since both the bench's weight and the average weight of an individual must be supported by its construction.

Besides offering a unique design, floating benches may provide the same benefit as a built-in bench in addition to more foot room. With the floating design, shaving ledges and corner shelves can easily be added to showers that are too small to have an actual setting area. In addition, various tile options can be incorporated into your shower area with this technique.

A granite shaving shelf and ledge on top of a neutral or ceramic tile, bordered with mosaic tiles will give even the tiniest shower the ability to shine, regardless of its size.

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Some Tips for Shower Benches

While developing the design, try to picture yourself using the bench or seat built into the shower. Moreover, ensure that the controls of water and steam are near the bench, in case you have a medical condition.

Place your built-in seat in the water spray direction facing the showerhead for the best relaxation experience. In addition, a built-in shower bench can be a good place for an emergency security alarm if the shower modification is being done for an elderly household. Both button and pull cord options are available for emergency alarm systems.

To ensure proper water drainage, all benches and seats in built-in showers are slightly sloped. However, you should make sure that the seat and floor are both finished with an anti-slip finish to protect the household from potential falls if you choose a soft stone for your seat or bench.

If you feel your shower is lacking something, think critically about what you would like to see in your shower during this planning phase. During this phase, consider what prevents you from fully relaxing in your shower. You can also check out pictures to gather and provide ideas, and discuss them with your contractor.

Once all is said and done, don't forget a non-slip bath mat as well!

8 Benefits of Getting a Built-in Shower With a Bench

Having spent a long day on your feet and aching during the day, have you ever wondered how much better the shower would be if you had a safe and comfortable seat to sit on? It's not just you because most showers don't allow users to sit while they bathe, but walk-in showers have benches. You might be wondering about the benefits of integrating such showers with benches. Well, here are some fantastic benefits:

1. Makes Bathing Safe

Showers can quickly become slippery, and about 81% of bathroom injuries result from slips and falls. By incorporating a bench into your walk-in shower, you can rest while you wash, fully taking advantage of the time. The bench also dramatically reduces the risk of you falling over. 

However, a shower bench integrated into the design also assists with accessibility. Those with mobility issues, the elderly, and those who have sustained injuries may use the bench for safety. If possible, a safety handrail can be added for users to help themselves further.

Luxury walk in shower with gray and white marble walls, bench, and flooring with chrome finishes

2. Easier To Use

There are many advantages to walk-in shower enclosures, including the fact that they are very flexible and simpler to use than traditional enclosures. In addition, the lack of doors and frames in walk-in enclosures makes them accessible to people with mobility issues and others who use wheelchairs without worrying about tripping or falling. They can be much less cumbersome than shower chairs with arms.

Children and the elderly won't have to climb over anything to get into the bath, so they will not be at risk of falling or getting injured. In addition, walk-in enclosures can provide additional space, so two kids can shower together without having to divide the space, saving you time. In addition, you can also install dual showers inside the enclosure, adding more functionality and aesthetics to your bathroom.

3. Luxurious Look

Bath benches built into the shower have an air of luxury as if they were in a spa. Adding them to a shower room design makes it look more appealing. The result is that they likely have a similar or complementary finish to the walls or floor. In addition, built-in benches make the whole shower unit look cohesive and elegant, unlike fold-on benches that appear tacked on afterward. You can learn more about the different design ideas for luxury walk-in showers. 

Shower enclosures for walk-ins are designed with sleek lines and come in minimalist styles, which give them a more luxurious appearance. You can easily enhance your home's appearance with these enclosures. There is almost always a kitchen and a bathroom in every home and they are two of the most important rooms. When installing a comfortable, high-end walk-in enclosure, you won't just impress your guests, but prospective buyers should you decide to sell your home.

4. Suits Modern or Contemporary Design

The design of walk-in showers aims to achieve a seamless transition and a continuous appearance. While its streamlined design perfectly matches modern and contemporary homes, it can also blend into traditional designs. Additionally, walk-in showers often feature transparent elements such as a frameless or seamless door to create a continuous structure that won't compete with other decors.

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5. Encourages Customized Designs

Each walk-in shower is custom-designed to meet the individual's needs. Depending on its shape and size, you can have a custom shower fitted for your existing bathroom space. Moreover, a built-in shower is known for its versatility as well. The aesthetics of a built-in shower are endless, as it can be finished with countless materials and adorned with numerous accessories. 

Vanity units for the bathroom can be designed to accommodate virtually any fixture, and layout or configuration options are available depending on the open space. For example, in a large enough area, homeowners can build a walk-in shower with a separate tub, storage, and seating.

6. Convenient in Every Aspect

People prefer to take showers rather than take baths in tubs for the simple reason that it is quicker and more convenient. This is especially useful in the morning when you do not have too much time before heading to work. 

Also, it's a highly straightforward design – you can walk up to the shower and enjoy the bath instantly. In addition, you won't have to walk from one area to another if you have a built-in shower, vanity, or sink, all of which will be located in one area, thereby minimizing the distance you need to travel.

7. A Sensible Investment

It is the ideal choice for those who have no immediate concerns about their bathrooms' safety but are interested in investing in the future. It is elegant and discreet and can be used whenever you need it. Furthermore, all walk-in showers are backed by a product warranty lasting up to 15 years.

8. Saves Enough Space

Built-in shower enclosures are a stylish way to make your bathroom appear larger. The elimination of a bulky, cluttered shower cubicle will help you save room for high shower trays and shower doors. This is a great option, especially for narrow bathrooms with comparatively low ceilings.

In addition to being a functional solution, a bench can also be used to store your products. So you will no longer have to remember to grab your shampoo from the cupboard or try to reach for it from a difficult location. The most frequently used products will always be in a convenient location. The walk-in shower bench is large enough for both of you, so you won't take up the whole space. 

If you use a walk-in enclosure with a tiled surface, your bathroom will be more versatile, since you won't need to worry about fixed trays. Even awkward layouts in small bathrooms can be fitted and used to your advantage with walk-in enclosures.

Walk-in tile shower with fold-down seat

Final Thoughts

A built-in bench creates a seamless curb that projects from the wall, making it the easiest type of shower seating to clean. The built-in seat is angled to allow proper drainage, allowing easy cleaning. Especially when you consider trying to reach the grooves behind fold-down seats or bending low to clean beneath the floating bench, use the appropriate cleaning gear and a sponge so you can experience how easy it is to clean a built-in shower bench and the beauty of articulately placed tiles and mosaic accents.

Built-in showers are probably the easiest-to-access showers that several companies conveniently offer today. These showers are designed specifically for the elderly or those with limited mobility. These products each have their own distinct characteristics; all of them are designed to eliminate the difficulties associated with getting into or out of a conventional bath or shower. People who are aged prefer walk-in showers more and more, especially those who are disabled. Investing in a walk-in shower with a bench is both practically beneficial and stylish. Sit down in this seat and take a few minutes to unwind. 

For people who are less abled, a walk-in shower provides complete safety and the option of independently using it. Unlike conventional showers, walk-in showers are low-level and allow the user to enter and exit easily, without high steps or excessive movement.

Pair your shower with some of the more exciting must-have bath accessories for seniors, and you'll be well on your way to creating an oasis right in your own home!

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