What To Look For in the Perfect Sleep Chair for You

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Modern technology has brought many advancements for all populations, including senior citizens. Many assistive devices ease the aging process, ensure safety, and allow individuals to remain independent. These assistive devices vary greatly and help with mobility, sleeping, eating, bathing, and more. These basic tasks could easily become very difficult and even dangerous without them.

Bed rails and sleeping chairs are popular and valuable for senior citizens when it comes to sleeping. They allow those with limited mobility to have peace of mind and rest comfortably, providing a good night’s sleep. Sleep chairs are not only a comfortable product. They are also extremely useful for health, safety, and practicality. For some individuals, reclining chairs are a place to relax and a better option for sleeping than a traditional bed.

Some products are better for certain people than others when looking at sleep chairs. Knowing what you need in a sleep chair can help ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. So, what features should you look for in a sleep chair? What makes a sleep chair the perfect sleep chair for you? We’ll go over all the basics and discuss our top three sleep chair picks to help you make an informed decision before committing to a specific product.

Sleep Chair Benefits

Many diverse members of society use reclining chairs. They are known for lounging around and resting while comfortably enjoying television shows or a book. In addition to relaxation, recliners make great sleep chairs. The perfect sleep chair has health and mobility benefits, especially for seniors. The right sleep chair can help you combat various health conditions, keep you safe, and improve your sleep quality.

One of the most common reasons individuals purchase a sleep chair is that it can alleviate back pain, which a large portion of the population experiences. In addition, sleep chairs can improve blood circulation and even increase productivity. The perfect sleep chair can help you get more done during the day, improving your sleep. Some more severe health conditions that a sleep chair can assist with include acid reflux, sleep apnea, heartburn, etc.

Many individuals face mobility issues, whether from age, medical conditions, or even recovering from injuries or surgery. Sleep chairs also come in handy for individuals coping with these mobility needs. Many sleep chairs include special features that assist with comfort, mobility, and independence.

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Types of Sleep Chairs

Sleep chairs are a type of recliner chair as they allow the user to recline the back of the chair, unlike a traditional chair. The sitting position becomes more comfortable, and you can even use them for sleeping.

While “recliner” is a general term for all chairs that recline for resting, sleep chairs take this a bit further. Sleep chairs often recline much farther than traditional recliners. In addition, they typically have a footrest that will become engaged when reclined. It allows the user to become almost horizontal when reclining, creating optimal sleep.

Some sleep chairs, explicitly known as lift chairs, take these features to the next level. A lift chair is ideal for individuals with mobility limitations who need some extra assistance when getting in or out of their chairs. A lift chair has the same features that focus on comfort as a typical recliner or sleep chair. In addition, they also offer a sit-to-stand function. This function allows the chair to lean forward while moving upward, mimicking the sit-to-stand hip movement. Users can easily go from sitting to standing without putting excessive stress or pressure on their bodies.

Lift chairs are an ideal assistive device for seniors or other individuals with mobility issues. They function as both a comfortable place for sitting or sleeping and a form of mobility assistance, allowing individuals to maintain their independence safely.

What to Look For in the Perfect Sleep Chair for You

Finding the perfect sleep chair can seem like quite the challenge. Products are abundant on the market today, and learning which one is the perfect sleep chair will take some time and research. Knowing the features, you need in a sleep chair can help you choose the best one for you. We’ll look at all of the product components you should watch during sleep chair shopping.

Chair Size

One of the most important things to consider when searching for the perfect sleep chair is the chair size. No one wants a chair that is too large for the area where they plan to put it. In addition, having too small of a chair for a taller individual will prevent ultimate comfort. When shopping for a sleep chair, keep in mind how tall and wide the chair is. Consider measuring the area that you plan to keep the sleep chair to help you narrow down which sleep chair is best for you.

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No sleep chair is complete without stable reclining abilities. Many sleep chairs will have two different reclining settings: one for lying down completely and one for reclining while sitting. The lay-down recline is ideal for sleep times, while the sitting recline allows individuals to watch TV, eat, or do other activities in a comfortable position. When shopping for the perfect sleep chair, be sure that it has the reclining function and options.

Lifting Function

While sleep chairs are used primarily for sleep, they can assist with mobility limitations, as discussed earlier. If this is one of your needs, purchase a sleep chair with a lifting function. This function allows the chair to lean upward and forward, making it easier to maneuver. If you are looking for a sleep chair that you can easily use independently and safely, be sure that it features a lifting ability.

Massage Function

Aches and pains are a part of life, and they can increase as we grow older. Many seniors love sleep chairs with a massage function for this reason. A sleep chair that can also massage alleviates back pain, increases blood help flow, and help you live a more comfortable life. Many sleep chairs have various massage settings to accurately pinpoint the areas of your body that need this feature. Consider adding the massage function to your list of sleep chair must-have features.

Heating Function

In addition to massage, the perfect sleep chair will have a heating ability for many. This heating ability can help to soothe muscles and other aches and pains that you may be experiencing. Lumbar heating is good for back pain and can allow you some relief while resting in your sleep chair.

Heated Sleep Chairs We Love

  1. Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner Faux Leather Heated Vibration Massage Sofa

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  2. Power Lift Recliner Chair PU Leather

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  3. Longstreet Rocker Recliner with Massage

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Extra Storage

Along with comfort, functionality is a key to the perfect sleep chair. One factor of functionality is storage and ease of use. Having ample storage means that you won’t have to get in and out of your chair to reach your belongings. Storage pouches or pockets attached to a sleep chair allow you to keep many important items right by your side. Reach into the pocket and find what you’re looking for without needing to leave your chair.

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USB Ports

Sometimes, placing a sleep chair close enough to a power outlet to charge your phone or tablet may not be possible. It shouldn’t force you to go with a dead battery, as the perfect sleep chair should include USB charging ports. These USB charging ports allow you to connect an abundance of different chargers easily, so you can power up your devices without leaving the comfort of your chair. With USB ports, you’ll even be able to watch shows or read digital books in your sleep chair while charging simultaneously.


As stated before, functionality is essential for the perfect sleep chair. One component of functionality to keep an eye out for is cupholders. Cupholders allow you to safely store your beverage while sitting in your chair without worrying about spills or messes. They also eliminate the need to reach over and place your drink on a nearby table, allowing you to relax comfortably while staying hydrated.

Remote Control

Those with limited mobility love the lifting function offered by some sleep chairs. The perfect sleep chair will include a remote control. This remote control allows users to easily get in and out of their chairs with the push of a button. Typically, a remote control will allow you to recline your sleep chair with little to no effort. Some remote controls may even activate additional features, such as heat and massage functions.

Comfortable Backrest Cushions

Comfort is the ultimate goal of any individual who purchases a sleeper chair. Because of this, your sleep chair must have comfortable backrest cushions. Comfortable backrest cushions are often overstuffed and feature built-in springs. These design components ensure that your sleep chair is supportive yet comfortable for lying and sitting. If you hunt for the perfect sleep chair, be sure that the one you choose has comfort in mind.

Our Top Sleep Chair Picks

While you may know what sleep chair features you need, narrowing down the best product to purchase can be difficult. Browsing through endless sleep chair options can be time-consuming, so we’ve compiled our top three sleep chair purchases. All options have top-of-the-line features, so expect satisfaction with your purchase.

Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

by Mcombo 

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02/19/2024 01:41 am GMT

Mcombo Leather Electric Power Lift Recliner

One of our top sleep chair picks is the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner for various reasons. This chair functionally combines innovation and reliability with a variety of different features. This Mcombo chair has a power lift function, assisting with sit-to-stand movements and making it ideal for senior citizens and others with limited mobility. You can use this chair to lie down, recline while sitting, and lean forward to stand in three positions. For optimal comfort, this product features eight vibrating nodes for massaging and lumbar heating. You can control all of these features through an easy-to-use remote control. Both massage and heat features can set for fixed time limits of ten, twenty, and thirty minutes.

Storage and functionality capabilities are another reason this specific product made our list. You’ll never have to worry about accidental spills when drinking a beverage while relaxing in your chair with two cupholders. In addition, this Mcombo sleep chair has two storage pockets that allow you to keep all of your belongings nearby and two USB charging ports. With a faux leather design, the Mcombo sleep chair is sleek and easy to clean, giving you the best looks and convenience.

No tools are needed to assemble the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner, which can be assembled entirely in less than fifteen minutes with no tools required. This product has a 320-pound weight capacity, making it ideal for all different types of users. With a counter-balanced lift mechanism, you can always rely on the stability of this sleep chair. If you are looking for the perfect sleep chair, consider adding this product to your list.

Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner for Elderly

by Esright 

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02/18/2024 05:53 am GMT

Esright Electric Power Lift Chair

In addition to the Mcombo first mentioned, the Esright Electric Power Lift Chair is another great contender for the perfect sleep chair. With a durable and steady metal frame, you’ll never have to worry about the reliability of this product. One of the features that sets this product apart from others is the silent motor, which minimizes sound during transitions from lying, sitting, or standing. In addition, this product has an ergonomic reclining degree, which allows for the best support and health preventative measures.

Additional features include storage pouches found in front of the armrest and on the side of the chair, which allow you to keep belongings nearby. There is also a cupholder for any drinks.

Comfort is first and foremost with this product, which is why it comes equipped with an entire sponge backrest and padded cushions, ensuring that you are fully supported and able to rest during use. When hunting for the perfect sleep chair, consider adding the Esright Electric Power Lift Chair to your list.

Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat

by Mcombo 

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Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

For those who love the Mcombo recliner’s features but prefer not to have a leather chair, this product may be the one for you. The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair also comes in a dark brown fabric, ideal for different climates. This chair still features all of the great aspects of a sleep chair, including three different reclining positions and a remote to control your chair for assisted mobility easily. In addition, this product features two cupholders, two storage pockets on the side of the chair, and two USB charging ports.

One excellent comfort feature of this product is the overstuffed armrests, which allow for optimal comfort. With a TUV certified actuator and lower noise, you won’t have to worry about your chair being excessively loud when transitioning from sitting, standing, or lying. A quieter motor also increases the lifespan of this chair, so you can benefit from it for years to come. With a weight capacity of 320 pounds, the Mcombo sleep chair is the perfect sleep chair for most body types. We recommend looking at this product when deciding which sleep chair is best for you.

Wrapping Up

Knowing what to look for in an assistive device, such as a sleep chair, can be difficult. With so many products on the market, finding the best sleep chair for you can be time-consuming and challenging. When shopping for the perfect sleep chair, there are some ideal features to keep in mind, including massage functions, heating, lifting abilities, storage, and more. Having the features you need will help ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. You should consider the fabric, as some chairs come in leather, and various individuals may prefer a different chair made of a different material.

We have compiled a list of our top three sleep chairs based on their functionality, reliability, and all the features they offer. These product picks can help you narrow down this expansive market and get you into a sleep chair that you love in no time. With the proper research and product, you will be happy with all that your sleep chair has to offer. Not only will you benefit from the comfort of these products, but also from how they can enhance your health and everyday life. Once you find the right sleep chair, you’re sure never to look back. 

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