What To Look For in Electric Recliner Chairs

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It may be challenging to do everyday tasks when you have restricted mobility or health concerns. Even simple tasks like getting up to make a cup of tea, for example, might become difficult. An elevated lift chair is meant to assist individuals in transitioning from one sitting position to another while avoiding unnecessary effort or the danger of injury.

In addition to providing therapeutic advantages for persons suffering from aching joints, back discomfort, and a variety of other diseases, recliners may also be used to relax the body.

Some factors to consider before purchasing a lift chair and recline chair are detailed in this article.

What is an Electric Recliner Chair, Anyway?

An electric recliner chair might be confusing, and it’s simple to get confused. Lift chairs, electric lifts, and power recliners for the elderly are just a few of the titles given to this kind of chair.

These words are used to describe a chair driven by a low-voltage motor that allows it to be adjusted to the optimal positions for those with limited mobility. In other words, you may adjust the position of your chair from a reclining position to a completely raised posture based on your tastes and requirements at the time.

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What Are the Advantages of an Electric Recliner Chair?

An electric reclining chair is ideal for those who have difficulty moving about independently. These chairs are beneficial for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or getting back up after sitting down.

An electric reclining chair rises and tilts to assist users in getting into and out of a sitting position. Your knees and hips will be relieved of any tension as a result of these mild chair motions. A reclining position is also available for complete relaxation or a restful night’s sleep on these seats. Furthermore, by reducing the tension on the body, an electric recliner chair may aid in the recovery of persons who’ve been involved in accidents, surgeries, or diseases. Finally, these chairs have the potential to enable individuals to assist themselves and maintain their independence.

Exceptional comfort and greater adaptability in addressing the individualized requirements of users are provided by electric reclining chairs, which are exceptionally user-friendly for persons of all ages.

Choosing an Electric Recliner Chair

independent living specialists offer an extensive selection of electric reclining chairs, including high-end models and more reasonably priced alternatives. Purchasing a chair is an investment, and you must make the best decision possible when making your choice of chair. When choosing an electric reclining chair, there are a lot of key elements to take into consideration.


Yes, the majority of electric reclining chairs are, indeed, rather enormous. However, some of these seats are far bigger than others.

Some electric reclining chairs are specifically built for those small and slim in stature. Other lift chairs are available for those who are taller or heavier. It might be difficult to feel comfortable on a chair that isn’t large enough for your body type. Before buying an electric reclining chair, it’s critical to do thorough research about the chair‘s dimensions.


Because all recliners move at different speeds, it’s important to evaluate the pace at which a chair goes through each position.

Some chairs may have a recline that’s much too sluggish and will become irritating to you over time. On the other hand, other chairs may be too quick to go into a standing lift position – your safety should always be your priority.


Given the length of time many people spend in their favorite chair, comfort is a feature that should be prioritized when designing a chair. Each individual is unique, so although many people may proclaim a chair to be the most comfortable chair on the planet, you may not feel the same way. When it comes to your electric recliner chair, the only thing that counts is your preference for comfort.


When selecting the ideal weight for your electric reclining chair, you’ll have to make a difficult decision. You’ll want your chair to be substantial enough to be sturdy and withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily usage. Consequently, it must be able to manage your requests without failing in the process.

A chair that’s too heavy to move should be avoided at all costs when repositioning a chair in an awkward location. While it’s rare that you would need to relocate your electric reclining chair regularly, the chair must be portable enough to be transferred when necessary.

Remote Control

Remote control will be included with the Remote Electric recliners. The arrangement should be straightforward, with buttons that are light to the touch and can be used to regulate all of the chair‘s many configurations.

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Electric recliner remote control

Batteries as a Backup

Fortunately, most electric recliners are equipped with backup batteries that enable the chair to be moved into a comfortable sitting position in the uncommon event that the power goes out completely. Models such as Topform’s Ashley series employ two 9V batteries to provide you with 1-2 emergency uses per battery charge. The batteries should be changed periodically, just as you would replace the ones in your smoke detector. 


When purchasing a new piece of furniture, one of the negative aspects is that it’ll need assembly when you get it home. The difficulty associated with various electric reclining chairs varies from model to model. Make careful to factor in the time necessary for assembly when choosing between different chair types.


Electric recliner chairs are available in several different materials. And each of these materials has a unique set of qualities that relate to comfort, feel, and durability, among other things. Faux Leather, polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool are the most often used materials. Select a chair made of the most appropriate material for your requirements.

Take Into Consideration Your Available Space

When selecting the appropriate reclining chair, it’s important to consider the available space.

Before you walk down to your local furniture outlet, take the time to evaluate the size and characteristics of the space in which your new chair will be situated before making your purchase decision.

Consider Where the Recliner Will Go

Will it be a family room where everyone congregates to watch television, or will it be an adults-only space where adults may read and entertain guests? Will it include a fireplace? Is it going to be used as a den, an office, or are you thinking about using it as a nursery?

As soon as you have the answers to these questions, you can start thinking about where you want the chair to be placed in your room. If you want to learn more about how to arrange your furniture, check out our blog post on furniture arrangement.

Woman enjoying her electronic recliner.

Room Measurement

You’ll need to take some measurements of your space. Make sure to take into consideration any windows, entrances, or fireplaces. The only way to be sure that your chair will fit is to measure it.

When shopping at a furniture store, it’s possible to be deceived. As a general rule, showrooms are substantially bigger places than your living room and family room. The products that seem to be the perfect fit at the shop may be too big for your living space. If you haven’t considered the flow of the room and any other space needs you may have, just measuring the room’s dimensions may not be sufficient.

It’s critical to measure your area to ensure that your furniture will fit and determine the path your furniture will take to reach your room after it has been delivered.

Bringing your measurements with you to the shop will allow the salesman to assist you in finding a suitable chair for you and your space. Making a drawing of your area and/or taking images of your space will benefit this process.

Take Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is also true when it comes to shopping for furniture. Many individuals in today’s society have access to a smartphone. Using a smartphone to take a few short photos of your area before you go shopping may be beneficial in understanding the arrangement of your space.

There’s also other third-party space planning software available. This software, which can be downloaded on your mobile phone, will provide you with a sneak peek of how your furniture will seem in your house.

Other Important Home Considerations:

In the room, what color are the walls and ceiling? Do you have any plans to paint? If you bring a sample of the paint color to the shop, it will be easier to match the chair textiles.

Is there any natural light coming into the space from windows and doors? A chair may be placed in front of the window as long as it doesn’t obstruct the view from outside.

What furniture will remain in the room, and what furniture will be replaced? Is your existing furniture going to work with your new chair?

How many different kinds of flooring are there in the room? What do you prefer: tile or scratch-resistant? Make sure that you use felt pads to preserve your hardwood flooring.

You may need the services of an interior designer if your project development is enormous and you’re contemplating remodeling the whole space.

Single or Multiple Motors

The majority of electric recliner chairs are divided into two categories: those with a single motor and those with two motors. Using a single motor, the reclining back function, as well as the front leg rest platform, are both controlled by the same motor. This indicates that both parts are active at the same time and that there’s a limited number of position combinations available. Those equipped with dual motors, on the other hand, employ two electric motors: one to move them back and another separate motor to operate the leg rest. This means that you may customize your back and leg positions to your liking, increasing your comfort level to the max.

Dual motor recliners are a bit more costly than single motor recliners, but what can put a figure on comfort, right? It all comes down to your budget and requirements: a twin-motor electric recliner is the logical option if you have more money to invest in your comfort.

What’s the Average Price of a Recliner?

A variety of variables influences the price of a chair. Quality, personalization, and updates are just a few of the benefits. Consider how often your chair will be utilized as well as what role it’ll serve when making your selection.

Quality furniture is vital if you want to use it daily since it’ll become a permanent fixture in your house. You’ll want to know things like what materials the manufacturer employs in the building of the chair and what features it offers, such as choices and textiles that are available.

It will also give you a sense of what your post-purchase protection will look like. This is also a good spot to ask further questions about how your potential furniture manufacturer will be able to deliver on those services.


An electric chair‘s heat and massage function has to be one of the most popular added options on an electric recliner. Those who suffer from poor circulation and are prone to feeling the cold, as well as those who have muscular or spinal disorders, may find that a massage function is beneficial in keeping blood flowing. At the same time, a heated seat may assist in relaxing muscles and keeping you warmer and more comfortable.

Electric recliners with swivel capabilities are also available, which might be beneficial if you want to turn to watch television or converse with visitors but don’t want to bother with repositioning your chair. Some may even include upgrades like a cup holder, power headrest, or an assist to help move to a standing position from a seated position.

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Additional Extras You Need to Look Out For

When purchasing a new electric recliner chair, it’s important to consider the following factors: practicality, style, and comfort. Otherwise, you might wind up spending valuable time and money on a chair that doesn’t look or feel suitable for you in the first place.

To avoid such a catastrophe, we’ll be providing you with four additional important considerations when selecting the appropriate electric recliner chair appearance for your living area.

1. Is it Better to Have a Light or Dark Electric Recliner Chair?

The following considerations should be taken when picking a color for your new electric reclining chair:

Dark electric recliner chairs provide a sense of coziness to whatever space they’re placed in. Pet owners (or those with naughty grandkids! ) are also much simpler to conceal dirt, allowing them to seem as good as new for a much longer period of time.

Lighter-colored electric recliner chairs are ideal for individuals who desire a more contemporary appearance. Light recliners are easy to incorporate into most room designs, but they’re susceptible to discoloration and damage. Choosing washable arm coverings is a fashionable compromise that’ll keep your chair appearing fresh for a more extended period.

2. Do You Like a Patterned or a Plain Electric Reclining Chair?

Personal preference has a significant role in this decision. Our vast choice of fabrics, patterns, and colors are available in both plain and patterned designs, and all correspond to BS 5852, the most stringent regulatory rule in the world for fire resistance.

We have a large selection of fabrics in store so that we can react swiftly to specific tastes– or we can upholster your chair and matching couch or accessories in a fabric of your choosing.

During your in-home demonstration, our adviser will be able to assist you in determining which fabric samples will best complement your décor.

3. Is it Better to Have a Leather or Fabric Electric Recliner Chair?

Is there a considerable debate on whether you should choose leather or fabric for your chair? If you’re having trouble deciding between leather and a fabric electric recliner chair, the following suggestions may be of assistance:

Chairs With Motorized Recliners in Leather

  • Practical and long-lasting
  • The material is water-resistant, making it simple to wash away stains or spills
  • A style that stands the test of time: This piece gives your living space a sleek and elegant appearance
  • Hypoallergenic: This is an excellent choice for persons who suffer from allergies.


Source: Amazon.com

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Electric Recliner Chairs Made of Fabric

  • Comfortable: Fabric is often softer and warmer to sit on than leather; however, this varies according to the season
  • Design options: To fit your present décor, there are hundreds of different colors and designs to pick from
  • Cost: Fabric electric recliner chairs are often less expensive than leather chairs, making them an excellent choice if you’re on a tighter budget
  • For folks who have dogs prone to scratching their furniture, fabric is a better option than leather or suede

4. Final Touches and Decorations

Don’t forget that you’re going to use your new electric recliner daily, so think about how you’ll use it regularly as well. At The Recliner Factory, you can customize your electric riser recliner experience by adding one or more of our convenient accessories. These extras may elevate your degree of comfort and relaxation to a whole new level! Have fun choosing the perfect electric reclining chair for you and your needs!

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