What To Look For in an Upright Walker

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Many people will use a mobility aid at least once in their life. You need the proper health care tools and resources to remain mobile and independent. As you enter your golden years, you must address many areas of need, such as transportation, mobility, and more. The effects of reduced mobility can manifest in many ways. Thankfully, various products on the market can help make your life easier.

If you are shopping for a family member, knowing what to look for in various products can be hard. All products offer different features than others, and some are higher quality or more ideal for specific individuals. Working with your family member and medical professionals to identify features they will benefit from is a great way to narrow down options, but deciding on the best one may seem daunting. So, how can you differentiate which product is the best one to buy?

Knowing what to look for in an upright walker can seem complicated. Knowing what sets certain products apart from the rest is a good idea, with many options on the market. We'll go over all of the basics and some products that we think are best to rely on within your home or family.

What To Look For in an Upright Walker

There are a lot of different features that an upright walker can offer, and knowing which one works best for you will ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. While everyone is different, there are some features that you should focus on when choosing the upright walker that you will be purchasing. Finding the right senior walker will ensure that mobility is always the priority. Here are some upright walker features you should consider.

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The most important use of an upright walker is mobility. Having a walker that is difficult to control and maneuver will essentially defeat the purpose of owning and using one in the first place. If you are constantly fighting with your upright walker and struggling to get it where you need it to go, it will be more of a hassle than a help.

Many things go into upright walker maneuverability. When purchasing your walker, keep an eye out for the features listed below, which will help ensure your walker is easy to move and a breeze to use.

Rolling Walker

When purchasing an upright walker, be sure that it is a rolling walker. Some walkers only have two wheels, or even no wheels, which can be challenging to maneuver. While they provide support, balance can be affected by trying to move a walker without wheels.

All upright walkers should have a rear wheelset, which allows for easy rolling along the floor. It makes using the walker a seamless and easy motion and provides high accessibility. Many walkers now have larger wheels, making them flow better when pushed and less finicky.

Lightweight Walker

One of the most important parts of maneuverability in a senior walker is weight. Heavy upright walkers can be a chore to move with and difficult to steer. Because of this, look for a lightweight walker. Doing so will ensure that whoever uses the walker can do so easily and without strain. Lightweight walkers can easily be lifted during transportation and turned when changing directions. When purchasing an upright walker online, be sure to check the product's weight before ordering. Many weigh as little as 20 pounds, allowing almost anyone to carry and move them when not in use easily.

Padded Armrest

Aside from maneuverability, there are many other features to watch for when deciding which senior walker to purchase. Upright walkers allow accessibility by evenly distributing weight. They provide balance assistance and prevent aches and pains that can come with being mobile and active. A padded armrest is one very important thing to look out for when choosing a senior walker. A padded armrest will provide comfort and ample support and prevent pain associated with using an unpadded armrest, especially during long periods of use.


A seat is a vital part of any upright walker. Without a seat, you will not be getting the most out of your rolling walker. One of the best things about having a seat on your walker is the ability to rest when needed. When purchasing an upright walker with a seat, consider looking for a padded seat. It will allow for a comfortable time when using this feature. Folding seats are ideal as well, as you can stow them out of the way when not in use so that they won't limit ability. When purchasing an upright walker, consider the seat feature and how they differ along with the overall benefit of the rolling walker. Having a comfortable seat is something that you should never overlook.

Seat Width

Thanks to their diverse usage, upright walkers are so well-loved by many different people. Most upright walkers will come with a seat for resting, holding items, and more. When choosing an upright walker, pay attention to seat width. Having a seat that is wide enough to sit on comfortably is necessary. We recommend a seat at least ten inches wide for optimal comfort. A too-small seat in depth can even be difficult to rest on and may be hazardous to use.

Loop Hand Brakes

One essential feature in an upright walker is loop hand brakes. Going down sloped surfaces is almost inevitable, and having a way to control your upright walker's speed easily is essential. Without brakes, you may struggle to keep hold of your walker when going down a driveway or other sloped surface.

Loop hand brakes are easy to use and can ensure that any walker user is safe. They are conveniently located at the end of padded armrests, ready to be used at a moment's notice. Without a hand brake, you may be at risk for a sticky situation. To ensure ultimate mobility and independence, look for an upright walker with loop hand brakes for your next purchase.

Compact Design

While mobility and comfortability of your upright walker are essential, so is being able to transport it from one place to another easily. Most people will take their upright walker onto a plane or car ride with them when they travel. To do so, be sure that the upright walker that you purchase has a compact design. Upright walkers should be able to fold into a smaller form and easily fit into tight spaces when not in use. The last thing anyone wants is to struggle with or even leave behind their walker when traveling. You will never have to worry about transporting your upright walker with a compact design.

Cane Holder

One great feature that many upright walkers offer is a cane holder. Many adults use more than one mobility product, and which one they use can depend on the situation. Having more than one option can be very beneficial when out and about. Because of this, consider looking for a cane holder feature when purchasing an upright walker. It will allow you to keep your cane on you if you need it without trying to find a way to secure it for travel easily.

Weight Capacity

Some upright walkers have a higher weight capacity than others. When shopping for an upright walker, be sure that the weight capacity is relatively high. Having an upright walker that can handle the weight capacity of your body and additional items is vital. It will allow you to easily carry personal items with you on your upright walker rather than needing to hold them a different way. A high weight capacity makes your upright walker much more versatile and useful than mobility abilities.

Compact Storage Areas

Finding the best upright walker can seem like a challenge: the more features, the better. One great thing that many upright walkers offer is the ability to store items easily. Compact storage areas allow you to easily carry groceries, personal items, and other belongings that you may need when using your upright walker. Many compact storage areas may even be removable, making it easy to load and unload your belongings into your upright walker before and after using it for an outing.

Adjustable Handles

Comfort is the most crucial part of finding the right upright walker. One feature that can provide additional comfort is adjustable handles. These handles can be moved to the sides or farther away to allow different resting positions. Having adjustable handles makes a rolling walker ideal for all different types of people and positions during use. You can obtain the most comfortable and natural holding position with customized angles and length.

Customized Fit

People come in different shapes and sizes, meaning that rolling walkers should too. The last thing anyone wants is to purchase an upright walker that is the wrong size for them. Returning and waiting for the correct size walker can be quite a headache.

To avoid this, be sure that your walker has a customized fit. It can be adjusted to different heights when standing and sitting. Adjusting your walker to your ideal height will ensure that it is comfortable and easy to use, whether you are standing or sitting.

Upright Walker vs. Standard Walker

Most people will need some form of mobility aid at least once. It can be for various needs, and knowing the best mobility aid for you can truly make your life easier. While many are familiar with the standard walker, they may not understand the difference between a standard walker and a rolling walker. While these mobility aids serve the same purpose, they have some major differences that are important to note.

Standard walkers are solid metal frames with handles you must lift with each step. Some standard walkers may have two wheels, though most don't have any wheels. Because of this, they can be more tedious and less stable to use.

Upright walkers are also used for mobility and stability as a standard walker is, though they make the process more accessible and seamless. Upright walkers have four wheels and are pushed by the user instead of lifted. Because of this, they can be at a much faster walking rate and prove to be more efficient than standard walkers. Because of their seat and wheels, you can use them to push the user while they sit, making them a multiple-use mobility aid.

One of the most significant downsides to using a standard walker is that it can aggravate back and neck pain. While these lightweight walkers must be lifted between each step, making them more challenging to use. Standard walkers take longer to get to your destination, so many users prefer upright walkers over standard walkers.

Braking systems provide extra stability and ease when out and about. With wheels that can easily turn and maneuver, upright walkers provide extra accessibility compared to standard walkers.

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Upright Walker Recommendations

With so many upright walkers on the market today, narrowing down which is best for you can be difficult. Some brands are more reliable and of higher quality than others, and some offer diverse and new features to enjoy. Here are some of the upright walkers at the top of our list.

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Elenker Upright Walker

One of the most popular walkers is the Elenker Upright Walker, with good reason. These walkers offer many of the features you should be looking for and can be found at a reasonable price. They are sleek in design, making the perfect cross between practicability and accessibility.

Elenker Upright Walkers only weigh 22 pounds, making them the ideal lightweight walker. They are easy to travel with, and you can adjust them to various heights and seat levels. This walker can easily be assembled with no tools and is a compact size for easy storage.

The Elenker Walker seat is comfortable to rest on, with a wide backrest for additional support. It offers a detachable storage bag and cane storage to keep your hands free and bring your belongings with you. One of the best parts about the Elenker Upright Walker is the soft padded armrests that keep your forearms at a natural level, improving posture and reducing pain and stress within your shoulders and back.

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Beyour Upright Walker

Along with the Elenker Upright Walker, the Beyour Upright Walker is another great option. This walker offers many features to benefit from, including large front wheels for smooth rolling both indoors and outdoors. When not in use, you can easily fold the Beyour Upright Walker with one hand for easy storage and transportation.

With a detachable storage bag and cane holder, you can easily keep all your belongings. Since comfort is the primary concern, Beyour Upright Walkers have adjustable hand bars that fit most people perfectly. In addition, various holding angles allow for more comfort and natural posture.

Beyour Upright Walkers have a large seat for optimal comfort when resting. They also weigh 22 pounds, making for lightweight and easy usage compared to other brands. With armrests between 38 and 45 inches, this upright walker allowed for healthy posture and minimized neck and back pain.

Wrapping Up

Mobility aids can come in handy for various people and needs. While standard walkers are well-known, upright walkers have taken accessibility and comfort to the next level. They focus on ease and practicability through their design based on mobility and abundant valuable features.

When looking for an upright walker, there are many things to consider. One of the most important things needed is maneuverability. Upright walkers should have four wheels and be lightweight, allowing them to be easily turned and pushed. Padded armrests, a padded seat, and adjustable handles are a must for comfort. These will enable you to be as comfortable as possible when using your upright walker.

Storage is another vital component of an upright walker. Consider buying an upright walker with additional storage and even a cane holder for your belongings. Finding an upright walker with a compact foldable design will ensure that you can easily store or travel with your walker when not in use.

While finding the right upright walker may seem hard, you can easily find the one best suited for you with the proper knowledge. Once purchased, you are sure to be satisfied with the ease and stability of a rolling walker compared to other types of mobility aids.

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