Top Oil Heaters To Keep You Warm

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Looking for heating appliances can be rather exhausting when there are so many different types of gadgets to pick from! Oil heaters are an unexpectedly good option when it comes to selecting a heating appliance to keep you warm. With oil being such a contentious topic, it’s almost comical how practical oil heaters are as a home heating choice. So, what are the essential facts about oil heaters? Here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Are Oil Heaters?

As the temperature drops, your natural gas or electricity bill will rise. So, it’s crucial to keep those bills under control while avoiding the icy, freezing weather. Oil filled electric heaters can provide you with the comfort and warmth you want without raising your power expenses too much.

Oil-filled radiators’ appeal stems primarily from their cost, single-zone heating, and ease of use. An oil filled radiator resembles an old-fashioned radiator but is much smaller. They are made up of a series of connected columns or fins, sometimes with open spaces between them, that are attached at the base and have a control panel in front of them.

Oil filled radiators, unlike regular radiators, are quite movable. They connect to your home’s electricity using a standard wall connector, allowing them to be relocated practically anywhere. Most types carry handles, and the more significant variants have wheels for convenient movement.

The heater’s body and fins are filled with diathermic oil. The most often asked question about oil-filled heaters is if the user would have to refill the oil, but no, you don’t have to refill the oil in an oil-filled radiator. Because the oil is not used as a fuel but rather as a heat reservoir, it never runs out. Instead, it just circulates through the heater for the duration of your use.

Buying the Best Oil Heater

It would be best if you looked past the initial cost for the best oil heaters. On the surface, a low-cost oil heater may appear to be a fantastic deal, but sadly, low-cost items always cost more in the long term.

When buying an oil heater, the size of the radiator, the safety features, and the heat output are the most important but not the only aspects to consider.


Because larger heaters take more energy, it’s best to settle with smaller heaters when they suffice. When shopping for your future heater, remember that larger oil heaters have more simple, reliable, and efficient designs, but smaller heaters have more complex features to stay efficient.

Output Heat

A large-output electric radiator with high energy requirements may be more efficient than one that uses less energy to produce less heat. In any case, ensure you pick a heater that isn’t inefficient. Set your heater on the lowest comfortable setting, especially if you have an oil filled radiator. Overheating is inefficient, costly, and potentially hazardous.

Safety Features

An oil filled electric radiator might develop problems over time, which is why some safety features are necessary to safeguard you in the event of a malfunction. The higher the number of safety features on a radiator, the better.

Energy-Saving Features

When choosing your model, look for accessible energy-saving features like remote control, timer, a thermostat, and programmability. A programmable heater, for example, will allow you to precisely manage the temperature, ensuring that your radiator does not consume more energy than it needs to.

Here is a list of the top oil heaters to keep you warm.

Pelonis pho15a2agb, Basic Electric Oil Filled Radiator, Black Space Heater, 26.10 X 14.20 X 11.00

If you’re looking for the best space heater, the Pelonis Basic Electric Oil Filled Radiator is a good pick. It is a silent and energy-saving choice for heating a room instead of turning on the furnace to warm the entire house.


Pelonis is a brand with unrivaled items in terms of design and quality. For example, the Pelonis oil filled radiator heater has three heat settings with corresponding LOW, MID, and HIGH options and a mechanical adjustable thermostat, allowing you to adapt your heating needs throughout the cold weather while saving electricity.

The oil filled radiator is big enough to heat a family room, a living room, a bedroom, or a basement. It also comes with four heavy-duty universal casters and a front carry handle to make moving your Pelonis space heater from room to room simple.

PHO15A2AGB Basic Electric Oil Filled Radiator


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PELONIS PHO15A2AGB  Basic Electric Oil Filled Radiator
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Space Heater, Kopbeau 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater With Digital Thermostat, 24 Hrs Timer & Remote, Portable Heater for Full Room Indoor

The Kopbeau Space Heater 1500W Oil Filled Radiator is one of the most efficient heaters on the market, with three different heating choices to achieve the ideal temperature based on the ambient temperature.


Aireplus is a small company that produces energy-efficient oil-filled radiators with an innovative design. You may select temperatures between 40 and 950F using the choices supplied by the Kopbeau space heater to achieve the required warmth. With this range, you can heat an area of 400 to 650 square feet.

A manual temperature adjustment capability in this electric heater is also available, which raises or lowers the temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the heater has an Eco mode that enables automated temperature adjustment, making your life even more accessible.

1500W Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater with Digital Thermostat

by KopBeau 

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Pelonis Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater With Safety Protection, Led Display, 3 Heat Settings, and Five Temperature Settings. Perfect for Home or Office

The Pelonis Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater can uniformly spread the heat around a room and maintain a stable temperature for hours.


PELONIS has everything from the most cutting-edge technology to the most practical home appliances. From 65°F to 85°F, you can adjust the temperature to suit your needs with the pelonis electric oil filled heater. The heater can efficiently provide heating regardless of the size of your room. In addition, it has a smart LED display that allows you to see and alter the settings quickly.

The electric oil filled radiator also has overheated auto anti-fall protection, preventing harm from high heat and an unintentional tumble. It has dimensions of 15.16 x 6.38 x 26.06 inches and weighs 16 pounds, making it a good size and weight.

Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Safety Protection


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Honeywell Hz-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater, Black, 24.45” H X 9.06” D X 13.74” W (HZ789)

The Honeywell Hz-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Radiator equipped with EnergySmart technology ensures that this heater is not only powerful but also energy efficient.


Honeywell is a well-known brand that produces a variety of household appliances with cutting-edge technology and advanced features. For example, the HZ-789 electric heater has three heat settings for creating the ideal room temperature for a warm and inviting environment. The Digital EasySet controls make the electric heater simple to operate.

A 1-12 hour timer and an adjustable thermostat are included in the controls. When the auto-off timer hits zero, the heater is turned off automatically. With multiple safety measures, this heater is one of the safest alternatives on the market. If the heater becomes too hot, the overheat protection shuts it down automatically.

HZ-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater

by Honeywell 

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De’Longhi, Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Oil-filled Radiator Space Heater, 14” W X 6” D X 25” H, Black

The De’Longhi Quiet 1500W Adjustable oil filled Radiator can effectively and efficiently heat any room in the house.


De’Longhi is a well-known brand that specializes in high-end kitchen and home equipment. The De’Longhi oil filled heater saves you money by automatically maintaining the ideal room temperature. To save the most energy, hit the Comfort Temp button. The heater generates the most radiant heat while maintaining a cool surface temperature. It’s one of the best oil filled space heaters available on the market.

Only De’Longhi offers SmartSnap pre-assembled wheels, which require no assembly and make moving from room to room very easy. The user-friendly control panel includes an adjustable thermostat and three heat levels to adapt to your heating needs. A softly rounded design and thermal cut-off provide added peace of mind.

Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

by DeLonghi

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De’Longhi Oil-filled Radiator Space Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Adjustable Thermostat 3 Heat Settings, Energy Saving, Safety Features, Light Gray, TRH0715

The De’Longhi Oil filled Radiator Space Heater is efficient and can warm up to 250 square feet of space.


De’Longhi is a well-known company that produces high-quality kitchen and home equipment. The De’Longhi Oil filled Space Heater has a revolutionary thermal slots design that reduces heat transfer while keeping the surface temperature low.

This oil filled space heater has a thermal cut-off and an anti-freeze mode that protects pipes from freezing. It will not need to be refilled in the future due to the permanently sealed oil reservoir. Its whisper-quiet operation offers a restful night’s sleep with no interruptions. It doesn’t take up much space, measuring 13.78 x 5.9 x 24.8 inches.

Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater | Full Room Quiet 1500W

by DeLonghi 

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Space Heater, Aikoper 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater With 3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Quiet Portable Heater With Tip-over & Overheating Functions for Home, Office, Black

The Aikoper Space Heater 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater is quite popular with users because of its efficiency. It is made up of six oil filled fins that serve as thermal conductors.


Aikoper is a less well-known brand on the market. Their products, on the other hand, are renowned for their features. For example, the Aikoper Space Heater heats the cold air and circulates it throughout the room using robust convection technology.

This radiant heater produces a lot of hot air at a low temperature on the surface. As a result, it’s suitable for both children and dogs. In addition, this radiant heater has overheating and tip-over protection. Furthermore, the ABS plastic utilized to make this heater is flame resistant. Finally, this heater is easy to use because it has two buttons.

1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater with 3 Heat Settings

by Aikoper

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Why Do You Need Oil Heaters?

Oil-filled space heaters are low-energy heaters. Their portable design not only gives you the freedom to direct extra heat where you need it, but their unique thermal qualities also make them a more reliable and efficient option than a traditional water heater, electric heater, gas heater, ceramic heater, or infrared heater.

An oil filled heater’s most significant benefit is its portability, which allows you to give extra heat to areas of your home where your furnace cannot. However, keeping a uniform temperature throughout your home is one of the disadvantages of central heating systems. Various rooms heat up at different rates as the day continues and the sun shifts. At night, draughts can admit cool air in while windows let heat out, resulting in a thermal drain that keeps some rooms chronically cold.

Although you can compensate for these issues by tweaking the furnace thermostat, but using an oil filled space heater is significantly more efficient. Some carry handles so you can pick them up and move them safely from room to room, keeping the heat where it’s needed the most. Some are even equipped with caster wheels, making them even more mobile. In addition, they give a low-cost technique of boosting the temperature without considerably affecting your energy expenditures because their energy requirements are far lower than the standard furnace (400W – 1500W on average).

Oil filled heaters are also highly energy-efficient, consuming less than 1% of their energy. Unlike gas heaters that burn propane or natural gas, an oil filled heater converts almost all the electricity it consumes into heat. A tiny portion of the energy is redirected to power the heater’s electronics and other features, such as a thermostat, timer, and customizable heating modes, but this accounts for less than 1% of the heater’s energy demands.

However, the energy efficiency of the oil filled heater is due to the particular thermal properties of the oil inside. The diathermic oil employed within has a high specific heat capacity or the amount of heat a substance can absorb before its temperature rises.

The diathermic oil used in an oil-filled radiator possesses two characteristics that make it an excellent heat reservoir, its high specific heat capacity, i.e., a material’s ability to hold heat before its temperature rises. The other characteristic is that the temperature at which a liquid turns into a vapor, known as the boiling point, diathermic oil has a three-fold greater boiling point than water.

These two variables combine to mean that the oil inside your heater can store much heat without boiling. However, when a liquid boils, it turns into a vapor (steam), necessitating high-pressure devices to contain the extra volume. An oil-filled heater does not have this additional engineering burden because diathermic oil does not reach boiling temperatures.

The oil’s high heat capacity also implies that the heater will continue to radiate heat even if the power is switched off. This reduces the time the heater has to run, saving you money on your energy bills. Thus it enables oil-filled space heaters to collect and store a large quantity of heat created by the electric resistor, then gradually release it over time.

This ensures that heat is distributed smoothly and evenly across the rooms in which they are used and that the heater continues to radiate heat long after the resistor has been turned off. Typically, space heaters must recharge their circuitry every time the temperature dips too low, not oil filled heaters. Therefore, their circuitry requires significantly less reactivation, and the less it is active, the more efficient your heater will be.

How Do Oil Heaters Work?

Oil heaters are similar to traditional centralized water heater radiators, in which the metal container comprises a series of fins or columns holding the liquid. When a liquid, in this example, oil, is heated, heat is released through the fins.

Oil heaters vary from centralized water radiators in that the oil stays in the heater and does not circulate the building to and from the boiler in the basement. Instead, the process of heating oil is done by an electric coil/helix component that stays inside the oil heater’s body. The oil inside oil heaters does not need to be circulated or changed since it has such a high boiling point and can retain so much heat. It simply stays there and can be reheated and cooled almost indefinitely.

Oil-filled space heater, also known as oil-filled electric space heater, offers basic heating technology and features, making them perfect for single-zone heating.

Thermal Convection

Oil-filled space heaters use thermal convection and radiant heating to warm the surrounding ambient air, drawing in cooler air and pushing it out through the oil-filled fins. As a result, heated air rises, forcing cooler air down to the heater, where it is warmed.

Internal Resistor

The oil-filled heater’s internal resistor transforms power into heat, which heats the diathermic oil inside the heater fins.

Diathermic Oil

As the diathermic oil heats up, it fills the radiator’s outer fins evenly. Even after the heater has been turned off, this oil helps to preserve the heat created by the resistor. It also has a large heating capacity, so it never needs to be refilled or burnt out.

Final Thoughts

Oil filled heaters are an excellent option for the home and the office. Make sure you get the proper size when buying an oil filled radiator (if applicable). Once you’ve purchased your radiator, read all instructions carefully because inappropriate use can result in a fire hazard. Even though all the oil filled heaters mentioned have overheat safety, you should still be cautious when using them.

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