The Top Motion Sensor Light Bulbs You Should Buy

Dual floodlight fixture outside mounted on a brick wall

Certain lights turn on automatically when you enter a room or onto a front porch. When this occurs, motion sensor lights are activated. As a result, motion sensor outdoor security lights can help protect your home from burglars, while also providing light precisely where you need it, and when you need it during the quietest hours of the night. In addition, motion sensor bulbs are fantastic since they can last up to eight hours before needing replacement. Plus, unlike conventional light bulbs, motion sensor bulbs do not get hot, so you don’t have to stress about burning your hands and handling them after turning them off.

Motion sensor bulbs can provide a spike of visibility anytime you need it, whether you’re searching for something to increase security at home or better navigation at night. Outdoor motion sensor lights with a sensor range of 20 to 75 feet are available in various forms, including floodlights and design savvy lanterns. You can also choose the most acceptable power source for you, whether wired, battery operated, or solar.

Hardwired lighting requires expert installation, which may lead to a higher overall cost, but it’s a terrific option to add permanent outside motion sensor lights to your home, and you’ll only have to change the bulb now and then. If you want a less durable but still practical means, people can usually fit wire free choices with basic hardware without the help of a professional. You’ll just have to choose between a battery operated bulb or energy efficient solar powered lights.

Our Top Picks

The finest motion sensor light bulbs are listed below.

Aukora Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Aukora Motion Sensor Light Bulbs make it simple to provide brilliant, focused light where needed. Dusk to dawn sensors turn on the bulb at night and turn it off during the day, ensuring continuous lighting without additional power or timers.

These motion sensor lights only illuminate in the detective spectrum in the evening or in a dark environment, saving energy, protecting the environment, and lasting a long time. They can be used in stairwells, hallways, living rooms, front doors, storage rooms, garages, closets, balconies, and gates, among other places. The greater the detection range, the higher the bulb is hung, as the highest point might be ten feet vertically.

Efficient LEDs produce a clean, white tone while utilizing only 12 watts of power, making them energy efficient for the house. Each bulb has a brightness of 100 watts, resulting in a great soft light that is diffused evenly throughout your selected region. Warmer tones are filtered down by the neutral color temperature, usually cold white. Thus it isn’t as bright as standard incandescent lights. However, it also implies longer lasting illumination, saving energy, and is better for the environment.

Because a high quality PIR infrared sensor is put at the bulb’s tip, the motion sensor bulb will light up immediately when it senses motion within 8 to 10 feet in the dark, then turn off automatically 45 to 60 seconds later when the movement has stopped or disappeared. First, ascertain that the sensor slows downward at the correct distance and angle. Then, adjust the position and height of the bulb placement to maximize the bulb’s sensitivity and point the sensor in the direction of people.

12W (100-Watt Equivalent) E26 Motion Activated Dusk to Dawn Security Light Bulb
$17.99 ($9.00 / Count)

by Aukora 

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AmeriTop Indoor Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Light Bulb

The AmeriTop Motion Sensor LED Light Bulb is helpful in the home since it turns on automatically when it detects motion in the detection range in the dark. Combine energy efficiency and proper lighting to brighten your path and create a more pleasant lighting environment.

It has a PIR motion sensor with a dusk to dawn motion sensor function that only operates at night when the brightness is less than 25lux. The LED light bulb automatically comes on when movement is sensed within 12 to 18 feet. It turns off after 30 seconds of no action in the sensing scope. There is no need to turn on or off the light bulb manually.

Individuals can replace a 60watt incandescent light bulb with an energy saving 10W LED bulb with a light sensor. Electricity bills can be reduced by up to 85%. It provides a good performance soft white 2700k, 806 lumens offer a warm and inviting glow and is ideal for indoor lighting. Application Suggestions: This bulb can be used in diverse settings, including the stairwell, hallway, restroom, basement, balcony, garage, storage room, and laundry room.

Warm Tips: If you turn it on for the first time during the day, it will turn on for thirty seconds before turning off till the evening. Users must always turn the switch on. Please do keep the bulb clear from any source of water or heat. The bulb will detect it even if the dog goes across the sensor region. If your dog needs to go to the bathroom late at night, the sensor bulb will always illuminate the road. It is not recommended to install the bulb into an enclosed lamp fixture since a transparent glass plate or fixture will restrict the motion detection radius. 

Allow the motion sensor to be exposed outside so it can detect movement effectively. Then, adjust the position and height of the light bulb placement to enhance the bulb’s sensitivity and point the sensor in the direction people are approaching. To maximize the sensor’s sensitivity, experts recommend placing the motion sensor light bulb 6 to 8 feet high (no more than 9 feet).

Motion Sensor Light Bulb- 2 Pack

by AmeriTop

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GE LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Light Bulbs

For outdoor lighting, upgrade to GE LED motion sensor light bulbs. When no motion is detected, the LED plus motion sensor outdoor light stays off, and when motion is detected, it turns on for 5 minutes. These LED motion sensor light bulbs resemble A21 incandescent and halogen light bulbs. 

They can simply replace your current outdoor LED light bulbs while providing long-term motion detection. When your hands are full, you won’t have to worry about locating the light switch with these outdoor LED light bulbs. The outdoor lights automatically provide a long lasting sparkle and energy efficient illumination. Outdoor motion sensors and energy-saving motion lights cut energy expenses and bulb lifetime. The outside floodlights can last 15,000 hours, with an estimated annual energy cost of $1.32 per bulb. These have a standard bulb shape. Simply switch the lights repeatedly in three seconds to temporarily stop motion detecting. To turn it on again, keep the lights off for 3 seconds.

Outdoor Security Light Bulbs with Motion Sensors

by GE LED+ 

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GE LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Security 90Watt Replacement

The GE LED Motion Bulb Replacement converts any fixture into a motion detector, allowing your lighting or outdoor security to operate without human intervention. In addition, you may adjust the brightness from off to on. Motion sensor light bulbs are a great way to enhance your house.

The GE LED motion sensor comes easily with 90watt and 70watt replacements. It’s easy to install and perfect sensor light for your home.

Outdoor Security Flood Light Bulbs with Motion Sensor
$29.99 ($15.00 / Count)

by GE LED+ 

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Energetic Motion Sensor Light Bulb

When motion is sensed from up to 14.7 feet away, the Energetic Motion Sensor Light Bulb will immediately turn on. It is perfect for indoor/outdoor use as a deterrent to trespassers or as a hands free solution to brighten up a room when you need it.

When the detector detects a motion within 14.7 feet, the PIR motion technology goes on automatically and turns off after thirty seconds of no activity. Only when it’s dark, which is less than 15 Lux, and motion is detected will the motion bulb turn will on. Gate, stairs, hallway, bathrooms, basement, workshop, storage area, laundry room, balcony, terrace, hallway, gate, and so on are good examples where this bulb could be utilized.

A 60watt equal motion actuated light consumes only 8.5 watts, conserving up to 85.8% of the energy used by an incandescent bulb. The 15,000hour lifespan considerably minimizes the frequency of light bulb replacements. Temperature affects bulb sensing ability. In the summer, the sensing distance is less than in the winter. The detector will not work unless the light is positioned downward and no taller than 10 feet. 

Motion Sensor Light Bulb, 60 Watt Equivalent (8.5W)
$15.99 ($8.00 / Count)

by Energetic Smarter Lighting

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Sengled A19 Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

The Sengled Motion Sensor Light Bulb includes a built in PIR infrared sensor that may be activated and turns on automatically in the dark if movement is detected within 8 to 20ftd. The detection range varies depending on the installation technique and turns off automatically after 1 minute of no motion. The sensor can detect even squirrel movement. Ensure the motion sensor is exposed to the elements to see activity effectively.

During the day, the photocell sensor disables the motion detection function. As a result, the bulb will remain off even if motion is sensed. The extreme 1200LM brightness of the motion sensor light bulb provides clear, energetic lighting. Each 15,000hour energy efficient sensor bulb lasts more than 13.7 years.

When the surrounding light is dim, the motion sensor bulb turns on. This energy saving design prevents electricity waste. Only 11 watts of electricity are used in a 75watt replacement. It’s the perfect security light and is commonly used in garages, stairwells, hallways, bathrooms, front doors, storage rooms, closets, balconies, and gates.

A19 Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Outdoor/Indoor 11W
$19.99 ($10.00 / Count)

by Sengled 

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Top Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Consider your specific requirements while shopping for a motion sensor light, such as the ideal detecting range, brightness, and power source.

Power Source

Plug in electric, battery powered, solar powered, and wired motion detection systems are all possible power sources. Plug in electronic motion sensor lights are bulb style devices that screw into a conventional light fixture or use a standard power cord connected to a nearby outlet.

The energy source for battery powered motion sensor lights is disposable or rechargeable batteries. Disposable battery lights are uncommon, as most manufacturers recognize the advantages of rechargeable batteries. Simply put them in for a short time, and the motion sensor light will last for days, if not weeks, without needing to be recharged.

Solar powered motion sensor lights absorb and store the energy from direct and indirect sunshine until the light is needed at night. Users won’t have to worry about plugging these lights in or charging the batteries, but solar versions may not be capable of releasing the same amount of light as other forms of motion sensor lighting. Hardwired motion sensing lights are hardwired into the electrical system of the home. These lights are difficult to install and usually require a skilled electrician’s assistance. The lights are not restricted by battery life or stored energy, but if the electricity to the house goes out, the motion sensor lights will also be affected.

Brightness and Color Temperature

A motion sensor light’s brightness is specified in lumens (lm), ranging from 200 to over 2,000 lm. To put it another way, 200 lm is about the brightness of a regular flashlight, whereas 2,000 lm would be enough to light up a small room. The color temperature of light is measured on a kelvin (K) scale and refers to the color it generates. It has a temperature range of 3,000K (warm white) to 6,500K (cool white) (daylight).

Depending on the product, the amount of light emitted by the outdoor motion sensor luminaire varies. Different products’ brightness and color temperature can vary, and some motion sensor lights have brightness and color temperature settings, allowing the user to select the most appropriate option.

Range of Detection

The range of detection of a motion sensor refers to the degree to which it can detect movement; this is usually stated on the packaging or description. Around 20 to 100 feet away, most motion sensors detect movement. Regarding distance, consider the light’s detection angle, which is measured in degrees and pertains to the detection field’s span.

Directly wired motion sensor lights are typically located at or above door height on exterior walls. They may include one or more lights that can be modified depending on the area to be illuminated. These lights have the most extended detection range, up to 75 feet, and may be programmed to illuminate vast areas of a lawn or driveway.


As with other gadgets and equipment maintained outside in the elements, Durability is essential with motion sensor lights. Furthermore, because these lights are designed for security purposes, they must be tough if an intruder decides to swing at them.  The metal housing is generally more resistant to the outdoors than a plastic housing, although some of today’s new molded polymeric products are also highly durable and robust.

The light’s ingress protection (IP rating), which mainly determines how well the light will tolerate exposure to dust and water, is another indicator of durability. All motion sensor lights may not have an IP rating, but if they do, they will begin with the letters “IP” and be followed by two digits. The first digit, which varies from 1 to 6, indicates dust resistance. More significant numbers indicate more excellent resistance. The second digit, which ranges from 1 to 8, represents water resistance, with a more substantial number signifying better protection. Many outdoor lights have an IP65 or IP67 rating, meaning they are dustproof and almost waterproof.


Regarding motion sensor light bulbs, the utility takes precedence over style. Their purpose is to deter burglars and provide illumination to inhabitants and invited visitors while approaching the property in the dark. However, because few people want their apartment to look like a high security prison, Users can use a range of motion sensor light designs to match or enhance the architectural style.

Lantern light bulbs are an innovative and appealing external lighting option. They mimic beautiful porch lights and are available in various forms, from conventional to contemporary. Flush mount lights often placed invisibly to the porch ceiling are another choice. However, they don’t detract from or contribute to current decor and are hidden from view until they switch on and startle the trespasser.


The outdoor motion sensor light bulb’s mounting location varies depending on the brand, the home, and the user’s preferred placement. On a wall or ceiling, a motion sensor light is typically installed at an entry, such as the entrance door, side door, rear door, or garage. The bulbs should be positioned eight to twelve feet off the ground for optimal coverage. Some goods can only be put on the roof, while Users can install other lights in almost any direction. Under eave lighting can help guarantee that the bulb is tall enough and more brutal to see at night, reducing the risk of tampering.

Final Thoughts

With powerful exterior light, the best motion sensor light may enlighten the route to the entrance at night or prevent robbers, trespassers, and even stray animals. On the other hand, the extra exterior light can attract unwelcome attention from adjacent neighbors, passing pedestrians, and those within the property. However, motion sensor lights can discourage intruders by frightening and blinding them. With a system, some motion sensors use conventional bulbs, while others can use a typical light fixture with a motion flood light bulb. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if a particular motion sensor requires a special bulb.

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