Resound Hearing Aid Review

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Looking For Solutions To Hearing Loss

Anyone who has ever experienced the frustration accompanying hearing loss knows well that it can stir strong emotions. Recent statistics show that almost 20 percent of Americans experience hearing loss that compromises the ability to perform daily tasks, connect with others, and enjoy life.

Resound Hearing Aids have answered the call and provided solutions for millions of happy customers. Their pioneering efforts and continuous innovation and design bring the best hearing aid technology to the market.

Although the company itself has been around since 1943, the actual legwork behind Resound Hearing Aid technology took place in the 1970s and beyond. American inventor Edgar Vilchur developed the first multi-channel amplifier for hearing aids, releasing it for public use.

A short time later, several California physicians perfected a prototype of Vilchur’s initial design and re-branded the product as ReSound. Soon joining forces with GN Hearing Group, ReSound was primed and ready to enter the market for global distribution.

Continued research and development resulted in many hearing aid models and accessories that revolutionize better hearing for millions. One of the first pioneering companies to introduce a connection with the iPhone, ReSound remains at the forefront of hearing innovation, bringing lasting relief to those with hearing loss.

ReSound Innovation

ReSound technology was indeed an innovation in hearing aids. Not only did resound hearing aid models implement the early use of multi-channel compression, but it was also the first hearing aid manufacturer to use a 2.4GHz wireless platform. Multi-mic technology can provide a longer range and lower power consumption than other Bluetooth technologies. It enables ReSound hearing aids to effortlessly connect to wireless accessories and smartphones, allowing the hearing aids to share information. Ear-to-ear communication and connection synchronize volume and program changes, allowing wearers to experience clear speech and sound. Various ReSound devices enable one to hear at levels labeled:

  • 9–Premium
  • 7–Mid-range
  • 5–Entry level

Several options for purchase and use of ReSound devices are yours for the choosing, including:

An array of both standard and “fun” colors can be chosen and worn to express your style while enjoying the benefits of cutting-edge hearing aid technology.

ReSound Philosophy: What Drives The Pursuit Of Perfection

ReSound’s philosophy on quality hearing helps people connect to their world and interact with it on their terms. Focusing on blending the best of hearing technology with the natural and unique anatomy of the ear, ReSound emulates the collection and transmission of sound. It is much like the communication between the ear and the brain. An individualized experience is for those who customize their hearing through cutting-edge amplification and applications that can almost effortlessly help you focus on the sounds you wish to hear while tuning out those you don’t. Quality innovation and a passion for performance help make every decision, every project, and creation that the company offers to its valued patients.

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Most Popular ReSound Models

ReSound hearing aids come in various styles and sizes, and each addresses all hearing needs, from mild interference to profound hearing loss. Behind-the-ear (BTE) and receiver-in-ear (RIE) offer options to patients who wish to design and customize their hearing experience. ReSound also offers a line of custom hearing aids that mold to your ear’s unique anatomy. These models, designed to fit in the ear, provide more discretion and privacy that many seek when considering hearing assistance. Some of the most popular and user-friendly models of hearing aids are below.

ReSound One

The ReSound One addresses significant hearing loss issues for patients, and its sleek design and comfortable fit appeals to those who wear devices for long hours at a time. A unique feature of the One is that it offers an additional microphone in the ear canal, which helps improve functionality and natural sound quality. Battery options include both rechargeable and conventional models for your convenience.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

The ReSound LiNX Quattro is one of ReSound’s top-shelf designs. The first official hearing aid created and designed for use with Apple iPhone technology, the Quattro is available in all form factors and provides the wearer with a distortion-free speech experience. Quattro technology allows you access to those subtle nuances and a greater depth and breadth of sound that bring even the most subdued sounds to life. All hearing aids in the ReSound LiNX Quattro line use standard zinc-air batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion systems.

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ReSound LiNX 3D

The ReSound Linx 3D was a predecessor to the Quattro, yet is quite comparable to the Quattro and more accessible for many patients. A lower price makes this device attractive to consumers and insurance companies alike, giving those with profound hearing loss equitable access to superior sound quality.

ReSound’s prices vary by location and local provider, so check with your doctor when determining which model will be suitable for you.

The Linx 3D is a select few hearing aids designed to work as part of a “bimodal” system with cochlear implants. The bimodal system allows wireless accessories to revolutionize the way patients experience sound, with connectivity to iPhones and iPads making it easier than ever to manage a sound experience.

ReSound Enya

ReSound also offers an entry-level device called the ReSound Enya. Constructed much like a LiNX hearing aid, it has fewer adjustments and capabilities, but it’s still an excellent hearing aid device, particularly when used with wireless accessories as part of a comprehensive approach to hearing. Users of the ReSound Enya report satisfactory hearing experiences across various platforms and situations where background noise and other interference might be a problem.

ReSound Key

The ReSound Key hearing aid has ultimate convenience and comfort. Knowing that customers would likely be wearing their devices daily, developers went to work creating one of the most comfortable and discreet hearing aids on the market today.

Key devices fit inside the ear, and they offer significant benefits for everyone experiencing mild to profound hearing loss. The ReSound Key is available in RTC, BIE, and BTE models, offering viable hearing solutions for those who desire a clear experience on a smaller budget.

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ReSound Up Smart

Early in the game, ReSound developers saw a need to bring their superior technology to the pediatric community. The resulting product, the Up Smart, retains many of the features of the Quattro, while being crafted especially for little ears. You can swap out the ReSound Up Smart battery door for a tamper-resistant option, and programmable LED indicators can alert caregivers when hearing aids need attention. Another benefit of ReSound wireless technology allows users of the Up Smart to connect to wireless devices, providing effortless control over settings at the touch of a button.

ReSound Enzo Q

The ReSound Enzo Q provides the most comprehensive solution for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Studies have shown that the Enzo Q, combined with other wireless technologies, reduced background interference by as much as 60 percent, giving patients clear, crisp hearing in almost any environment.

ReSound Hearing Aid Accessories

ReSound hearing aid technologies pride themselves on having one of the most comprehensive and innovative collections of accessories to take hearing quality and comfort to the next level. All apps and accessories operate within a 2.4GHz wireless, allowing for a long-range answer to overcoming distance, background, and reverberation interference.

ReSound Micro Mic

The ReSound Micro Mic allows you to hear clear speech when the device is in use, streaming the sound directly into your hearing aid. Boasting a 60-foot range, some wearers report that they have heard accurate sound patterns up to 80 feet away. Built-in sensors ensure that even a dropped microphone will not result in a painful experience for the wearer.

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ReSound Multi Mic

ReSound Multi Mic yields some of the best value in Hearing Assistive Technology that money can buy. The Multi Mic contains features similar to the Mini Mic, allowing for additional manual adjustment of the microphone to suit your individual preferences. It provides superior sound quality at great distances, but it can also be a hub for additional connectivity. Two jacks on the bottom of the device can easily connect several audio devices to the Mic and stream to you directly.

This innovative feature on ReSound hearing aids allows wearers to listen to MP3 players, connect to hearing assistive devices in theatres, and plug into FM systems for use in school and college settings. ReSound assist technology is designed to take the guesswork out of hearing in any situation.

The ReSound Multi Mic also contains a telecoil that allows for connections to large “hearing loops” commonly found in auditoriums, schools, and churches. With a simpler ReSound hearing aid model, you can manage background noise, reverb, and interference from other wireless technologies.

ReSound TV Streamer 2

ReSound TV Streamer 2 can connect to both audio devices and televisions, giving you access to your favorite programs via your hearing aid. The Streamer can support digital and analog inputs, easy to connect and start up.

Streaming with the ReSound can reduce the effects of distance and reverberation on speech understanding.

ReSound Phone Clip

The updated line of ReSound hearing aids streams easily to iPhones and iPads. If you own an Android tablet or phone, the Phone Clip can convert the Bluetooth signal from your phone to your hearing aids. Another impressive feature of the phone clip is its ability to stream music, media, and even a phone call directly from your devices. You’ll enjoy hands-free hearing while being able to control the necessary functions of your hearing aid.

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ReSound Remote Controls

The ReSound Remote Control is a pint-sized device that allows you to adjust hearing aid volume and select streaming devices. Those with dexterity issues and those who require ongoing care for daily living can enable caregivers to effortlessly adjust and control hearing aids for a better hearing experience.

Compatible Smart Apps

ReSound premium hearing aid technology can offer useful applications for Android and Apple devices. Patients can find products and services to suit their unique needs, from basic remote controls to programs that treat and reduce the effects of Tinnitus.

ReSound Control App

The ReSound Control app simplifies refining your hearing experience, bringing remote control functions straight to your smartphone.

A simple interface proves to work well for those with physical challenges and patients who need additional assistance with daily living. Family members and caregivers giving a helping hand can easily master the Control App.

ReSound Smart 3D App

The ReSound Smart 3D App performs central command actions for all of your ReSound hearing aids and accessories. It covers basic program controls and volume, but it is also able to fine-tune aspects of pitch control and noise reduction.

3D App technology takes things to the next level of quality hearing. You can “pin” a location where you have modified previous settings upon enabling location services. The app will remember to “tune” the device to the optimized setting for that location.

The accessibility of the ReSound app provides more than one way to access programs and features. Buttons, swipes, and other forms of interacting with the app ensure that no matter how technologically challenged a user may be, they are likely to find a way to modify settings as needed, finding a unique interface that works for everyone.

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ReSound Tinnitus Relief App

One of the most troublesome issues for patients with hearing loss is the ongoing condition of Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a troublesome condition in which the patient hears an internal “ringing” or “buzzing” sound, causing interference with hearing. Tinnitus can have many causes, and with nearly 15 percent of Americans reporting some degree of Tinnitus that affects daily living, the ReSound Tinnitus Relief App is a welcome addition to any hearing protocol. This app offers a unique combination of relaxing exercise, sound therapy, and meditation, reducing the mental and emotional effects that Tinnitus can bring.

Users of the technology report significant relief from stress and emotional upset. With these newfound ways to manage and reduce these internal frequencies, millions are singing the praises of this updated technology and its implications for better hearing.

Ongoing Customer Care

With a passion for creating a better-sounding world, one customer at a time, it’s no surprise that Resound remains at the forefront of technology evolution, using all available research and resources to design a premium product. Even after sales are final, ReSound customer service representatives, technicians, and medical professionals dedicate their time and expertise to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

An ongoing relationship with LiveAssist, one of the best warranties and product guarantees that money can buy, and a commitment to customer satisfaction are the driving force behind customer relationships. With a global focus on its clients, ReSound offers connectivity and warranty services in nearly every corner of the world. This set of tools will allow you to report issues directly to your hearing professional, who works in partnership with ReSound to tackle changes remotely or creates an option for virtual appointments to address hearing concerns. The ultimate goals for all ReSound customers are crystal-clear hearing and an ongoing customer/client relationship where they handle all concerns to your satisfaction.

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Support And Assistance Via ReSound’s Website

With downloadable guides and several instructional videos on using their products and services, ReSound’s customer service support is accessible 24/7. Users can log into the ReSound website and search for the products and apps they need to navigate.

Purchasing ReSound

Purchasing ReSound hearing products is as simple as having a conversation with your medical provider. Your doctor will assess your hearing needs and recommend products and services that can significantly improve your hearing experience. A licensed professional will schedule a consultation with you to answer questions and provide you with a proper fitting to ensure devices are working correctly. Your clinic will enable a connection between you and ReSound customer service to address your ongoing needs and provide top-notch support.

ReSound has a superior reputation for performance, quality, and value. A combination of design and creativity helps facilitate better hearing solutions for millions of satisfied customers. With a willingness to evolve and grow to address patient needs, ReSound remains at the forefront of the industry for customer satisfaction.

For patients that require or prefer a customized, comfortable hearing experience, ReSound hearing technology does not disappoint. A combination of hardware and smart device technology ensures that the wearer can design an experience that works for nearly style and budget. If you have questions or concerns about your hearing, talk to your doctor about ReSound options that will work best for you.

Look forward to new and improved hearing quality to enhance your enjoyment of life’s sensory experiences.

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