Protect Your Home With These Locks for Sliding Doors

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The type of door that you choose for your home plays an important role in the long run. Installing safe and secure doors that also add to the appeal of your house is what everyone wants. Sliding doors have become a preferable choice for many people out there. They are spacious, attractive, and they also allow natural light to come into the home during the day. In addition to this, sliding glass doors are also energy efficient. They help control the temperature of the house easily. 

Sliding glass doors can be a stunning and functional design statement, but they also come with security concerns. Sliders feature flaws distinct from standard wood and steel doors. Many residents are aware of the dangers of sliding doors and may be hesitant to have them installed on their property. However, you may take some simple actions to protect your slider unit.

The first step is identifying a sliding glass door system’s weak area. Then you should consider how to reinforce a slider. The guide also discusses how to install new lock hardware or replace old lock hardware and which sorts of locks are appropriate for securing these doors.

Can Sliding Doors Be Securely Locked?

The factory smart lock on sliding glass doors is frequently of poor quality. The fastener and bolt mechanism don’t even travel through the sturdier wood or metal frame to give adequate security on some door models with vinyl frames. As a result, the lock may need to be reinforced or replaced.

Why Can Sliding Glass Doors Be a Security Risk?

Traditional sliding glass doors are functional, with one fixed panel and one panel that opens to the outside. They let you enjoy the landscape’s natural beauty without exposing your property to the weather. Regrettably, they pose specific security concerns. As a result, selecting how to protect sliding glass doors is critical for enjoying them safely. The following are some typical security issues with sliding glass doors.

They Are Very Commonly Unlocked

It’s tempting to leave sliding glass doors unsecured since they’re so convenient and allow such easy access to the outdoors. Unfortunately, as a result, would-be burglars quickly take advantage of the situation.

The Locks Are Too Simple and Easy To Break

A burglar may easily overcome the locking mechanism on most sliding glass doors. When the door is closed, the lock is often little more than a latch that hooks into the door frame.

They Are Out of Sight

Most sliding glass doors are hidden towards the back of the house. Because of the solitude, criminals have complete cover and plenty of time to break in undetected.

Types of Locks for Sliding Doors

The sliding glass door is an enchanting place to start if you want to secure your home. This is because these access points are considered weak in terms of home break-ins. Consider whether or not the regular door lock gives a higher level of security.

Here are a few options when it comes to choosing the best lock for your sliding doors.

Burglabar 2 Pack – Great for Sliding Patio Door Lock (Use 2 for Doors)

The Burglabar is a one-of-a-kind self-locking hinge smart lock that adds extra security to a patio door or sliding window. The window and sliding glass door locks keep you safe and can be used to childproof your home.

When you’re at home, your window and door latch locks give extra security. When you’re not, they keep your home safe. The Burglabar is also an excellent door safety lock for children, ensuring your young explorers remain safe inside.

Burglabar installs fast and effortlessly without using any tools, and its crystal-clear appearance blends in with your existing décor. In addition, the BurglaBar keeps windows and doors shut for child safety when positioned out of reach of little children. Read the directions carefully to ensure that the Burglabar will fit between these sliding doors.

Burglabar adhesive is proudly created in Canada and bonds like a weld for optimum strength. Each Burglabar can endure dynamic shear of 300 to 450 pounds when properly mounted. Permit 72 hours for the adhesive to correctly attach to the glass before utilizing it.

Burglabar 2 Pack
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Prime-line Defender Security U 9847 Patio Sliding Door Loop Lock

This U 9847 Patio Sliding Door Loop Lock is a supplementary security lock on a patio sliding door for added home security.

This door loop lock can also be set out of reach of children, preventing them from opening the door on their own and adding to the door’s child-safe protection. A safety device like this is necessary if you have a little child. That is especially true if you have a pool (or other potentially hazardous equipment) in your yard. Installation is simple and quick, and you can have extra security for your home or office doors in no time! Fasteners for installation are included. Unfortunately, because prime line defender sliding glass door locks aren’t keyed, you can’t lock or unlock the door from the outside. On the other hand, some models can be made to work with a key.

This door loop lock comprises a chrome-plated locking bar made of hardened steel with a diecast mounting plate and keeper. The 2-1/8″ reach of this locking device is meant to fasten the door to the jamb. 1-1/8″, 1-3/16″, 1-7/16″, and 2-1/4″ reaches are also accessible.

Defender Security U 9847 Patio Sliding Door Loop Lock


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Sliding Glass Door Child Lock – OKEFAN 4 Pack Baby Safety Slide Window Locks

Sliding Glass Door Child Lock protects valuables from young children by installing a strong and effective lock on sliding doors or hanging windows. This child safety device has been tested to withstand the pulls and tugs of children, allowing you to keep your doors and windows open without any stress.

With high-quality ABS plastic, a stainless steel spring, and a sturdy 3m adhesive tap, you’ll never have to worry about your sliding window locks breaking. So even if you regularly open and close your hanging windows, the 3M window lock will retain its efficacy and power.

It’s never been more effortless to set up a sliding door lock, and no drilling tools are required! Clean the place that will use this lock, peel off the 3M tape, and stick the device to the preferred location of sliding doors for your patio, closet, cabinet, or window!

4 Pack Baby Safety Slide Window Locks


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Patio Sliding Door Security Foot Lock Kick

Are you concerned that your house could be broken into during the middle of night or daytime when no one is home? That difficulty, however, is no longer a concern. Patio Sliding Door Security Foot Lock Kick is appropriate for sliding doors. Removing the door from its track is almost inconceivable due to its double locking mechanism. As a result, criminals cannot move sliding doors out of their tracks with the HauSun patio sliding door foot lock.

Forced entrance load tension of above 1000lbs is possible. Another advantage of these patio door kick locks is that they typically have two operating settings. They allow you to secure your patio door when closed or slightly open to let in the breeze. That can use the top or bottom rail of a patio door security lock. If you want to keep children out of reach, you can use a top rail. It can also be mounted on the bottom rail and controlled by foot.

When you have small children at home, you know how difficult it is to keep a watch on them at all times. But, with this childproof sliding door lock in place, you can rest easy that it will not entice your children to unlock the patio sliding doors on their own, putting them at risk.

The patio sliding security door lock only works on the inner tracks on vinyl, aluminum, or wood sliding entries. 

Patio Sliding Door Security Foot Lock Kick Lock

by HauSun

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Lion Locks Sliding Window and Door Locks

Lion Locks Sliding Window and Door Locks  are the most acceptable for sliding doors. Your patio door, sliding glass door, and horizontal and vertical sliding windows should all be secured. It’s perfect for connecting a vertical window air conditioner or a window film installation.

The secondary lock is heavy-duty aluminum and has a vinyl lining to avoid scratches on your window frame. When locking your windows down, the vinyl insert adds extra gripping power.

With double door lock thumb screws fastening sliding door & window tracks up to 3/16″ wide with the rubber insert or 3/8″ wide without the rubber window seal, these window locks are simple to install.

Protect your family against intruders and more with this window lock! The sliding door lock allows you to securely lock sliding windows and doors in place, fully closed or ajar, to allow for a good view. Whether searching for a way to secure an AC unit window, a camper lock replacement, or a solution to babyproof your home, this lock has got you covered.

Sliding Window and Door Locks (10 Pack)

by Lion Locks 

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Portable Door Lock-2 Pack Solid Heavy Duty Door Extra Lock for Additional Privacy and Safety

This portable door lock offers you additional home security and privacy, considerably boosting your home safety and preventing illegal entry, as the door cannot be opened outside, even with a key. It’s a terrific helper when you’re on business, traveling, or living alone.

This door lock is simple to install or remove and can be done in seconds without using any tools, even in an emergency or dark. Place the metal piece in the door lock’s slot, close the door, and then secure the groove of the handle to the stud on the metal sheet; no one will be able to open the door externally.

The stainless steel door security gadget is exceptionally durable. Under pressure, a tough ABS plastic cover protects the doors. Steel surfaces have been electroplated and polished to reduce skin irritation. A high-quality, stable door lock may provide a long service life.

The security door stopper has two holes of varying diameters to ensure that all door locks are consistent. This is ideal for use in hotels, dorms, apartments, short-term rentals, Airbnbs, bathrooms, bedrooms, and private spaces. The safety provided by these cameras keep pets from going outside and kids from leaving their homes.

Two interior lockers are included in the package, one for your apartment door and one for vacation. The sizes of the lock are 4.3 x 1.26 x 0.4 inches with 0.78inch and 1.2inch holes, lightweight and small enough to put in a pocket or handbag.

Portable Door Lock-2 Pack Solid | Heavy Duty Door Extra Lock


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Sliding Door Lock, Child Safety – Closets, Windows, Patio, Glass Doors

Sliding glass door locks are normally easy for your toddler to open which creates a false sense of home security. The Sure Basics ChildProof Door Lock is designed with durable, premium-grade plastic and double-sided adhesive to resist even the most determined of toddlers. With Baby Proof Child Safety Locks, you can concentrate on the essential things while knowing that your childproof door lock will remain closed. Patio Door Locks can be used as a sliding screen door stopper, while closet locks can be used on wardrobes, drawers, and pantry doors, among other things. It’s built of high-quality materials.

These Sure Basics are simple for adults but difficult for children and pets. This Sliding Door Child Lock uses a keyless design for a hassle-free experience. Single-handed to lock, lift your finger and press down to unlock. You won’t have to put your baby or laundry basket on the floor to open the sliding door. As a result, you won’t forget to close it behind you.

Remove the baby door lock without using a drill and forget about trying to claw and pry the adhesive from the closet door. Instead, simply peel and press for a strong, lasting hold with the double-sided easy install/easy remove adhesive. Renters and apartment dwellers will love this! Furthermore, the child safety door lock’s clear transparent design blends into any sliding glass doors, closet doors, or windows.

Avoid knockoff closet door locks that are too wide to fit your sliding glass door. Your original baby door lock’s sure-fit design is ideal for window locks, patio door locks, screen door locks, and closet door locks, and these child door locks are ROHS & EN71 certified non-toxic BPA-free. 

Sliding Door Lock Child Safety

by Sure Basics

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Door Security Slide Latch Lock, 3-inch Barrel Bolt with Solid Heavy Duty Steel

Cranach door slide latch lock has been enhanced from an old-style door bolt and is two times stronger than a standard barrel bolt to keep you safe and secure. It provides additional protection for your bathroom, bedroom, cupboards, and other interior doors. It’s minor, yet it’ll keep your door firmly shut. With this high-quality door latch lock, you can keep those pesky intruders at bay.

The durable door latch has been put through its paces more than 500,000 times. Cranach barrel bolts are made from high-quality steel. Cranach latch locks were created using the most advanced electroplating and polishing techniques to achieve a flawless, long-lasting finish. Surface sliding lock with a brushed nickel finish enhances corrosion, increases wear resistance and hardness, protects the metal surface, and provides sound insulation.

The centerset design barrel bolt can be fitted on either side, pushing the bolt to the left or right, and installing the bolt lock on either side. The notch-in case maintains the bolt in a locked position when used vertically; when used horizontally, the notch-in case fits the bolt in a designated spot.

Cranach has improved the performance and longevity of its door latch lock. Use a power screwdriver and a drill to install this door slide lock on your door frame. In less than five minutes, you can establish a barrel latch lock. This lock can be used to secure doors, chests, cabinets, wooden wickets, windows, fences, kennels, bathrooms, bedrooms, and bars.

Cranach barrel bolt latches keep you safe and secure, and these full door bolts will last long. If, for any cause, you aren’t delighted with your purchase the 5-year satisfaction guarantee applies to Cranach door bolt locks!

Door Security Slide Latch Lock
$8.99 ($4.50 / Count)


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Final Thoughts

You’ve probably been amazed at the amount of light that floods your home if you’re fortunate to have a sliding glass door in your living area. Sliding doors provide sunlight, stunning views of lush scenery, quiet snowy vistas, or a joyous glimpse of children playing in the yard. But, of course, nothing beats the fresh air that a sliding door offers to flow through your home when it is open.

Sliding glass doors are both attractive and practical additions to any home. They don’t have to threaten your peace of mind, though. On the contrary, your sliding glass door can be fun and secure if you take a few easy precautions.

It’s crucial to examine how to keep robbers out of sliding glass doors if you want to safely enjoy these lovely home additions. Thankfully, there are a variety of sturdy and simple locks that you may use to keep a property secure if you’re thinking about installing sliding glass walls in your home.

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