Is It Time for a Sit-To-Stand Lift?

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The capacity to stand from a chair without assistance is a crucial aspect of determining freedom for the elderly and people with physical impairments. Pain, limited joint mobility, stiffness, and muscle weakness are all common factors that impair one’s strength to stand. Sit-to-stand posture is even decreased in people with rheumatoid arthritis of the hands and shoulders.

When reaching a sit-to-stand position in seniors or people with disabilities, there is a significant risk of the person falling and breaking a bone because their bone mineral density is reduced as they age. As a result, older adults, especially women, are at greater risk of osteoporosis.

This is where a sit-to-stand lift assist device comes in handy. Mobility issues can severely influence our well-being. A sit-to-stand lift can enable a person to securely and quickly move to an upright position and transfer positions if he has mobility and can carry some bodyweight but lacks the endurance or muscle control to stand from a bed, chair, or commode on his own. A stand assist lift or a stand patient lift can be of great help. It will help them in their standing position and their sitting position. Some other options used to assist patients include a stand up lift, lift chairs, shower chair (helps adults taking a bath), ceiling lift, transport chair, and more. These products help in patient transfer and work as a great lifting device.

A sit-to-stand lift can assist an older adult in achieving a healthy standing posture, increasing balance and strength, enhancing range of motion, reducing muscle cramps and contractures, relieving pain, and the danger of pressure injuries from spending too much time in one position, and reduce fall risk.

Unhealthy older woman stand up from chair touch back suffer from spinal spasm or strain

What Is a Sit-To-Stand Lift?

Sit-Stand Lifts enable caregivers to transfer patients from one sitting area to another. The patient‘s feet are safely placed on the surface, and leg support inhibits the knees from twisting. A sling is wrapped around the torso, and the patient grips onto handrails. The Sit-to-Stand lift assists the patient in rising from a seated posture, but it does not carry the patient‘s body weight.

Since each company has a design to meet specific demands and requirements, not all sit-to-stand lifts are alike. Some popular brands are discussed below. Each of these brands’ origins, expertise, and features are explained here so you can perceive the variation.

Below are some of our best-picked assist devices that can aid older adults in living a normal and healthy lifestyle.


History of Stander

Jan Miller, a school teacher by trade with a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, founded Stander Inc. in 1998. Despite having no formal business training, a high tolerance for risk, and a love for the innovation that exists in the business environment. After learning from her mistakes, she made herself a wise and humble businesswoman.

Jan’s Grandmother, who lived a month shy of 100 years old, inspired Standers Inc. Essie’s physical health began to deteriorate shortly after her 90th birthday, making daily tasks like standing from her couch, bed and driving challenges. Essie was never a fan of the typical hospital bed rail. There weren’t many instruments to help Essie with these activities at the time (1997), so she joined forces with her husband, Troy (a Rocket Scientist Engineer), and designed a few “furniture-like” mobility devices to help Essie stand without spoiling the pleasant sense of her house.

Initially, they created three products: the BedCane, Cochrane, and CarCaddie. They grew the firm from the garage into a viable, growing enterprise. Essie gained the confidence & support she needed to live freely after that, and she lived in her home with her loved ones for 7 years longer than they had anticipated.

EZ Stand-N-Go | Chair Lift Assist for Elderly

by Stander 

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Stander EZ Stand & Go, Chair Lift Assist for Elderly

The Stander EZ chair lift assist device comprises bar standing aids for older people with poor mobility or muscle strength to prevent falls. EZ stand device is ideal for someone recovering from surgery, experiencing back pain, and experiencing balancing issues. Suitable for low-sitting furniture, assisting when striving to stand or sit.

It retails for $120 on Amazon.


When standing or sitting from a couch or recliner, the stand support provides stability, balance, and independence, ideal for the elderly, people in rehab, or anybody in need of mobility support. Suitable with couch seats that are 12 to 21 inches off the ground, 19 to 26 inches broad, and 24-27 inches in depth.

The handlebars offer a good comfortable, and solid grasp while supporting up to 300 pounds; the handlebars adjust 7 to 11 inches, much above the horizontal structure of the stand assist.

Compatible with fastened, sewed, or detachable cushions; depending on the design or size of the furniture, put the stand help frame over or below the pillow. The Stander assistive device’s minimal form complements the style and ambiance of the apartment and works to create existing furniture functional again, offering an alternative idea to a lift chair.


History of SitnStand

Gal Goldner and Iftah Geva have been great friends since their first year of high school, and they have supported each other through their engineering studies and their 1st business. They have been determined to leverage their technology skills since the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. SitnStand’s CEO and founder is Mr. Goldner. Gal has over 15 years of research and development and managerial expertise. While Iftah Geva, the co-founder of SitnStand, is a true artist, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast in heart and soul.

SitnStand’s tale began ten years ago when a friend questioned creators Gal Goldner and Iftah Geva if they could design something to help his mother stand and sit easily. That inspired them to create a solution to assist Dany’s mother and other older people who had difficulty getting up and down. Unfortunately, it took much longer than they anticipated. After all, they had to design almost every component from scratch because they couldn’t find an air pump that was quiet enough, air pipes that were soft enough to sit on when pumping, or a fabric that was flexible but stiff and sufficient to look good in any home or restaurant.

They launched the SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat exclusively in the UK in 2013, after more than 60,000 hours and 200 samples and prototypes. SitnStand was created to assist the elderly in maintaining their independence for as long as feasible.

Portable Smart Rising Seat Lift Up Chairs For Elderly

by SitnStand 

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SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat

SitnStand is a Movable, Smart Raising Seat and Mobile Lift Chair designed to assist the elderly in maintaining their complete freedom. This lift chair is simple and ideal for individuals who live alone. It’s the perfect present for elders. It is readily available on Amazon and retails for $150.


It is risk-free and straightforward. No setup, no construction, no issue! The professional chair lift assist can be added to geriatric recliners and is a game-changer. Simple rise and low buttons will gradually inflate/deflate the cushion as you sit and stand. Ideal for use on sofas, couches, regular chairs, recliners, and even a non-lifting lounge chair.

The versatile upright assistance device for seniors may relieve users of the need for further assistance. This rule does not apply to chairs with wheels (wheelchairs, rollator walkers) or to a revolving desk chair. Because of its four chambers that inflate to different height elevations, it can lift adults weighing up to 120kg (265lbs). It is helpful for people who are short or tall. 

Adults will find it invaluable at home or in the outdoors. Comfort is vital for chairs designed for extended periods of sitting! Even as we perfected its ergonomic form to ensure stability, it makes sure users feel like they are still sitting in their favorite spot on the sofa.

Weighs only 8.8lbs when complete with traveling bag, strap, battery, and charger. The padded seat cover is machine washable and detachable aids in raising your loved ones. The bag can hold one SitnStand gadget. 1 × Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with Instructions for use. A Carrying bag for convenient travel.


History of Carex

Carex has been a household brand since 1975, known for producing high-quality items that enrich, improve, and empower their clients. Their well-established reputation, extensive collection, and price cuts have made them a go-to in the health and wellness field.

Carex has been the leader in in-home, self-care, and medical items for over 35 years. Carex’s objective of offering high-quality health and wellness products has resulted in a diverse product line. Under 10 distinct brands, they offer over 600 products ranging from mobility aids to bath safety equipment, pain relief gadgets, light therapy lights, daily living aids, and more. Carex has become a significant brand in the health and wellness market due to its vast range of goods and brands.

Premium Power 17 inch Chair Lift for Stand Assist

by Carex 

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Carex Premium Power Chair Lift for Stand Assist

Lifting Chairs are energetic and self-sufficient. Powered by electricity and self-powered versions offer the appropriate level of support based on user-specific specific requirements. Those who can safely walk independently, with or without a walking aid, and are productive at home or in the community once standing can benefit from the device.

Lifting Seats are one-of-a-kind devices that assist you in getting out of your chair. Levelift Technology, which gradually flexes the backrest to raise you comfortably on a flat plane without forcing you ahead, is used in these lightweight sit-to-stand assisting devices. Lifting Seats are ideal for people who have trouble brave enough to stand up on their own from a seated posture, generally owing to arthritic, neuromuscular, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic, cardiovascular, or orthopedic disorders. It comes in two models: Portable Self-powered Models and Portable Electric Models, readily available on Amazon and retails for $203. 


The utterly electric seat to stand lift for the elderly delivers 100% support for up to 300 lbs, ensuring a comfortable and secure raise without moving forward. It’s an excellent substitute for electrically lifting chairs. It is intended to fit on the following armchairs, couches, and sofas: The proprietary Lever Lift technology curves the cushion for a fast, stable, and comforting lift assist in this chair is fit for the elderly.

The Carex lift seat has ultra-soft foam for maximum comfort while sitting for extended periods. As a result, it is ideal as a chair lift for elders, handicap gadgets or impairment aids, or simply for individuals with poor bodily strength. The cord is 9 feet long. Also, keep in mind that this product cannot be used on the seating of a wheelchair.

Control is simple to use. The automated lift seat has a flexible hand handle that allows you to modify the placement and elevation of the chair lift pillow for relaxation and mobility when sitting or standing. The seat aid elevating pillow has impermeable padding that is washable and a foamy cushion that is simple to maintain. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it an excellent moveable asset for use wherever electricity is.

Able Life

History of Able Life

Able Life has developed a line of goods to improve our clients’ quality of life. Able Life’s unique goods will have you wondering why it took so long for them to come by opposing the status quo. Simple observation shows the functionality, so you’re not wondering how or if something works. Every unneeded feature in our designs has been removed. Able Life restores the joy of the trip, allowing you to focus on the objective.

Jane Miller is the founder of Able Life, while Brandon Birch is the CEO. Able Life has developed over 15 revolutionary mobility aids, and their number is growing every year! They hire the smartest and brightest engineers, and their staff is dedicated to listening to their customers’ requirements and creating new products that meet users’ needs. As a result, able Life’s technologies enable you to be Comfortably Independent!

Universal Stand Assist | Chair Lift Assist for Elderly

by Able Life 

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Able Life Universal Stand Assist, Chair Lift Assist For Elderly

The Able Life Universal Stand Assist provides independence, stability, and assistance sitting upright from a chair, sofa, or lounger. The Stand Assist grasp bar is ideal for people who cannot move, have lost their balance, or suffer from injury. In addition, users can utilize the padded handrails to raise and lower themselves from the armchair alone without a caregiver‘s involvement. It is readily available on Amazon.


The padded handles aid patients with comfortable movements. It is ideal for patients to help them change their positions from sitting to standing upright. In addition, it offers easy installation with rubber stoppers for ground clearance that provides a non-slipping feature. 

There are two ways to install the Universal Stand Assist. First, some chairs, recliners, and couches necessitate that the product structure is wrapped around the seat (because this cannot remove the cushion). Other armchairs will allow you to insert the product framework behind the backrest (because the pillow is removable).

Why Standing Is Essential for Elderly People

For people who spend most of their day sitting, shifting postures during the day brings relaxation and satisfaction. Individuals who cannot balance themselves spontaneously must rely on alternative forms of assistive standing to profit from an upright position. Some of the advantages of standing include:

Improves Ability to Perform ADLs

Standing allows for more upward than forwarding mobility, which can help with effective reach. This can improve access to and accomplishment of ADLs like dressing, grooming, cooking, toileting, and attempting to reach for medicines.

Pelvic Alignment

Pelvic instability severely impacts postural equilibrium for many wheelchair users, restricting performance and adding to musculoskeletal abnormalities and pain. Standing can help rectify postural abnormalities by promoting pelvic alignment and strengthening the torso and pelvic girdle muscles.

Stimulates Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system controls bodily functions such as blood pressure and breathing rate. Autonomic dysfunction can be either reversible or progressive. For example, standing reduces the incidence of orthostatic hypotension, and autonomic nervous system disorder, and improves cardiovascular health.

Pressure Relief

Standing can help relieve pressure while also emptying the ischial tuberosities and sacrum. The ischium is the curved bone at the bottom of your pelvis, while the sacrum is a shield-shaped bony structure positioned at the base of the lumbar vertebrae and attached to the pelvis. Standing also helps to lessen the possibility of pressure sores.

Happy enthusiastic group of senior women doing a physical workout in a seniors gym standing and smiling

Sensory Input & Proprioception

Proprioception, also known as kinesthesia, is the ability of your body to detect movement, action, and position. It can be found in every muscle movement you make. For example, without thinking about your next step, you couldn’t move if you didn’t have proprioception. Compressive pressure through the joints can trigger sensory response and offer proprioceptive feedback, supporting patients in comprehending their bodies’ spatial orientation.

Respiratory Support

Standing relieves strain on vital organs, such as the lungs. This boost in pulmonary function results in higher blood oxygenation, promoting exercise tolerance and muscular performance.

Prevents Contractures in Lower Body

Contractures limit strength and flexibility and reduce muscle length, impairing efficiency. On the other hand, standing encourages active mobilization, eliminating atrophied muscles and allowing for more efficient joint mobilization.

Prevents Spasticity in Lower Body

Standing in a stabilized, extended stance can help alleviate spasticity in the lower extremities. Reduced spasticity provides advantages for wheelchair users, including safer transfer, learning capabilities and completion of everyday activities, and improved wheelchair placement.

Circulatory Training

Sitting for long periods is bad for your circulation and back, especially for seniors. It negatively affects leg muscles and reduces blood flow in your legs, potentially resulting in a clot. It may take some getting accustomed to, but standing up activates the valves in your leg veins, moving blood up to your heart. Standing also helps minimize edema, deep vein thrombosis, and venous dysfunction.

Stimulates Autonomic Nervous System

Standing reduces the incidence of orthostatic hypotension and improves cardiovascular health.

Sensory Input & Proprioception

Compressive load through the joints can stimulate sensory response and provide proprioceptive feedback, assisting patients in understanding where their bodies are spatially.

Final Thoughts

A sit-to-stand lift works as a great device for transferring patients, lifting them from hospital beds, and helping them out with their posture and regular activities. Hence, it is worth the investment. 

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