Home Safety Solutions: Essential Products for Senior Living

Key Points

  • Home safety solutions help seniors age safely in their homes.

  • Many electronic home modifications for seniors' safety products integrate with web-based applications for monitoring on the go.

  • Consider your physical needs, living situation, and tech skills when you choose safety products for your home.

As you age, you want to trust that your home is secure and help is there when you need it. Senior safety products help you continue to live independently and enjoy your quality of life. 

“Making the appropriate accommodations and safety improvements are essential for helping seniors remain independent,” says Brenda West, Director of Operations for Elderwood Assisted Living in Tonawanda, New York.

Safety products help prevent accidents and provide peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. By spotting hazards and taking simple steps to correct them, you prevent injuries to yourself or visitors in your home. The most important devices for your home range from medical alert systems to non-slip bath mats. Consider the best home safety solutions for seniors for you.

MB3000 Motion Sensing LED

by Mr. Beams 

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02/19/2024 07:42 pm GMT
Motion Sensor Lights 

Senior motion sensor lights turn on when they detect motion within their range. They often illuminate entryways, driveways, and outdoor spaces where they provide security and convenience. Senior motion sensor lights come in a range of styles, and you install them indoors or outdoors.

Consider quality brands like Mr. Beams, AmeriTop, and LITOM when you select a product that's right for you. 

Beams MB3000 Security Spotlight is a wireless, battery-powered spotlight with motion sensing. Two adjustable heads provide 500 lumens for complete, customizable lighting. It installs in minutes without wires anywhere around your home and is weatherproof for outdoor use. Each set of batteries lasts up to one year.

4G Medical Alert System

by Medical Guardian

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02/19/2024 07:07 pm GMT

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are wearable devices that connect to an emergency monitoring center with the press of a button. Many seniors who live alone use medical alert systems so they may easily call for help in an emergency. These devices might include features like fall detection and medication reminders.

When you select a medical alert system, opt for reliable brands like Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm Medical, and Life Alert. 

Mini Guardian is a 4G medical alert system by Medical Guardian. This clip-on smart button is half the size of traditional senior alarms, so it's discrete and easy to wear on your clothing, purse, or lanyard.  Simply push a button to connect 24/7 to a live USA-based operator. Optional fall detection will place a call on your behalf if you fall. 

Bathroom Safety 12-Inch Textured Grip

by Moen 

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Grab Bars

Grab bars for seniors provide a secure handhold in areas where you need extra stability, like your bathroom or bedside. They're made of sturdy metals and mount securely to the wall or another stable surface. Grab bars for seniors provide support for standing and sitting or in wet areas like your shower.

Grab bars come in various sizes and styles, and you may install them anywhere with a proper anchoring framework. Look for grab bars for seniors from reliable brands like Moen, Delta, and Drive Medical. 

Moen R8712P 12-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar mounts at any angle to support up to 500 pounds. It has a durable stainless steel construction with a slip-resistant surface and complies with ADA specifications. 

Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat

by Gorilla Grip

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Non-Slip Bath Mats

Non-slip bath mats are a simple safety product that helps prevent slips and falls in the bathtub or shower. They are made of rubber or other slip-resistant materials and may feature suction cups on the bottom to keep them securely in place. 

Choose non-slip bath mats from quality brands like Gorilla Grip, Yimobra, and SlipX Solutions. 

The Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat has a powerful suction grip, so it stays put in your tub or shower. Hundreds of drainage holes allow water to flow under the mat and down the drain so it doesn't sit stagnant. The mat is soft on your feet and machine washable. 

Stair Lift Folds Flat to Wall

by Universal Lifts

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Stair Lifts

Senior stair lifts help you safely traverse stairs when you have limited mobility. A motorized chair or platform operates on a rail system, so you may travel up and down the staircase while seated. You'll need a professional to install your senior stair lift, but once in place, you'll enjoy greater independence and mobility within your home.

Explore senior stair lifts from respected brands like Bruno, Harmar, and Acorn Stairlifts.

Universal Stair Lift installs on either side of your stairs and folds flat to the wall when it's not in use. It plugs into a standard AC outlet and has an internal rechargeable battery that runs up and down over 20 times when the power is out. This senior stair lift operates easily with a wireless remote control and has a 350-pound weight capacity.

Watch SE (2nd Gen)

by Apple 

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Personal GPS Trackers

Personal GPS trackers use GPS technology to track your location in real time, which you or others may view on a mobile app or web portal. Personal GPS trackers are especially useful if you have limited mobility or have cognitive impairments and may get lost. Some trackers have additional features like SOS buttons, geofencing, and two-way communication.

Opt for a personal GPS tracker from a trusted brand like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Freedom Guardian. 

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) Smart Watch helps you monitor your fitness, keep connected, track your health, and stay safe. The watch has many health and safety features like a fitness and sleep tracker, a heart rate monitor, crash detection, fall detection, and an emergency SOS. It syncs with your Apple devices and services.

Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

by Google 

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Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors are smoke alarms that are equipped with advanced sensors and connect to a wireless network. They integrate with other smart home devices like smart thermostats and security cameras and send alerts to your mobile device or another connected device. Smart smoke detectors may incorporate carbon monoxide detection. 

Choose smart smoke detectors from tested brands like Nest Protect, First Alert Onelink, and Kidde.

Google Nest Protect is a battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detector that speaks up to warn you when there's smoke or carbon monoxide in your home and tells you where it's located. It connects to your Wi-Fi and sends an alert to your phone app if the alarm goes off or the batteries run low. Google Nest Protect also features a motion-sensor nightlight, a 10-year battery, and remote safety testing.

Nest Doorbell Video Security Camera

by Google 

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Video Doorbells

Video doorbells for elderly people allow you to view and communicate with visitors at your front door by using a mobile app. When a visitor approaches your door, a motion sensor detects their presence and alerts you on your mobile device. Then you see a live video feed of the area and communicate using a built-in speaker and microphone. 

Video doorbells integrate with other smart home devices like smart locks and security cameras. Established brands like Ring, Nest Hello, and Arlo offer reliable video doorbells for elderly people.

Google Nest Doorbell streams a live video feed to see and talk to people at your door. Compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it replaces a wired doorbell. Chat through your doorbell to let friends know you'll be right there, or tell a delivery person where to leave a package. Review up to three hours of video history or up to 30 hours with a subscription.

Home Security Door Burglar Alarm


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Door and Window Alarms

Senior door alarms and senior window alarms alert you if someone enters your home or opens your doors or windows. These alarms use magnets to sense when a unit is opened and triggers an alarm, so you feel secure in your residence. They are battery-operated and secure any entry point in your home, including doors, windows, and sliding glass doors. 

Look for trusted brands of door alarms for senior home safety and senior window alarms like Sabre, GE Personal Security, and Doberman Security. 

The battery-operated SABRE Wireless Home Security installs without any wiring. Sensors are easy to mount and user-friendly. Set them to sound an alarm or a chime or turn them off completely. The extremely loud 120-decibel alarm is audible up to 750 feet away, so it wakes you and deters intruders. It may even alert your neighbors.

Choose Home Safety Solutions For Your Peace of Mind

Home safety solutions provide you and your loved ones with invaluable peace of mind. Whether it's installing grab bars in the bathroom, using a personal GPS tracker, or investing in a smart smoke detector or video doorbell, there are a variety of senior safety products available to improve your home's safety and security. 

Take account of your physical needs, your living situation, and your technical skills when you choose safety products for your home. Investing in your safety is a small price to pay for knowing you are protected.

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