Do You Need a Shower Chair With Arms? Here’s Why You Do

Transferrable shower bench with arms.

Showers may be hard when you're older, recuperating from surgery, or coping with a chronic condition. You may not have the energy to stand for long enough to wash. It's of the utmost importance to practice shower safety, especially for seniors.

Showers may be exhausting for many individuals and require some bathroom adaptations. Therefore, using a shower chair can save you time and energy. Showering becomes a chore that many begin to avoid when mobility is limited. It can also become a little frightening, given how often shower falls occur. To feel more at ease, purchasing them with something substantial like the products from Drive Medical is a worthwhile option.

What Is a Shower Seat or Chair?

The term "bath chair" or "shower stool" may also describe a shower chair with arms.

Designed for the elderly and others with physical and cognitive disabilities who cannot stand for the length of their shower or need to perform wound care, this is a chair alternative. These chairs may also make it less likely that you'll trip and fall in the shower.

In most cases, shower chairs are plastic, with aluminum arms and legs. There will be four legs in all, each having a rubber cap on the bottom of each foot. Even when the bath surface is wet and slippery, the chair won't slide if it has these rubber tops.

The elderly person relaxes in the chair and bathes, either alone or with the help of a caregiver. So, how exactly do you take a shower while using a shower chair with arms?

Shower chair with handles

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Features To Keep An Eye On

Before you travel to the shop or purchase it online, you need to know the four essential elements of a shower chair with arms and how they contribute to safety techniques in the shower. Due to its repeated use, patients will need to ensure all purchases are of the highest quality and durable medical equipment. The following are the four main factors to consider when purchasing the best shower chair.


Shower seats are an essential bathing aid for the disabled and elderly. They are available with or without a backrest to accommodate different levels of mobility. If possible, look for chairs that include additional features such as non-slip seats, swivel seats, rubbing grips, or handles that provide you with even more support in the bath.

A brightly colored shower chair with arms should be used by the elderly with visual impairments.

Assistive Drainage

Poor drainage is a major contributor to the slipping of shower chairs with arms. Shower chairs should have drainage holes to allow water to flow out quickly. It is an important consideration when purchasing a shower chair with arms.

Weight Capacity

If you're looking for a shower chair with arms, you should choose one that can support your weight. As risky as showering without a shower chair, buying one with less weight capability can be even riskier.

Consider purchasing a shower chair that can handle the weight of a bariatric patient. Don't forget to check the seat's capacity before buying and choosing the heavy-duty ones.


There are a variety of shower seats on the market. Some may provide short-term support for those with injuries or fractures. In contrast, others can provide comprehensive assistance for people with long-term mobility issues.

Shower seats with padded backs and robust frames, such as those made of plastic, tend to survive longer than those without padding. This sort of seat is a good compromise between comfort and long-term use.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Shower Armchair?

A shower seat is well-known for its primary purpose of preventing falls and injuries in the bathroom. These are the most incredible shower chairs for anyone concerned about their safety when taking a shower or bath.

Shower seats are immediately associated with elderly or disabled persons. The fact is that they are a must-have bathing accessory for anybody of any age.

A shower chair with arms might be helpful for a variety of people. When it comes to bathing, the elderly and the disabled need assistance. Showering help is for those who have recently been injured in the lower back or spine and need it.

If you have an injury to your leg, knee, or ankle, you may obtain the assistance you need to finish your regular shower routine. Assistive devices like shower benches make bathing with crutches easier for those who use them often.

The first shower chair with arms you see at a shop or online isn't always the best option for your bathroom. Before purchasing, you must weigh the pros and cons of each product's quality, functionality, and durability.

Because of the additional features, the finest shower seat with arms maybe a little more expensive than other models. Different qualities like adequate drainage, durability, safety, weight capacity, and others are essential for ensuring the safety and protection of users.

Shower chair with handles

How Important Is a Shower Chair with Arms?

If you've ever wondered why so many elderly or wounded people fall in the bathroom, they don't have a shower bench with arms to assist them in keeping their balance.

As we age, we become more prone to falls due to the increased usage of medications, which may have undesirable but unavoidable side effects such as tunnel vision. Even seated, we are more in danger of falling and fracturing our bones, which can lead to the requirement of surgery. Because of the additional support provided by a shower chair with arms, we are less likely to injure our left or right sides.

Convenience and Comfort in One Package

Having a shower chair with arms is also beneficial because it makes you feel somewhat more comfortable when you are showering. In the shower, you may sit down, place your arms on the arms of your bath seat with arms, and genuinely relax. Even if you don't need to brace yourself to grab anything within arm's reach, you can rest easy knowing that you won't have to stand up straight if you need to utilize a shower chair with rails.

Comparing Armless and Armed Shower Chairs

To benefit from a shower chair with arms, you must know that their distinctions are what you want from a bath seat. For example, a shower chair with armrests maybe your best option if you're looking for the additional security that we've discussed above (one without arms).

The Many Benefits

There are several advantages to owning a shower stool with a backrest. As an example, consider the following:

Shower chair with arms


Even though it may seem silly, while you're sitting in a bath chair with arms, you'll have the extra convenience of being able to hang items such as puffballs, washcloths, and even some shampoo bottles on the handles. Alternatively, you may buy little wire shower racks or baskets and put them on the arm for additional storage.

Improved Transfers

With chair arms, people with mobility issues may easily get into and out of the chair. Patients who cannot shift may benefit from a shower chair with no arms or removable arms. You should attach grab bars to a shower chair with arms to make it easier for the caregiver to assist patients in and out of the shower.

If you purchase a medical shower chair with arms, you will likely get a device with rubber grips attached to the armrests. Getting in and out of the bathtub just became a whole lot simpler. It may be challenging to get back up from a bath stool, and you may need external rails built-in your shower or linked to walls to get back up and sit down more comfortably.

Replaceable Arms

The arms of certain shower chairs are permanent, but most of the time, you may get a shower chair with detachable arms and use it either way. Do bear in mind that the more bespoke features you're purchasing, the more expensive the product may be. Many choose to purchase an ordinary shower chair and not attach the shower handles.

Five Steps to Using a Shower Chair

1. Set up the chair in the shower or bathtub, so the showerhead is in the appropriate place.

2. It must be stable. It would help to place a non-slip mat beneath the legs for additional safety.

3. Please make sure there aren't any obstacles that might tumble from the tub wall and cause injuries.

4. Increase or decrease the chair's seat height to accommodate standing and sitting.

5. Never sit on the edge of the chair.

We'll address all of those questions and more in this part, so keep reading!

There are a few things to keep in mind while using a shower chair with arms for the elderly (or anybody else). We'll go over each step in further detail so you know exactly how to assist your elderly loved one with their new chair.

Place It In The Shower Stall or Tub to Use the Shower Chair

No shower cubicle or bathtub means no shower chair for an older adult.

Ensure it's as stable as possible by placing it in that location right away. The shower chair should not be able to slide, wobble, or lean. If not, you'll need to move it till it's secure. Alternatively, for the legs to remain level, all four rubberized feet should be on the bottom of the tub or shower, and the legs should not shift in any way.

Make Sure It Is Stable

It's never a bad idea to be extra cautious; therefore, you may go the additional mile. Adding a mat under the shower chair reduces the possibility of the chair toppling and dumping the senior out onto the shower floor. Do not put all your weight on one armrest alone.

Choose a non-slip flat mat if you wish to avoid slipping. A wet mat that won't bunch up beneath the shower chair is an added benefit of using a slip-resistant mat for your senior. If it occurred, it would create a tripping hazard that would be a problem.

Built in shower chair

Remove All Complications

Does the tub or shower include anything that might be harmful?

For example, you may move the shower caddy from one side of the tub to the other, depending on your preference. You never know when the suction cups may break free, and the whole caddy will fall to the ground.

Examine the floor and the tub's lip, if applicable. Everything that might get in the way of you, or your elderly loved one, needs to be removed, from bottles to soap dishes.

Alter The Height of The Chair

Look for shower chairs with height-adjustable legs when purchasing one. It would be best to do this before the older adult takes a shower or bath.

The seat should be comfortable for them to reach the floor with their feet. It should be possible for them to sit with their feet flat on the floor if the chair sets correctly.

Sit in The Middle of The Chair

Helping them onto the shower chair is the next step when ready to bathe. Alternatively, you may use a shower bench to assist them in traveling from Point A to Point B.

Seniors should also know how to utilize a shower chair properly. They shouldn't sit on the edge since they may easily fall over the side. Instead, they should sit in the middle of the chair and stay there until they finish bathing.

Shower Chair Types

There are many different shower accessories for seniors and it is possible to find mobility aids in a variety of ways:

Standard Shower Chair

A conventional shower chair has a wide, comfortable seat with an adjustable height for users to sit on as they clean. As a result, back support keeps them from drooping while also keeping them comfy. Additionally, the rubberized feet and hand grips give stability.

It is preferable to choose a shower chair with an adjustable seat so that you or a loved one may have a more comfortable shower experience.

The Chair That Folds Into a Stool

A foldable stool chair differs from a regular shower chair in that it does not have a backrest. It's still a four-legged beast with four metal legs and rubberized feet. Rather than padded armrests, the seat, usually constructed of hard plastic, features two holes on each side for the user to grab.

A curved form is in both the seat and backrest to fit the user's body better. A foldable stool chair is a more convenient and cost-effective choice for older adults who want assistance when bathing.

It's also convenient to have folding stool chairs if you live with other family members since you can fold the chair up after your senior showers and move it out of the way.

Shower stool

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Bariatric Shower Chair

A movable shower chair might be better for a senior in and out of the shower several times. Wheels constructed of resilient rubber may lock into place in place of rubberized feet.

Despite its wheelchair-like appearance, a rolling shower chair offers security and relaxation. The backrest of this shower chair is adjustable (which is sometimes adjustable depending on the model), a padded seat, and retractable armrests (to provide the user more room to move about while bathing). Shower chairs that serve as over-the-toilet sitting options are standard.

A Folding Shower Seat

Despite their catchy name, you shouldn't move the fold-down shower chairs. You should expect to keep it in your shower forever.

It is attached to the wall using screws. That's why it's less customizable, but the senior still features back support, armrests, a large seat, and sometimes even two front chair legs for additional stability.

For your elderly loved one to safely enter and exit the shower, you should have a grab bar built in the shower area.

Folding shower seat

A Transfer Bath Bench

This tub transfer bench is a transfer chair or shower bench. The elderly can get into and out of their shower seats with this. Depending on your needs, you may choose between carousel sliding or non-slide transfer benches.

Sliding or rolling transfer benches may be more convenient for the elderly since they don't need a lot of movement. It's easy for the elderly to go from shower chair to shower chair with the help of a sliding feature. To prevent the older adult from falling, either use a sliding frame or rails.

Four legs provide stability on non-sliding transfer benches (such as this one). Also included is a senior-friendly backrest.

Seniors use scooting to go from the shower or tub to the bench.

Suppose you are looking for a proper shower or bath option or any other bathroom accessories for those with limited mobility. In that case, it is essential to check with your original Medicare and Medicare advantage plan to see which options are covered. Many patients have obtained a free or discounted commode chair and shower stool through their plans.

Pair your shower chair with the perfect pillow for bathing, and you'll be well on your way to an oasis right inside your own home!

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