Do Antibiotics Make You Tired & Lethargic? It’s not unheard of that antibiotics make people tired. There’s been much scientific research to support or refute these claims. It can be hard to tell if fatigue is a side effect of antibiotics, the immune system fighting off infections, other medications, other illnesses, or lifestyle factors. Since

Fungal infections are common in various parts of the world. Fungal infections arise in humans when an invading fungus takes over a body region too large for the immune system to manage. Fungi may exist in the air, soil, water, and plants, among other places. You may also find some fungi naturally in the human

Sometimes the pain from an underlying infection of the toenail might seem inconsequential. But in some cases, home treatment does not work and will require toenail removal to help cease the pain. This post will help provide the information for the proper prevention of ingrown nails when it is time to seek help from a

Looking For Solutions To Hearing Loss Anyone who has ever experienced the frustration accompanying hearing loss knows well that it can stir strong emotions. Recent statistics show that almost 20 percent of Americans experience hearing loss that compromises the ability to perform daily tasks, connect with others, and enjoy life. Resound Hearing Aids have answered

The ear is a very complex and vulnerable organ. If the ear gets congested, you’ll know it right away. It impacts the world around you and never truly disappears completely. Ear infections are quite common in older adults. Based on the underlying blockage, ear infections can be quite bothersome, uncomfortable, and irritating for older adults.

Imagine you’re spending a day outside with your grandkids at the park. They’re having a lot of fun, and you’re getting to take pictures of the precious memories they’re making. All of a sudden, your nose starts running and becomes all stuffy. It can be very frustrating to feel congested, and if you’re feeling bad