Best Throw Rugs for a Stylish Home

family room with a blue couch and loveseat, white area rug

Comfort and aesthetic appeal aren’t the only benefits of rugs. Many people prefer to decorate their home with rugs and use them to create a separation between spaces. For example, one or more of these rugs can separate a living area from a dining area. By using mats to visually separate a study area in a bedroom or a foyer area in a long hallway, you don’t have to use a traditional room divider.

A well-chosen rug arrangement can enhance spaces other than open-plan layouts. You can find various easily washable rugs for your home. With fewer furniture pieces, smaller spaces can be more livable and visually appealing without blocking the space with room dividers and screens. Additionally, rugs are helpful in rooms that serve several functions, such as a guest room that also serves as an office or a kid’s room that also needs to have a play area.

In addition to creating intimate conversation areas, rugs can highlight certain focal points in the room and draw attention to certain areas. People make sure that all pieces of furniture can touch the rug at least partially. A cohesive appearance helps give this area a sense of uniqueness from the rest of the room.

Throw rugs that match the interior décor of your home can add warmth to the room. Adding handmade modern rugs to a room brightens the space with its combination of rich colors and textures. Because home is a place where people spend most of their time, it should be a lavish and pleasant place for the homeowners. Since everyone has been restricted to their homes since the recent pandemic, adding a rug will instantly transform the same room into a happy space. A throw rug of the correct color can help you play with the room’s d by blending with the room’s tone and adding an appeal to it.

Those who walk, sit, or even lie on rugs will feel warm and comfortable as they are extremely soft and will brighten up the room. These rugs perform the same function as carpet protectors, protecting from traffic, spills, and abrasive soils while slowing down wear and prolonging the life of the carpet. Since a rug is much easier to replace than replacing the carpeting of the entire house, it makes sense to replace a rug first.

Living room with 2 overstuffed white chairs and a woven throw rug

Reasons Why Throw Rugs Can Enhance the Look of the Home Interior

Decorative and functional rugs are a versatile addition to any room. Any room can benefit from having this piece of art, as it adds character to the space through its striking patterns, textures, and colors. Everything blends to create the perfect ambiance for any décor. Here are some reasons to try different rug styles to enhance the overall look of your home interior

Brightens Up Your Dark Corners

Rugs with light colors are an excellent addition to a room with dark furniture and walls. For example, you can add rugs that feature orange accents and a simple but stunning geometric pattern. This style will surely brighten up your day. Likewise, if your carpet is dark, you can add a light rug to brighten up the look and feel of your lounge room.

Rugs are versatile, which is one of the benefits of having them. The materials can be moved around the room, even between different rooms, and you can even take them with you when you move! In addition, you can change them frequently according to the season or whenever you like if you love changing your décor frequently.

For contemporary homes, dark wood or laminate floors are an attractive and popular option. However, some spaces, particularly corridors without windows, can lose a lot of light due to these fixtures.

These floors are best matched with runner rugs in a lighter color that breaks up the richness and allows for plenty of airflow. The traditional pattern of some runner rugs incorporates off-whites to create an air of lightness without revealing every spot of dirt.

Sizzles Up Your Décor

The graphic patterns of a modern rug creates a world all its own, which showcases the furniture in the best possible way. Rugs, especially old and precious rugs, create a theatrical atmosphere that can be enhanced by soft wall colors or prints on curtains and home textiles. In addition, rugs add a touch of warmth and décor to any room by adding color and texture. The right rug can anchor a room, define it, provide warmth, and add layers to the décor.

Rugs in bold colors and whimsical patterns can enliven a space. An appropriate complement to a room may be a neutral patterned rug or a traditional pattern. Additionally, contrast the floors by placing dark rugs on light floors and vice versa. It is usual for people to think of rugs as a way to accent their home décor. 

Warmly Welcomes All the Guests

Rugs at the entryway provide a warm welcome to guests and visitors. It is pretty common for tenants to be prohibited from placing welcome mats at the entrance to their building. Therefore, there is no harm in putting a small rug that says “Welcome” just outside the front door. It is a good idea to have a rug like this when you welcome guests to your house. Moreover, it makes your home cleaner by giving them a convenient means to wipe their shoes off.

However, if you want to describe it, call it a foyer, a passageway, or an entrance hall. It can be challenging to style this space between your well-planned home and the great outdoors. Also, the outdoor rug is a particular example of this since you must take into account the natural elements and your home’s style and seamlessly wrangle the two.

Imperfections Don’t Matter at All

The presence of an unsightly mark or distracting imperfection in your hardwood floors is often a good reason to cover it with a natural fiber rug. However, you must take immediate action if you notice any damage to your floor. Tripping hazards should be repaired whenever possible rather than just covered up to prevent accidents.

Rugs can be a short-term fix when you have a problem with your floor, like cracked tiles, for instance – since they can hide the damage. In ideal situations, these rugs will blend well with the other furniture in the room. Rugs are all yours to keep when you move.

Renting a home still means making it look nice if you want to show it off. However, the floors may be cheaper and more imperfect in some rental properties. Rugs are a good choice if you want to disguise your floors’ imperfections and make them look appealing.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Are your children smearing your floors, or does your dog seem to want to shred your favorite teddy? It will almost certainly involve a broom, dustpan, bin bag, and possibly even a mop if you don’t have a rug. However, a rug only requires that you clean it with a vacuum so that the rug pad remains as soft as wool.

Cleanliness is one of the advantages of rugs. Since rugs are made of fibers, vacuuming them is easy. Every week, vacuuming will help you remove dust. It might be a good idea to hang your rug outside and beat it, however, if the weather allows it.

5 Rugs To Give Home An Impeccable Look

Today, many people consider purchasing rugs for their floors when they move into a new home since some homes do not come carpeted. In terms of deciding whether to buy a rug or two for your place, it might seem like a simple matter of preference. There are various types of modern rugs like wool, outdoor, and geometric rugs. Here are the top-rated rugs available on Amazon

1. Ophanie Small Throw Rug, 2×3 Feet Area Rug, Non-Slip Grey Mini Fluffy Fuzzy Soft Carpet for Bedroom, Gray Non-Skid Shag Shaggy Bedside Indoor Floor Room Rugs for Kids Baby Teen Dorm Home Decor

Rugs like the Ophanie area rug feel luxurious, are soft to touch, beautiful and comfortable, and are skin-friendly. Every rug comes in a solid color and has a simple design that makes your room look and feel comfortable and welcoming. For example, a shaggy area rug with beautifully colored shags would be a great addition to your home. This rug is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, children’s rooms, girls’ rooms, baby’s rooms, and playrooms. With its incredibly soft, velvety texture and hypoallergenic polyester material, this rug is ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies. 

The carpet is a great place to relax! It’s the perfect thing babies do when they’re on their stomachs. The rugs are safe for children and pets! A high-density sponge interlayer provides an incredibly soft feel with Ophanie soft area rugs. The high-density non-slip dots increase friction for a non-slipping bottom. This eliminates the need for additional underpads. However, under the rug, there may be water that causes it to slip. Ensure that the rug’s base is dry when using it.

Small Area Rug | 2 x 3 Feet Throw Rug
$12.99 ($2.16 / Sq Ft)

by Ophanie 

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Ophanie Small Throw Rug
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2. Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rugs Bedroom Furry Carpet Bedside Faux Fur Sheepskin Area Rugs Children Play Princess Room Decor Rug, 2 x 3 Feet

Noahas Luxury Fluffy faux fur sheepskin area rug is perfect for making your house beautiful and adding an appeal to it. These modern rugs are made with a stylish design, are soft and comfortable, and offer a rich tactile appeal. This makes it an ideal addition to any interior. Several types of shaggy rugs can be used in many different places. Faux sheepskin rugs are essential if you have pets in your house. This cozy and soft rug is perfect for your pets and contains natural fiber as well.

Adding a stylish furry rug with a smooth feel to your kid’s room or nursery will add a touch of elegance. Step out of your shoes and feel the carpet beneath your toes as you walk around the bedroom. Alternatively, you can shake it off with a hand-held vacuum, machine wash it in cold water with the delicate setting, and better protect it with laundry bags. There is no need to worry about fibers coming out or fading with this amazing rug.

Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rugs
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3. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug, 2′ x 3′, Dark Grey

The neutral colors of nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug allow it to blend effortlessly with any existing décor. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning with a mild detergent or a rug cleaner will keep the rug clean and maintainable. Turkey is the country of manufacture for these 100% polypropylene rugs.

Everyday wear and tear isn’t a problem since they are made from durable materials. The rug is made of synthetic material, which is safe for pets and children and for high-traffic areas of your home: the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallway. For convenient placement in entryways, under furniture, and won’t obstruct doorways, the pile height of 0.37″ is a perfect choice.

Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug
$34.99 ($5.83 / Sq Ft)

by nuLOOM 

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4. Fuzzy Abstract Area Rugs for Bedroom Living Room Fluffy Shag Fur Rug for Kids Nursery Dorm Room Cozy Furry Rugs Plush Throw Rug Shaggy Decorative Accent Rug for Indoor Home Floor Carpet

Immediately after you put the Fuzzy Abstract Area Rugs in your bedroom or living room, you will feel the difference it brings to your room. You don’t have to be concerned with product quality problems with this rug. For cleaning, it is best to vacuum this rug, and wash with mild detergent followed by tumble drying on low so the carpet will not deform. The best option to reduce the probability of your child getting injured when playing is this soft shaggy rug for your boy or girl’s bedroom. In addition to being suitable for home décor, this rug can be used as area rugs, a nursery for babies to crawl on, and even yoga mats

An attractive gradient offered by this rug will make your space seem welcoming and vibrant. A designer look can easily be achieved without paying an expensive designer. As this shag rug dampens and warms cold floors, it is ideal for both traditional and contemporary rooms. Imagine closing your eyes as you sit on your fuzzy carpet. A half-inch thick nectarine velvet pile feels super soft to the touch. However, you would feel the lightness in the rug at the same time. The rug feels like you’ve added an extra cushion under your body. The middle high-density sponge layer of the throw rug reduces fatigue.

Loomed Area Rug for Kids Play Room

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5. Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug Beige Fluffy Area Rug Shag Rug Carpets for Bedroom Living Room, 2 x 3 Feet 

The Ashler brand is committed to offering high-quality home textile products. It’s perfect for making your living space cozier. Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug is made out of faux sheepskin and can be adapted to fit any area you want. In addition to adding to the appeal, it is a carpet that feels good to touch and results in providing a comfortable experience. This rug is durable and stable simultaneously, rendering it ideal for use as a comfortable floor mat. It’s beautiful, soft, and will not be easily damaged.

Created with a striking design and made of sophisticated materials, this faux fur rug suits a wide variety of spaces. The classic colors of rugs are an invaluable part of creating an urban look and feel to your space. Plush rugs on the floor provide superior comfort when placed on the floor. A soft and comfortable chair is created with throws or drapes. Place them over your rug to enhance your décor. 

Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug
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Final Words

Many people love to make changes to their home décor frequently. By replacing rugs, you can drastically change the feel of your room. For example, you may want to buy two different styles for your living room: one for winter and one for summer. It is an effortless way to create a soft, luxurious surface underfoot by laying rugs on the floor. You can utilize rugs in a variety of ways to enhance a room or any particular space in your house. Rugs provide a convenient way to divide a room into different areas. They can be repositioned or removed completely and exchanged with other rugs whenever you like.

In addition to bringing several benefits into your home, rugs are also extremely versatile. You can move them around the house, from room to room, and even take them with you when you move! Additionally, you can also reduce the risk of injuries from slips and falls inside your home by using rugs. For example, adding a runner to your home’s long hallway can be helpful if you have children. For the same reason, if you notice that part of your floor becomes slippery after cleaning it, you might put a rug over it to prevent slipping accidents.

A rug can also serve the purpose of connecting different areas. Adding rugs with the same central design or color theme will help you achieve a cohesive look in your home.

Traditional-style homes with lots of rooms rather than open floor plans are better suited to this example. In addition, maintaining a consistent flow throughout the space with so many walls and divisions can be challenging. Lastly, a rug creates visual unity and a sense of belonging.

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