Best Tall Walkers For Seniors

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Walkers can be very beneficial to people so they can reduce the risk of injury and maintain the lifestyle they prefer. However, there’s one major problem. How do you know which walker to choose? There are many different types of walkers, functions built into walkers, price ranges, and other considerations. This guide will help you find the best walker for you and help you understand what walkers can be used for, the different types of tall walkers, various kinds of other functions to consider when purchasing a walker, and our top choices for best tall walkers. 

What Are Walkers Used For?

It might be helpful to understand a little bit about walkers can be used for before making your purchase, especially if this is the first time you’ve purchased a walker. This list includes just some of the many different things tall walkers are used for. 

Stabilizing Movement and Mobility

As people get older, they become more susceptible to injury, tripping, and falling. People also naturally get weaker over time, which may lead to them not being able to walk as far, walk over certain surfaces, and similar things. One thing that can help stabilize the movement and mobility of seniors is a walker. Tall walkers especially help seniors maintain proper postures, so their backs and legs don’t get as sore walking. 

Recovering After Injury or Surgery

Recovering from an injury or a surgery can be stressful on the body, especially with seniors. As people get older, hip and knee surgeries are standard procedures, as everyone wants to keep moving around and walking. Using some aid to help walking after surgery or an injury can relieve some pressure off the injured joints, muscles, or bones. A tall walker is the perfect aid to get back to normal with movement after an injury or surgery, as it allows people to stand up straight without being hunched over. Tall walkers also allow seniors to keep their balance better with the use of handles, seats, and backrests.

Allowing Seniors to Remain Active

Another use for a tall walker is helping seniors to maintain an active lifestyle. Many seniors like spending time walking around, doing things outside with family, or even reducing the amount of time they’re sitting down. But, they may be worried that they’ll fall, be standing for too long, or won’t be able to walk very long distances without having to take a break. That’s where a tall walker assists. Tall walkers merely assist seniors with walking to remain active while getting the support they need. 

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Boosting Confidence With Seniors

One last but not least reason tall walkers are used with seniors is that they can increase confidence in their walking abilities. If seniors know they won’t be able to stand, walk, or do physical activities for an extended amount of time because their lower bodies are weaker or injured, they may forgo an activity. Seniors that use tall walkers won’t have to worry about their mobility or movement, because they have the help of a sturdy and comfortable walking aid at their ready. 

What Are The Different Types of Tall Walkers?

Now that you know what many things walkers can be used for, let’s take a look at the different types of tall walkers. Other types of walkers can be used for different things, and this list breaks it down for you in an easy-to-understand way.

The Standard Tall Walker

Standard walkers are the most simple version of a walker without all the bells and whistles a high end walker offers. These walkers are made out of lightweight metal that is easy to fold and put away. Usually, standard walkers don’t have wheels and if they do they’re small. Standard walkers are the most basic types of walkers that provide the most minor assistance, making it a perfect first choice of a walker or perfect for injury/surgery recovery. Seniors using standard walkers should have enough strength to pick the walker up and move it forward with each step. 

The Wheeled Tall Walker

The wheeled walker is essentially a standard walker with two wheels added to its front. These wheels usually only go forwards or backwards, so the walker will still need to be picked up and turned around if seniors need to change directions while using one. You’ve seen walkers like these before- some even have tennis balls on the legs to allow for smoother movement. And although not as common, some wheeled walkers have four wheels which allows for even more movement throughout. 

The Rollator Tall Walker

The rollator walker style is a walker that provides the most moving and stability assistance between the different types of walkers. They usually have four wheels on them that can move in any direction you need- so there’s no need to pick the walker up and turn it around if you need to move in a different direction. Many rollators also have padded seats, backrests, comfortable handles, and can even a cane holder. A rollator walker tends to be the most expensive of the other walker choices that we’ve looked at, just because of the support and extra functioning they provide.

Bariatric Walkers

This last type of walker is a special type of walker that serves a specific function. Also known as heavy duty rollator wheelers, they accommodate more serious users. Usually, the weight limit of a heavy duty wheeler is 500lb instead of the typical 300lb. They are generally wider and built with larger wheels to best accommodate the user. These walkers will also be on the more expensive side, so it is recommended that you only purchase one if you need one. 

Different Functions to Consider When Purchasing a Walker

There are many different types of walkers, there are many different functions you’ll want to consider before purchasing a walker. It would help if you kept some of your priorities for a walker in mind, so you are buying the walker that is the best for you. Here’s some of the different functions you’ll want to consider before making a purchase.

What You Use It For

One big thing to consider when looking to purchase a walker is what you’re going to use it for. If you go on a long walk with your grandkids, you’ll most likely want to invest in a rollator walker or a wheeled walker. If you’re moving in and out of your house, driving to the grocery store, or performing less physically intensive tasks, you may be okay just purchasing a standard walker. 

Mobility of the Walker

The mobility that each walker offers differs from type-to-type and brand-to-brand. Standard walkers may not provide you a whole lot of mobility because they have wheels, while rollator walkers will offer far more mobility because you’re able to change directions easier. If you’re looking for a mobility aid that provides some mobility assistance but doesn’t need too much, then a wheeled walker may be perfect for you.

Seats or No Seats

Whether or not a walker has a seat is another function you may want to consider when looking at different walker options. An option with a seat may be more expensive, but you have a built in place to sit if you get tired or start to get sore. If you only need minor assistance with walking and stability, then a standard walker may be perfect.

Height of the Walker

Hugo Mobility, one walker manufacturer, stresses the importance of purchasing a walker with adjustable height functions added to it. The height of your walker not only plays a huge role in how you walk but also your hand positioning. If you don’t have the proper height selection on your walker, you may be uncomfortable while using the walker. Some walkers even offer adjustable handle height and body height, so you’re sure to have the best fitting walker for you. Furthermore, if you’re a tall person, you may be able to find an option that comes tall to begin with. 

Weight Restrictions of the Walker

Weight restrictions of a walker is another factor to consider before purchasing a walker. Chances are if you’re 300lb or under, you will properly fit and be within the weight restrictions of normal-sized walkers. However, if you or whomever is purchasing the walker is over 300lb, you may want to consider purchasing a walker meant for more prominent people. Larger walkers come fitted with an extra wide padded seat and overall larger frame, with is very beneficial for your comfort and safety if you fall into this category. 

Brakes on a Walker

Last but not least, brakes are another thing you may want to consider when wanting to purchase a walker. If you’re looking for a walker with brakes built into it, rollator walkers usually have a hand brake on them- so all you have to do is gently squeeze below the hand grip of a walker to activate the brake. You may consider purchasing a walker with a braking system if you are looking for more support. However, it is not a necessary feature if you want something more of a standard walker. 

Our Top Tall Walker Choices for Seniors

Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea about the different types of walkers, what functions they include, and what they can be used for, let’s take a look at our top tall walker picks for you. In these, we’ll describe the different things they’re used for and some of their particular functions.

Drive Medical RTL10266BK-T Nitro Foldable Rollator Walker

The Drive Medical Nitro Foldable Rollator Walker is one of our best walker selections available on the market right now. It provides lots of support with respect to mobility, and is easy to use. It also comes fitted with hand brakes, a seat, a small attached bag to place any personal belongings inside, and a backrest to support you adequately when sitting down. This is a tall walker explicitly designed for tall people, and can be found for $261 on Amazon

RTL10266BK-T Nitro Foldable Rollator Walker with Seat

by Drive Medical 

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Elenker Upright Walker

The Elenker Upright Walker is another great walker with many features. It is a foldable walker, making storage easy. It has a padded seat, padded armrests, and a backrest. It comes fitted with hand brakes that are parallel to the handle of the walker, so you don’t have to move your wrist in a downward position that may be uncomfortable to some people. It can be purchased for $189.99 on Amazon.

Stand Up Folding Rollator Walker Back Erect Rolling Mobility Walking Aid with Seat


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OasisSpace Original Upright Walker

The OasisSpace Original Upright Walker supports individuals weighing up to 300lbs, and has a lot of built-in support. Not only does it have comfortable, padded armrests, it has a backrest, seat, and small pouch you can store your personal belongings in. If you’re looking for a walker that has a lot of support, this option may be perfect for you. You can find it for $189.99 on Amazon.

Original Metal Wheels Upright Walker with Seat Support
$179.99 ($179.99 / Count)

by OasisSpace 

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OasisSpace Lightweight Upright Walker

The OasisSpace Lightweight Upright Walker is similar to the last walker we previewed, except more lightweight. It has all the same features, including a backrest, padded armrests, a seat, and a pouch to store your personal belongings in. It is a rollator walker, so it has plenty of mobility. This lightweight version is a little cheaper than the standard version, for $159.99 on Amazon.

Lightweight Upright Walker with Seat with Back Support

by OasisSpace 

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Elenker Upright Walker, Forearm Rollator Walker

The Elenker Upright Walker, Forearm Rollator Walker is designed a little differently than the other walkers we’ve looked at. It’s got two main places you can place your hands by- in an upright position and by your hips. The hand rest in the hip position can also serve as a backrest if you want to sit on the padded seat the walker has. Below the seat is a small bag to store any personal belongings you may want to carry with you. This walker can be found on Amazon for $169.99, and is suitable for various heights of people.

Upright Walker | Forearm Rollator Walker


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Elenker Upright Walker, Stand Up Folding Rollator

The Elenker Upright Walker, Stand Up Folding Rollator has a lot of functions built into it that appeal to a variety of walker users. First and foremost, it is a rollator, so you’ve got a lot of room for mobility. It is also foldable, hence its name, so you’ll be able to store it easily when it is not being used. It also Has two different options for hand placements; one being in an upright position with padded armrests and one set in a sitting part, placed near the seat and backrest of the walker. It also has a relatively large storage unit on the back of the walker, so you can easily store and retrieve your belongings. This walker is $189.99 on Amazon and comes in the color champagne.

Upright Walker | Stand Up Folding Rollator Walker


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Elenker Upright Walker, Stand Up Folding Rollator with Arm and Backrests

This Elenker Upright Walker comes with many similar features as the previous Elenker Walker has. It includes multiple sets of handles, padded armrests, a padded seat, a storage compartment, and a backrest. The only difference between this model and the previous model is the size of the wheels. The front wheels on this rollator walker are 10″ each, while the rear wheels are more minor. This allows for more traction and greater mobility, so if you’re looking for one of the best rollator walker options, this model is great for you. You can purchase this rollator walker for $193.99 on Amazon.

Upright Walker | Stand Up Folding Rollator Walker


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OasisSpace Heavy Duty Upright Walker

The OasisSpace Heavy Duty Upright Walker is a walker that is perfect for individuals weighing up to 450lb. This walker has all the same features of a regular walker, including padded armrests, a backrest, a pouch for storage of personal belongings, and hand brakes. However, the extra-wide padded seat allows for more comfortability of more considerable seniors. This option is perfect for you if you’re looking for something a little bigger and more comfortable. You can purchase this walker for $199.99 on Amazon.

Heavy Duty Upright Walker 450 lb

by OasisSpace 

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There are many different factors to keep in mind when choosing the best walker option, including mobility, usage, and more. The other walkers will also help you decide what walker is best for you based on your personal needs. There are tons of options out there, so there’s no doubt you will find your perfect walker. 

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