Leanne Brooks

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Leanne is a compassionate and knowledgeable senior care expert who is dedicated to helping families make the best decisions for their aging loved ones. She is a trusted resource for families of all ages and backgrounds, and her advice is based on the latest research and best practices.


  • Certified Senior Care Advisor
  • Author of the blog "Leanne's Senior Care Tips"
  • Speaker at senior care conferences and events


Leanne is a certified senior care advisor with over 15 years of experience helping families navigate the senior care landscape. She is the author of the popular blog "Leanne's Senior Care Tips," where she shares her expertise on all aspects of senior care, from choosing the right care facility to navigating the financial challenges of long-term care. Leanne is also a frequent speaker at senior care conferences and events, and her advice has been featured in major media outlets.


Master of Social Work

Expertise: Senior care

Education: University of California, Berkeley

Location: San Francisco, California

Title: Writer

JoinedOctober 19, 2023