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Spills and accidents due to incontinence can lead to irreparable damage to the structural integrity of a mattress and even the bed. Not only that, moisture promotes mold and mildew, which can limit the lifespan of the mattress and even void the warranty of sleep trial agreements. A great waterproof mattress protector is a simple

Do Antibiotics Make You Tired & Lethargic? It’s not unheard of that antibiotics make people tired. There’s been much scientific research to support or refute these claims. It can be hard to tell if fatigue is a side effect of antibiotics, the immune system fighting off infections, other medications, other illnesses, or lifestyle factors. Since

Overview People who live with restricted mobility face several difficulties, one of which is using the bathroom. For people suffering from mobility issues, commode seats are vital equipment for assistance. These health conditions become quite common as you age. These seniors may require support every time they are in the bathroom due to discomfort. They

Today’s article will describe the 9 benefits of silicone scar sheets, one of the many treatments to improve scarring. This is a natural part of the body’s healing process that happens after skin injuries. Many people consider excessive scarring an aesthetic issue and want to reverse it. How Skin Heals After Surgery A scar is

An ingrown nail is a common ailment that usually affects the big toe and occurs when the nail plate grows into the delicate skin around the nail folds. You’ll need to examine yours closely to see how bad it is. You can usually deal with a slightly ingrown nail at home but you’ll need the

Introduction Aching joints, tension in the hips, and back pain are no joke—and, unfortunately, are super common when having to sit for long hours or simply from having to sit in a chair that doesn’t provide any support whatsoever. As we get older, we accumulate more issues that can overall lead to an unhappy person

Assistive devices are an essential tool for many different populations. These devices can be used for mobility, eating, showering, cleaning, etc. While assistive devices are common amongst seniors, they can also be used by pregnant women, those with fall risks, individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries, and those with disabilities. One of the most valuable

Modern technology has brought many advancements for all populations, including senior citizens. Many assistive devices ease the aging process, ensure safety, and allow individuals to remain independent. These assistive devices vary greatly and help with mobility, sleeping, eating, bathing, and more. These basic tasks could easily become very difficult and even dangerous without them. Bed