4 Best Toilet Seat Riser for Seniors

green toilet with a toilet seat riser


People who live with restricted mobility face several difficulties, one of which is using the bathroom. For people suffering from mobility issues, commode seats are vital equipment for assistance. These health conditions become quite common as you age. These seniors may require support every time they are in the bathroom due to discomfort. They do not find comfort in different postures and might grow angry and frustrated when this happens. People, who have physical disabilities or are recovering from injuries, rely on toilet seat risers. As a result of poor posture, the healing process may be hindered.

It is important to use commode seats that support excellent posture in order to minimize accidents and vulnerabilities in seniors. Because the majority of in-home accidents occur in the bathroom, it is critical to identify and address any safety concerns. Raised toilet seats are an essential safety item that may significantly improve an individual’s independence, bath safety, and general quality of life. Therefore, it is important to choose the best toilet riser for your seniors to make them comfortable and away from injury while they are in the bathroom.

Raised toilet seats may make a significant difference in senior’s independence, bath safety, and general quality of life. The following article will teach you all you need to know about selecting the best-raised toilet seat, including what a raised toilet seat is, what to consider before buying, and the finest toilet seat risers to consider purchasing.

What Is a Toilet Seat Riser?

Raised toilet seats (alternatively referred to as toilet risers, raised toilet seats, high-rise toilet seats, and toilet booster seats) are a kind of bathroom safety equipment that connects to an existing toilet seat. They exist only to reduce the distance required to sit and stand when using the toilet. They are especially good for persons who have difficulty sitting or bending. A raised toilet seat may benefit someone who has one of these conditions or symptoms: seniors who struggle with sitting or bending, difficulty transitioning from sitting to standing or vice-versa, recovery after hip, knee, or back surgery.

People having difficulty balancing and having a risk of falling can use seat risers. It is also helpful for the seniors with low strength who require assistance when in the bathroom, have excess weight, and elderly people who are suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis. It can also be used by a pregnant woman.

toilet with a toilet seat riser

The Function of Toilet Seat Riser

The toilet seat riser is essential in providing a comfortable sitting space for seniors and patients to maintain a safe posture. It includes a broad and cushioned seating area as well as support elements to provide a strong and pressure-free grasp whether sitting or rising. Comfort and support are the main elements of every part of the commode seat. The product is designed to fit on a normal toilet and enable self-service toileting.

Raising the commode’s height might be the difference between someone needing caregiver help and staying independent. The caregivers who support aging seniors find aiding with toileting is a challenging and regular activity. A high toilet seat makes getting on and off the toilet easier, giving people greater freedom and less reliance on attendants. These elevated toilets not only make the user’s life simpler but also make transitions safer.

4 Best Toilet Seat Riser Options for Seniors

770-610 Portable Raised Toilet Seat

by AquaSense 

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AquaSense 770-610 Portable Raised Toilet Seat

The design of this portable toilet seat incorporates safety features for seniors, as well as exciting massage zones. It has a gentle, low-profile, and textured or padded surface that allows comfort to stiff joints. With this toilet seat, you may raise the seat’s height, making it easier to get on or rise from the seat. Using a portable raised toilet seat is convenient for those on the go or temporarily residing in a different place.

The material is plastic which offers several benefits. Plastic warms quickly, making the commode chair more comfortable to use; plastic is easily cleaned; plastic does not degrade when strong cleaning agents (such as bleach) are used; plastic is flexible enough to withstand people sitting on it without buckling or fracturing; and plastic or resin is a safe material to sit on, with no splinters or shards.

Additionally, the AquaSense toilet seat has curved ends, providing for greater tub coverage without clogging the drain and it fits most toilet bowls. Its dimensions are 15 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 4 inches high, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds. This model’s seat includes a lip or flange at the rear that fits nicely to the inner rim of the bowl, limiting movement and preventing the seat from tipping forwards off the toilet if the user leans too heavily on the front edge. It also has sticky grip pads to avoid the seat from slipping. Toilet safety rail is also important.

Toilet Seat Riser

by Carex 

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Carex Toilet Seat Riser

This elevated seat raises your toilet by 5.5 inches, making it more accessible to the elderly, seniors, disabled, and those who have just returned from surgery. The maximum suggested weight for this raised toilet seat is 300 pounds. It has an elongated bowl which is more attractive and comfortable than a round bowl. Elongated bowls are also regarded as more ‘hygienic’ since the wider surface area of the bowl allows men and children to utilize it with less mess.

The toilet riser is 5.5 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. The seat requires no locking and is not hinged. These are by far the simplest and most portable to install. They connect directly to the toilet without requiring the use of the lid or seat and are readily removable. They’re great for people who often travel or share a toilet with others. While they are the simplest to install, they provide the least assistance.

Additionally, the toilet riser has anti-slip pads on the bottom and simply fits on top of the ceramic bowl. There’s no need to alter your current toilet cover. It is unlikely for the raised toilet seat to move while being used because of the anti-slip pads. There is a lot of room to sit comfortably on the raised toilet seat. At its broadest point, the toilet seat hole is 10 inches in diameter. An ideal option for the elderly, the disabled, the handicapped, and those recovering from surgery.

It is slip-resistant and portable and can be moved easily from bathroom to bathroom. The contoured toilet seat riser is pleasant and has anti-slip rubber pads for stability. It also has a broader, more comfortable seated surface.

Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat

Vaunn raised toilet seat has a unique ergonomic design that extends the height of your toilet seat by 4″, making it simpler to sit down and get up from the toilet. This premium elderly assistance toilet seat riser is designed for those who are handicapped or disabled, have restricted mobility in everyday activities, are pregnant, or are seniors who suffer from bending or sitting issues. Its anti-slip surface, push pins, and locking mechanism all work together to provide a secure fit on the toilet bowl rim. Removable cushioned grab bar handrail handles give a secure grip, while smooth edges create a more pleasant sitting experience.

It is durable and hygienic as the toilet seat riser is ADA compliant and made with heavy-duty molded premium plastic that is resistant and can withstand frequent long-lasting use. Additionally, it is lightweight and portable weighing less than five pounds. It’s also simple to store and transport for extra convenience. Its comfortable padded handles are versatile and can be removed without tools making transfer easy. Made of high-quality, heavy-duty plastic construction, the Vaunn Medical Elevated Toilet Seat will endure frequent, long-lasting use. The contoured seat has a larger surface area for improved comfort, stability, and peace of mind when tending to personal hygiene in the bathroom.

It is compatible with the majority of normal, round, raised, and compact toilets. The Vaunn Medical Elevated Toilet Seat equips users with the necessary tools to live independently.

In the medical profession, Vaunn has a particular mark of quality and integrity. They place a priority on high-quality materials, design, and craftsmanship. They have extensively evaluated each product to ensure it meets or exceeds all applicable bathroom safety requirements.

RTL12027RA 2-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat

by Drive Medical 

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Drive Medical RTL12027RA 2-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms

Drive 2-in-1 Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Tool-Free Installation Removable Arms fit most toilets and adds 5-inches to the toilet seat, making it simpler to sit and get up. Individuals with limited mobility following surgery will benefit from the addition of a higher toilet seat. It’s lightweight and portable, and it’s intended for simple, no-tool assembly.

The locking plate with worm screws ensures security and peace of mind. A simple locking toilet riser ensures a reliable and secure installation on almost any toilet. If the user needs more room and does not require help standing up, the arms on the Drive Toilet Seat may be removed.

The seat is composed of heavy-duty molded plastic that is both durable and simple to clean. The inclusion of padded arms provides users with a handgrip to stabilize themselves and utilize for leverage when raising and lowering onto the toilet seat, which is beneficial for people who have balance and lower body strength concerns. The adjustable arm set may be readily removed or altered to meet your specific demands; this toilet seat lift is ideal for elderly assistance and handicapped for everyday life.

Features of a Toilet Seat Riser

Toilet riser specifications differ depending on the model and brand. Toilet risers typically range in height from 3 to 6 inches. Some devices have optional handle attachments to provide additional assistance for people with movement difficulties. Plastic variants are also intended to provide additional comfort. Toilet seat raisers may also come with a plastic cover to assist in masking odor. They are simple to attach and detach, making it convenient for most individuals to manage without help. To raise standards on hygiene, they’ve created a sterile comfortable porcelain mold.

A few pieces of the equipment are specifically designed to keep things tidy. Because of its curved, smooth shape, all of the waste is easily drained away. Other seat risers are compact and long-lasting. Thus, they are simple to disassemble and store when not in use or when traveling. They are able to hold up to 300 pounds weight. They are also simple to modify and move, removing any burden from the user. Some of the commode chairs can be folded and carried easily, so the user does not have to worry about using a regular toilet when traveling.

The majority of elevated toilet seats are off-white in color to complement the existing toilet. Not only that, but they are designed to blend in with the toilet’s design, so they do not stand out. This enables them to integrate seamlessly with the current toilet and the rest of the bathroom.

How Can a Toilet Seat Riser Help Seniors?

It might be embarrassing for those with limited mobility, strength, or even discomfort when bending to use the bathroom to ask for help. When this happens, a raised toilet seat might come in handy. Toilet seat risers can help in various ways. Firstly, it reduces physical pain and pressure. If a typical toilet is positioned too low, it might be difficult to get on and off for many seniors and others with movement impairments (such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or Parkinson’s).

Because of the lack of strength in their legs, joints, and muscles, it is difficult for them to sit on a normal toilet seat. Lowering the height at which you must bend your joints to sit on a raised toilet seat alleviates the discomfort that comes with moving the afflicted joints. Your hips and knees carry the burden of the pressure while you’re sitting on a toilet. In the long run, employing a toilet seat riser may help avoid any future joint problems that may arise.

Secondly, it eliminates the risk of a fall: toilet seat risers with hand grips may considerably improve the quality of life for your loved ones by reducing the chance of their falling. Even if they do not break any bones, a fall might trigger fear of subsequent mishaps, making some people less active and more dependent. Thirdly, with a toilet seat riser, elderly people may have more freedom when using the bathroom. Having a strong sense of self-worth and a positive outlook on life is critical to a person’s well-being. Their mental and emotional state of mind may be greatly improved by not needing to seek help to use the bathroom on their own.

toilet with a raised toilet seat

Types of Toilet Seat Risers

Raised toilet seats are available in a range of forms and sizes to meet the many designs that are available in today’s houses. When determining the seat size, consider how far the toilet is currently off the floor, the user’s weight, and the form of the existing toilet seat.

Toilet seat risers come in 6 major types: standard toilet seats with no bolt, lock, or bracket holding them to the toilet bowl or seat, seats that lock into the toilet bowl or hinged toilet seat riser that is either side locking or front locking, seats attached to the toilet suitable for long-term – examples include “risers,” “tall seats,” and “seats with spacers,” elevated toilet chairs with legs that fit into the toilet bowl, safety frames with elevated seats- suitable for long-term usage by the elderly or disabled, and bedside commodes that may be used in connection with a toilet.

The above mentioned are the four best raised toilet seat models from which you may select according to your needs and comfort. These seat risers are attractive and comfortable to use for elders and disabled individuals.

Choosing a Toilet Seat Riser

Choosing a portable toilet seat riser or elevated toilet seat can be an easy process, particularly after reading the tips below. The points below will assist you in selecting the best portable elevated toilet seat according to your requirements.

Should you choose a standard or elongated toilet seat? Aesthetically, an elongated toilet is preferable to a round front toilet because of its length and width; however, this is a personal preference that may be influenced by one’s height and weight. Because of the bigger bowl’s surface area, elongated bowls are also regarded as more hygienic because they are simpler for people to use. The larger bowl size is also required for ADA usage, and the longer/wider bowl is often simpler to use for persons with mobility issues. Space is the major reason why people don’t use an elongated bowl. As it may not fit in a tiny bathroom, or it may seem congested. Round toilet seats on the other hand occupy less space.

A portable handicap toilet seat with a sturdy locking mechanism will boost the level of safety in the bathroom you’re staying at. Therefore, wherever feasible, use a portable toilet with a locking mechanism. Another alternative would be a raised toilet seat with a rubberized bottom, which may not always hold the seat as firmly in place as a locking mechanism would. Before making a purchase, be sure to verify the seat’s weight capacity. If you want a toilet seat riser that is safest and most supporting, look for one with a weight capacity that is more than the user’s own body weight. Toilet seat risers and elevated seats can support up to 300 pounds. A bariatric toilet seat can handle up to 600 pounds if that’s what is needed.

It is suggested to buy padded toilet seat risers as they are soft, comfortable, and suitable for seniors who have back issues or other mobility problems. You should also check the cushioning to see whether it is foam-filled or not before purchasing it. If this is the case, then it can easily sustain any weight. The seat will flatten out rapidly if it doesn’t have any foam, and you’ll probably have to get a new one.

If you need additional support for your senior, then you can choose a raised toilet seat with arms. Consider purchasing a raised toilet seat with detachable arms if you want to save as much room as possible while still getting the advantage of the arms.

The design of raised toilet seats minimizes the amount of bending that is necessary while using a toilet. Toilet seat riser should be selected with the position of the user’s knees in relation to their torso in mind. The higher their knees are, the higher the toilet should be elevated. It’s easier to stand and sit when you have to do it less often. The height of a chair should be chosen based on the individual’s comfort and support requirements. Make certain that the height you choose is one that can be utilized easily.

4 Best Toilet Seat Riser for Seniors

Final Thoughts

As every senior’s preferences and health conditions vary, it might be difficult to choose the correct toilet seat riser for them. Consider the following features of a toilet seat riser before making your purchase: stability, height, arm support, weight capacity, portability, and ease of installation. The best way to start the selection process is by looking at the most popular models.

Carex raised toilet seat riser might be the best option for you if you are looking for a lightweight, portable, and slip-resistant padding commode. On the other hand, the Drive Medical commode will serve you best if you are looking for a 2-in-1 toilet seat with a detachable comfy arm set that can be easily snapped into the place. Vauun Medical toilet seat’s unique design is best suited for seniors who have restricted mobility with its grip bar handles which provide a secure grip and minimize the risk of falling. In addition, it is constructed from durable, long-lasting heavy-duty molded quality plastic.

AquaSense toilet seat riser is the best option if you want a tub that can handle heavier pressures and has a larger tub coverage without clogging the drainage. There are a variety of options to choose from, both temporary and permanent. The trade-off for greater stability is less portability. The kind of elevated toilet seat mentioned above comes in handy for elderly people who have difficulty using the toilet due to their decreased movement or strength due to age or illness.

The height of the conventional toilet seat is increased by the toilet seat riser solution, which reduces the effort and, in certain cases, the agony of using the toilet. Due to this assistance, getting on and off the toilet is considerably easier and it can also be utilized as a shower chair when needed. Despite their lack of style, these devices are quite useful for the elderly, particularly those who are living alone or have restricted mobility.

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